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  1. Kopi, Have not log in for a long time. Is yr curtain done? I am back in SIN so sms me if u need my curtain contact. Yr place is done up liao. Very nice, cant imagine the result of yr nice stairways! The last time I saw yr place, dint expect the stairway to turn out so well I am so jealous of yr long stretch of shoe rack...my so small, in the end I throw away alot of my shoes that I hardly wear I hardly log in but will sure to chk yr reno and Mickey reno if I come here. Wan to ask everyone here any gd lobang for servicing Aircon? Shld I start servicing now? I stay in new place (still alot of stuff at mum place ) since 2 mths ago....
  2. I have this problem also after my reno finished, abt 3 mths, like yrs... I called uo my ID and was explained these will happened for new walls, I have a few new walls in hse. He arranged for the painter to come, they will put putty over the hairline cracks and paint over the lines. Some short lines still appears but I decided to close 1 eye...
  3. Hi to my lovely friends, I heard my name being called out....heheheh... sorry I have been missing in action. Have not log in since my hse reno been finished, paisei pasei Today log in cos someone send me a message abt my Nespresso machine. N also I want to see Mickey and Kopi reno pics here... but so many pages, I dun koe where to begin, heheheh... I will spend time to read, promise Angel, u will not n believe but my long display cabinet is still empty cos I have not moved in yet!!! I was so tired normally after cleaning my new hse and juggling between work so no time to move my stuff fm my mum's place yet. Once a while, I will move little things over, bits by bits. N whenever I am in SIN, I will sleep over new place and enjoy the hse, heheheh Mickey, my opennet was done last mth, it was done neatly, luckily, my living rm TV is near the window, so not much casing. I shld go take a pic and post and show u and other forummers here. Will do it soon I miss all of u, and looking fwd to another open hse next time
  4. wow, ANgel, all yr goodies looks gd!!! I enjoy yr fruit tarts the last time, yum yum..... Can u share yr fruit tart and marble cake recipes at the Baking club? hehhehe, tks tks
  5. Agree I dun like the taxi drivers in US, tip them n they still rude. I also like the shows n shopping there rather than their casinos. Their buffets are cheap cos to attract pple to stay at their hotels and played in their casinos. But not to my liking the buffet spread, I ate more ala carte there, hehehhe.. Been there once, done it and dun want to go back there, hehhehe.
  6. Cos Boss also Chinese, he have to fly back SIN for reunion dinner, just hope he will not fly during CNY celebration n we all have long holidays, hehhehehe Gong xi fa cai to u too!
  7. Hi Mickey, Long time no chat! No la, I do not gamble, casino I also not keen to go look see, look see... I went Las *** some yrs back, I just walk around, do shopping and eat!
  8. Hurray hurray, I am coming home to SIN tomoro noon!!! clean new hse, do laundry, go supermarket, have reunion dinner, go chinatown...hhehehe all planned liao. *** sorri kopi, express my happiness here in yr blog ***
  9. Hi Devil, I am currently in Jakarta... standby in hotel room now cos waiting for Boss to call, may fly back SIN late tonite or tomoro morning. Hope he will fly back tonite cos I can do all laundry, clean my new hse n buy groceries fm NTUC tomoro. I have no time to buy anything cos I was away for 2 wks, got back SIN 2 days then he suddenly want to use the plane again. Wow u here for 4 yrs!!!! I hate the traffic here, only clear traffic on wkends... always kanna stuck in hotel room here. We used to stay in JW Marriott/ Ritz Carlton... but cos of the bombing, we now stay in another hotel, I hate the new hotel location, nothing nearby. I missed the old hotel cos it is walking distance to a local mall called Ambassor n we loved to go there for Massage, maken and shopping...sigh.... But anyway, Have a Huat Huat CNY too!
  10. Yap, it is a very small handheld bult in battery Dyson vacuum, strong sucking power also.
  11. Mine is AC5 grade...dun know where it is made, but dun tik where it is made bothers me, most impt it will not pop! The 1st Supreme guy did not do a gd job when he did the area outside the toilet. So when the 2nd uncle came, he did the correction. He then advise best is just vacuum laminate floor cos the gaps/joints in between laminates seeps water and in long years, will pop...But I cannot tahan la, will still dry mop the laminate flooring.
  12. Wow Mickey, U know how to make yr wife happi happi, must let her see this hor!
  13. wow Goobii, yr baby boy made in Spain ahh.... I loved Barcelona, lovely city! Old city and the food is nice.
  14. Jaskel, Do u mean fm the 1st pic, I will have to 'unglue' the joints and clean, vacuum the dirt??
  15. Hi Jaskel, tks.. Supreme uncle came and fix the problem, told me I better put a towel over the area cos prone to water drops cos fm frosted glass toilet door.