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  1. Firstly, how do we invest in IPOs? I see that we can apply thro POSB atms, but how? How do we know what IPOs are coming up? Thanks you money masters!
  2. Thanks therat. Its under a womans charter which is assuming that we men are the only ones that can cheat. Still many more questions pertaining to the alimony. Now I wonder if I have to prove that she cheated even though she verbally admitted it. I must waste more money and hire PI?
  3. Married for 3 years 2 months. PR Wife admitted to adultery. Am I still liable for her livelihood after divorce? She admitted to meeting someone else 2 months prior on 11 aug which means marriage wasnt past 3 years. ( we were married on 24th June 2006). Is there a back track clause? Is Lam and Co. really that affordable? Anyone with other opinions or recommendations? Much appreciated
  4. Thanks for all the help. We have decided on going to Phuket Karon beach instead at a reasonable priced resort. Took advantage of the 4c ticket by Tiger and plus its low season in phuket. So accomodation plus air flight is less than 600 for the two of us 4D3N. Not too bad I think. Will let you know how was the weather when I get back. Cheers!
  5. which guy or lady here has not looked at another guy/girl ever since they got married? Some try to steal glances when they can cos they are scared of their partners. I think its ok to look but not ogle. And be open with your partner about it, cos if you didnt have taste, then your partner should start worrying. Of course I look at ladies on the street, but I ask my wife to look too. Sometimes my wife tells me, "that girl is so pretty, look!" I think that out of 10 marriages, 9 of them are basically 'its time to get married' situations. The fear of not doing what everyone else is doing makes you neglect your common sense. The fear of being lonely at the end makes your judgement slightly off, not realising that you might end up lonelier than before. Social profiling says that modern cities have a greater need to feel connected, to have that rush for life, so we end up doing stupid things for little thrills and then sometimes end up on new paper headlines. (read tammy and sun tan" As I mentioned before, marriage is a piece of paper, being faithful is a state of mind.
  6. dealt with darwin before. Very patient, very kind. Plus company is strong so cannot run away from warranty. But I think they recently close down show room at TradeHub (Jurong east side) and opened one at bukit batok. 85 sqm 28800 for a new flat is a strong figure. But going thro the list, there seems to be a lot of things to do. Good IDs will go survey your flat first then make sure he knows what he is quoting.
  7. Ho my... if only you knew how many times I wrote in already...
  8. why dont they just earn extra percentages if they manage to sell the flat above valuation, if they manage to close at valuation then just get maybe 1k? For example value of flat is at 300k sell at 330k then he earns 1k + 5% of 30000 = 2500k so he would be motivated to close at higher for seller. I agree buyers shouldnt pay anything to the selling agent unless you hire an agent to look around for you. Then you negotiate on an ang pow. In fact the selling agent should pay an ang pow also for bringing a buyer to him.
  9. My point exactly! Since when did HDB become a so 'for profit' organisation? Why cant we choose if we want thsoe ugly tiles or not? Those who want it pay the same and those who dont want it, pay less lah. You can indicate when you go choose your flat what. And if its really balloting, then let us choose the price lah. You agree to my price then we deal if not let the others have it. ITS PUBLIC HOUSING!!! I have no mood to cheers! Oh my god, this just came in. HDB won a quality award for afforadable and quality housing.! Beats me how they can do it when tiles and leaking roofs are happening in new flats in sengkang.
  10. It sure is nice I know. If I wasnt planning to have kids or I was single, I would tear down all the walls, open up the space and create a studio apartment. haha
  11. Another way is to get a design, then approach the ID firm to do it. You will then have to pay a coordinator fee I guess. I did up my own design, approach the ID firm and we went thro the different materials and methods to be able to do it. The ID was so taken by the design, she wanted to be a part of the project.
  12. 35G is quite a lot for a 3rm flat. I overhauled mine also, did my own design somemore and kept it under 25. But I guess you have finer finishings. The white kitchen can be done. The dream one is a toughie as space is limited. An island in a 3rm has been done before but the space was so packed, it lacked breathing space. Good luck
  13. do you intend to keep both rooms? Or do you wish to open one up? I would have done this if I did buy the flat. more pics at http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r156/Ju...batok%203%20rm/.
  14. I think you approach a free lance designer because you like his designs? I am a free lance designer. No the deal doesnt end when I hand over the design. You still can rectify it and I would comply but its true i wont handle the coordination. You still can use the design and hire a pte contractor to do it. I do admit the cost is slightly more, but thats the price you pay if you want a unique house. ID firms do charge a design fee sometimes, its all in the final quote, but they wont show it as a fee.
  15. Man looks like the 5 room are getting smaller and smaller. Sengkang was 121 and now is 110?!! smaller and yet paying more?