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  1. oh, of coz there's a difference if you talk about supermkt and teo chuan kee coz teo chuan kee quite cheap in most of their daily necessities items. if you need to regularly top up these items, you will know the difference.
  2. hi, the above is when the wife can prove that she is treated unfairly or when there are children/kid involve in the divorce. not necessary the law side more with the wife. if not, the law still will make sure both are evenly treated. if there are no kid/kids, the wife may not obtain more advantage then the man... meaning she will not be able to ask for eg. ailmony, maintenance, etc. if she is not able to prove that after she married the man, the husband let her used to live in more comfortable lifestyle and she is used to it thus she cannot live without it. eg. everyday she got driver with a car to pick her for the past 10 years, then in this case, she can ask to continue to have such comfort (also provided if she is not high income earner and also depending on various other factors and judge's view). if she is a high income earner, most likely alimony is hard to get from husband unless husband is even higher income earner. most importantly, when it comes to claiming of this and that, ususally it will bore down to the question of whether there is black and white to prove it.
  3. dunno when oso... but at least the area is now cleaner. before that, many people buy things, open up and anyhow throw wrappers / papers / unwanted receipt slips / etc. all around the blk. and the shop also sell instant noodles to students and other people (mostly china people coz i heard the way they speak) and provide them with hot water to cook these noodles and they start eating it and littering it everywhere. and the poor cleaning uncle has to do alot of cleaning up every morning. now its much cleaner. hope when the new shop open, people don't anyhow litter and use the rubbish bins provided and act more civilised.
  4. now OG is having a promotion on Zojirushi airpot, and water container (the container is similar to those provided by buffet caterer but proportionately smaller type), flask, food container etc. the water container can be used to store your after boiled water as the internal of the container feels like teflon coated. it feels like some of those rice cooker inner pot type. this container can at least contain 10 litre of water but it does not keep the water hot. I saw its going at S$68.00. anyone tried this? if not, can go to those household ware shop to buy similar type of water dispensing container. My mum bought 1 stainless steel type and it cost her $100. but it can take direct hot water but also do not keep the water warm. these containers provide room temp water for drinking as they do not keep water warm. hope the above helps.
  5. hi all, just posting this for all forumers' reading. there's this website on electricity consumption and energy saving tips. http://www.nccc.gov.sg/Households/es_guide.shtm for a list of air-con energy consumption, there are list of air-cons and their websites: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...ic=9682&hl= hope the above helps
  6. hi all, there's this website on electricity consumption and energy saving tips. http://www.nccc.gov.sg/Households/es_guide.shtm for a list of air-con energy consumption, there are list of air-cons and their websites: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...ic=9682&hl= hope the above helps.
  7. Hi all neighbours who patronised Blk 468B minimart, TEO CHUAN KEE minimart at Blk 468B Admiralty Drive is moving out. Think last day is around 25 or 26. The town council has rent out the place to Shop & Save. This is the latest news from them.... no more cheap minimart's purchases liao...
  8. hi, fyi. my clothes have been dried indoor for more than 8years and so far no problm. this is bcoz both of us r working and we hang our already washed clothes indoor and it is perfectly dried by the night time. if you have funny smell, you can wash your clothes with softnener. it will help to give a light frangrance. btw, i have been using TOP anti-bacteria washing powder (the yellow packing) since day 1 and all my clothes r well washed. me & hb worked in construction site environment so i need some of those anti-bacteria type of washing aid. sometimes, you can let it hang there for 2 more days to air the clothes. the smell will go away also. hope the above helps.
  9. use cucumbers and not tea bags. cucumbers, water melon pieces are gd natural food to use for relaxing of eyes. you can put in the fridge before use to have a 'cold' effect but if use at room temp also can as they are cool to feel. helps to reduce puffiness of the eyes and nourish the eyes as well. but do remember to clean them well before use, as you will not want to kana eye infection.
  10. hi all, fyi. if you have (ladies & men the same) sinus or nose allergies (eg. you sneezes alot in the morning / night), and constantly have running nose (eg. when you in office 9am to 5pm and you keep having running nose due to coldness in office environment), you will have dark eye circles as well. the bottom area around the eyes will be soft to touch, abit like puffy and its darken in colour. for some ppl who have sinus, when press around the eye area nearer to the nose, it will have abit of pain. i use to have nose allergies and during those days, my eye circles gets darker and when touched, it feels puffy and abit pain. i got this explanation from my gp. and now my allergies have gone down due to proper diet and enough walks in the parks. drinking of cold water in hot days feel shiok but there are many side effects to your body.. one of them is nose allergy. hope the above helps. and to add, if someone who drinks (liquor) alot tends to have eye circle also. and i meant those regular heavy drinker, not social drinker.
  11. hi, for sponge cakes, its the same method use for baking of other cakes and cookies. use top & bottom heat (aka top & bottom element). you cannot use fan function or (eg) top heat + fan coz the inside will still be uncooked and the outside is chao tar. as for pizzas, it depend on what type of ingredients you put on top. if there are meat on top, you must use top & bottom heat + fan. not the fan grill. fan function is for spreading the heat all over the oven but will not cook the insides well. but it is also the most difficult function to gauge and use. if for meat, grilling is good enough. inner grill will not do good job on making it crisp. you just turn up the heat for a while and you will get a light crisps/browning on top. i have the inner grill & inner grill + fan and i find them quite useless or redundant. always remember, if use fan, the insides may not be cooked although the outside surface may be cooked / chao tar. experiment with your food and oven and you will know how to handle them. even those vy ex oven also need to experiment them. no 100% guarantee you put in the food, press the button, wait and WAH LAH, outcomes the perfectly cooked food. chef demo roasting turkey to us using Mayer's ex brand of oven. recipe says 1hr but took 1hr30mins then cooked. but chef told us that different oven behave differently and must experiment then can know.
  12. hi, there are cheaper ones "turbo" brand (if im correct). go those neighbourhood store and they sell those. Price for a small set that is using gas cylinder is abt $500 to $700 (should be about $600) i think. ever saw this type at Goh Ah Bee.
  13. for your infor, if emergency, school will call ambulance immediately and handle all procedures directly and at the same time contact the next of kin of the students to go to the hospital. no payment for ambulance or any kind is needed at this point. some of the school will foot the ambulance bill. if not the bill from the hospital will be mailed to your address in later date. my hb also ever encounter ppl asking him want to buy sound systems at carpark but hb say no and maybe hb got 'pai kia' face look (born like that, hb also say bo bian... ) , they quick walk off and drive vy away fast btw, they drive a van and they r Malaysians coz of their accent. Beware, there r many of this type of con-men. Don't expect to pay cheap price for premium products and premium products don't sell in this way coz this will damage their reputation also. One gd way is find out their company name and say, "Wah, so coincidence, my brother is the manager working in this company, let me try to call him to see if he want to buy... " juz joking, but do be vy careful as these con-men ususally target single man (meaning being alone without another person), so have to be careful they may physical attack. So guys, be vy alert and careful coz some may attack and rob you. this happen in JB accordingly to my colleague whose a Malaysian. his friend kana in JB even though he is Malaysian. Also, never invite such ppl to your hm, they may attack and rob you. Eg. they offer you free things and tell you that they have to go to deliver the items to your hm and ask you to bring them, never never accept. they r ready to rob you. ppl who knock and ask for $ is another kind. my mum being soft hearted will only give $2 no matter hw much they ask for. she will tell the person that $2 is enough to eat 1 meal, then she will shut the door. as for me, i will ask if i can follow them to their hse or send them to the hospital etc. which i know they will walk away when i say that. there is 1 blind uncle who sells biscuits and snacks around my hse area for many years. he is a genuine handicap and earn a living by his capability. he will sell these snacks in the evening time and sell lucky sweep in the day time at an allocated area. for him, i give willingly coz, 1st of all, we know him. 2ndly, he always insist only taking the right amt of $ for the snacks / big sweep he sells and he don't want to accept anything extra. he told us that he only can't see but not handicap, so he can still work for his living and don't need ppl to give $. He say if we got extra $, juz help him buy some more snacks will do and he will be vy happy. And he wouldn't insist or pester ppl to buy his things if ppl don't want. I admire his courage as he is really blind and going everywhere by himself, not those whose is followed by another healthy person. But this uncle is getting on age already and sometimes my brother will help to bring him downstairs as the lift doesn't go to ground floor. this is 'can er bu fei' spirit.
  14. hi, can know what's the price now and which shop is selling La Germania? i hvn't been checking out these store for awhile now...
  15. hi, i hope its the inner grill function u r talking abt. the symbol is like a mini coil but at the top rite? its used for quick browning of small quantity of food, eg. cheese or toast and use with it at mid level rack. same like top element. u juz flush up the heat abit for a while n food get that browning (but not burnt) juz like those selling in restuarant/pastry shop. hope it helps. can ask the promoter abt the function n how to use. if answer not satisfactory, call up their office n ask them your questions.