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  1. Hi everyone, Haiz, just found another defect yesterday (11 Sept 07) evening, when the a bunch of keys drop on a tile near the main door and the sound is "TOK" rather than "PAK". We used a pole and knock on the tile and turns out that half the tile is HOLLOW. In first place, we wanna relaid all the floor tiles is because the tiles are hollow and now after relaying, some of the tiles (we manage to knock a few areas) are still HOLLOW. Gonna SMS our contractor and see what he says about that. Anyone has the same experience as us? Care to share?
  2. Hi buzz_akm, Welcome to Reno T-Blog! Your house current state is really nice, maybe just need a few adjustments to suit your taste. So you are staying in Tampines Town too? Where are you located? We are at St 82. Your ID Idea is quite an open-concept, which is really relaxing, makes you wanna come home everyday. Hope to see more photo updates soon.
  3. Hi stephen1979, Welcome to Reno T-Blog! Your house looks really modern and cozy! So how much did you spent on your renovation? By the way, which part of Tampines Town are you residing? We are at St 82. Maybe you can take some more shots of your surroundings and different angles of your interior and post them here.
  4. Hi jamez, Thanks for visiting our T-Blog. So have you and your family moved into your new home yet? When is the BIG DAY? By the way, just did a search for electricity consumption for household appliances, here are the links if interested: SP Services Online Nation Average Consumption Appliance typical power consumption As for Fan (Ceiling or Circulating), it consumes 75 - 88 WATTS per hour, according to SP Services, its around 1.54 cents per hour. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi applefreak, Yeah, you can say we are kinda rosewood lover, you too? Seen a lot of antique furnitures in your T-blog. Hi Cantona7, Thanks for the information, we surely consult uncle Mace to maintain our furnitures. Hi jamez, Yeah, long time never log in liao, too busy to sort out the things we moved, still in the midst of putting things in their place. Defects also appeared during these few weeks of stay in our new home. First of all, the Master Bedroom Bathroom was leaking water to our downstairs neighbour. The foreman came down one week ago to check and do some amendments but the water still leaking and seems to get worse from what we heard from our neighbour. He had to used buckets to collect the water, can you imagine that? So 08 Sept 2007, last Saturday, we called the foreman again to rectify the problem and he said he will be coming down on Saturday. We waited till 1pm when his worker came. We were not confident of his workmanship and thought the foreman should come down personally. We called him and he said he was in the meeting and his worker is good enough to settle the problem. We asked him if this time will resolve the problem once and for all, he said he is not sure, thus will not want to place back the floor tiles. Can you imagine empty slots at your Master Bedroom Bathroom? In the first place, if he had done a good job, this situation will not happen at all, right? The worker proceed to rectify the problem, which requires to remove 5 floor tiles and the concrete and waterproofing beneath. The whole house was filled with dust from cutting and removing the floor tiles. It took the worker 2 hours to finish his work and he actually placed back the floor tiles, which we did not know if he had consulted the foreman. When we asked if it will rectify the problem, he said he is not sure, but request ask not to use the bathroom for 2 days to let the cement and waterproofing to dry. Can you imagine having your own bathroom and not able to use it, for 2 days had to go Common Bathroom to wash up and brush teeth? Yesterday, my wife spent the whole afternoon washing the Master Bedroom Bathroom and the cement residue left on the tiles during the rectification was not able to remove. My wife was SO ANGRY! Never seen her that furious before. That's not all, the Kitchen Bathroom Heater and Storeroom Lights were not working, so we ask the electrician to come rectify. We found out that the Kitchen Bathroom Heater was faulty when we are asked not to use the Master Bedroom Bathroom, and when the electrician came and check, it was revealed that the LIVE wire was connected wrongly. The electrician said if the container within the Heater was metal, the heater would have burst into flame the moment we used it. And guess whose work is that? IT'S THE FOREMAN! As for the Storeroom Lights, we are using the old lights left behind by the previous owner, that is still working when they removed it. But when they reinstalled it back, it was not working. At first we suspected the lamp and starter are the cause, so we changed it still doesn't work. Then we called the contractor and request the electrician to come down and check, and the contractor wants us to supply the ballast and wiring, the thing is the lamp is working perfectly fine before it is removed, so why it is us to pay for these faults? We talked to the contractor and he was kind enough to provide us the ballast. Think this is the LONGEST T-Blog we wrote so far, too bad its all about defects and complaints. Hopefully everything will be fine after these. Wish us good luck!
  6. Hi Mr Chong, Thanks for your reply, the NE 25 deg is at our Main Door. Hope to hear from you soon.
  7. Hi everyone, We are back with another set of photos taken on the every night we moved to our new home. 25 August 2007, Saturday (Grand Opening Of Our New Home ) Here's our Living Room, the TV Console with the TV, and the Living Room Set with a Stand Fan box at the corner. Here's our Master Bed with the Classy Comforter, really warm and cosy. Here's our Guest Room and Study Room with all the unpacked things. Last but not least, our Kitchen Dining Table, with the Warm Dining Lights on. That's all for now, maybe will post more photos after we tidied up our home.
  8. Hi jamez, Just visited your Reno T-Blog, your house looks really nice and modern, just like the initial 3D images, CONGRATS to you bro! So when are you going to move in? Got a date already? Yeah, spending one whole day doing our house is really fulfilling, not forgetting very tiring too. After we moved into our new home, we spent the weekends doing another thorough cleaning, also trying to sort out the boxes we just moved. Til now, still had not manage to arrange all the things yet. Maybe will take us another week or so. Hi *magmag*, Thanks for your compliments, my lovely wife is the colour coordinate for our house, she will be so happy to hear that. Apologies for not updating the blog for so long as we are still in the midst of unpacking our things and cleaning our new home, hence not much time to spend online. Here's some photos of our new Bed and TV Console: 24 August 2007, Friday Our new Bed has finally arrived in our Master Bedroom. Here's our TV Console, without the TV yet. That's all for now folks, enjoy your evening.
  9. Hi Jojobie, Here is one website you can try to find out auspicious dates using birthdates : Free 30 Days Auspicious Date for One/Two Person(s) Maybe you can give it a try.
  10. Hi predaking, We like to know where did you get this clock and for how much? It looks really nice and trendy. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  11. Hi predaking, The fridge is placed there as we are concenred about the narrow passageway into the Kitchen and my wife wants a shorter distance from the Fridge to the Kitchen Basin. Kinda unconventinal cos like you had mentioned, most of the households placed their fridge near the Kitchen Entrance. We are also concerned with the heat from the hob so requested for a Wood Partition in between. Hi xiaomumu, Long time no see you, what's keeping you busy? Our Kitchen is also beri small, with the Storeroom occupying part of the Kitchen area. Just curious, is your Washing Machine behind the Kitchen Basin? If yes, then won't it block the Rubbish Chute? Thanks for the congrats xiaomumu, will post more photos once everything is in place. Hi jamez, We got Pledge too, mostly use it for wood and leather furniture. So have you try out the Turtle Wax yet? How's the result? Yeah bought alot of things just for painting one wall, but will need it sooner or later, so might as well buy it now. We got white cement at $2 for filling the grooves, but must warn you bro, it will be a long and tiring process, after finish, the tiles will be dusty again due to the cement residue dried on the side of the grooves. Advice you to get one whole day to do it. The white cement to fill the floor tiles grooves. Our one day effort to paint the Master Bedroom Wall with CopperTone Nippon Odourless Paint. That's the update for now folks!
  12. Hi mitoev91, Yeah, never think of that actually, thanks for the advice. We did a little Googling the found people having this issue too, and one of the solution is to cover the washing machine when not in use, dunno will work anot? Here's some link for those interested to read up on: Stove Vs Fridge Is Your Fridge by Your Stove? Feng Shui Kitchen Makeover Hi eR1c, Our official moving in date is 25th August 2007, Saturday, so not really living in our new house yet, though we are really excited to do so. Hi jamez, Thanks for your compliments on our Kitchen Cabinets, all the effort and designs came from my fashion-savy wife. Just visited your Reno T-Blog, and saw your tinted glass and mirror already installed, really awesome! Wow, look so modern and slick! Thanks for the tip bro, we did saw some Turtle Wax products but did not see the one you recommended, maybe will try to look for it when we are free after moving into our new house. Bought the Easy Off Bang solution, but had not tried it out yet. 19 August 2007, Sunday: We went to our house and paint one of our Master Bedroom Wall with 1 Litre Nippon Odourless Paint CopperTone. Spent almost 5 hours to perfect the painting, 1 hour washing the Kitchen, then spend another 2 hours filling in the groove in our Living Room Floor Tiles. By the tine we are done, its already 9pm. So tiring, but so rewarding, doing something ourselves in our new home.
  13. Hi xiaomumu, Long time never heard from you. Yeah, our house is almost completed, now just left the little painting works need to be touched up. Yeah, so many cabinet space so we can store many many food! Just a suggestion, maybe you can post your kitchen cabinets photos here so we know what you mean. Thank you so much for your compliments, my wife is really happy about the kitchen, just the way she wanted. So I am happy too. Hi jamez and candyprincess, Yeah, our house is almost completed. So happy about it. Can feel like living there already. As I told my wife, we better don't open the box yet, but we are too excited so all the things are out of the box now. How your renovation progress, jamez? Thinks its like 95% completed? We took some photos of our newly completed Kitchen Cabinets with our new Electrical Applicances and here they are:
  14. Hi bernice, Welcome to Reno T-Blog! Really excited to see you sharing your renovation journey with us. Hope to see more photos soon!
  15. Hi ohchinois, Welcome to Reno T-Blog! Really excited to see more members sharing their renovation experiences and photos here. Your house looks really modern and stylish, so guess the price for that should be quite high right? Care to share with us who is your ID / contractor and your renovation quotation? Just for the benefits of those who are still looking for ID / contractors to renovate their house. Hope to see more photos coming!