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  1. u have measure ur height and length of ur windows and check whether ready made curtains suit u?
  2. thanks butterflykisses, ur nick sound familiar from fp or ld? h4happy, i used normal kitchen top by contractor leh.. hmmm, for the island including kitchen top abt $1300
  3. i hate that especially if the top neber wear yet.. brand new can go up and complaint cos my friend kena complaint by neighbour before...then she tone down of hanging wet dripping clothes out.
  4. thank Q! heeeheee after much planning manage to squeeze in my island!
  5. move in 3wks ago.... latest pic of ready furniture! my simple dining area my living rm living rm kitchen my island
  6. i submit my reading online last month... and pay what u use loh. at the meantime jus pay the 300 bah... let it deducts. Jus treat it u pay upfront first....
  7. u can try choo chiang, cos i bought them price similar to Yoong Shen also. Got a lot of range.
  8. i bought my curtains from Ikea, very cheap for overall as mine is corridor unit only do half length. Therefore need to alter the length only.
  9. i may not try but depend how sincere the contractor of following up.
  10. almost completed but got some hicupps... the 2nd chemical wash was not clean at all. well, will wait after everything completed to see anything done? kitchen completed without accessories mounted on it. my kitchen island, washer, dryer arrival. my custom made altar, tuesday 25-sep going to AN-SHENG. (thanks mace for the dates!)
  11. thanks, i think i will custom made same laminates as my shoe cabinet matching and i dun realli like the golden wordings.
  12. thanks... i think above dates is good enough already! now looking altar.. thinking whether to custom made or buy off the shelf.
  13. opps... me goat leh me goat, hubby monkey. Thanks alot! haiz...any available day?
  14. what is element? can guide me along? Thanks in advance. I am getting Tua Bei Gong.