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  1. Too High to sleep after listerening to Taiwan Singing Comp "Xi Kwang Da Tao 5" Didnt know our 15yrs old Sporean Singer perform sooooo good in the show. WELL DONE GAL! U DO US PROUD!!!! :good:
  2. Should we get Sushi??? (Easy to eat just pick and throw into our mouth) Sooo long didnt come in liao, thought this thread had been buried. DO NOT include Mrs Cantona7 she might join us later. Oh BTW should we bring along any magic sword or cast some spell cos we are going into Night Elves Lodge (Scary...)
  3. Fifi is really a cute girl... :wub: Mrs Cantona sure luve Fifi when she see her.
  4. Anybody want to watch this nice movie this AFTERNOON alot of ppls gave good comments.
  5. Anybody want to watch "Taken" tml?
  6. ur Invisible boundary soon will be gone, can see Fifi slowly will try to step out of ur hse... :P
  7. Need to confirm this Fri dinner on bo??? :unsure:
  8. OMG u came back soooo late...
  9. Our area sure got alot of volunteers for Mustaffa Tour guide.
  10. Why leh??? Got Hello Kitty wor.
  11. Dun worry we can always organise next time. Concentrate on ur BIG Day.
  12. Everybody burn their tongue at Level 5 so most of using hand sign thruout the meeting and of course the outing turn out to be GREAT as usual. Tigerman didnt turn up otherwise we can have few round of drinks with him. This year we are planning for a Japan trip... Usual kaki any violence objection?
  13. oHH they belong to the same group???
  14. My friend brought me to Bikram Yoga City Hall, I am still considering the package cos it very Ex (Abt $1,600 for 50 class) but the enviroment is clean and towel, body wash & shampoo (All organic) are provided. Cute round tummy, feel like sleeping on it and hear BB movement. Demi Moore Shock the world with this photo..