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  1. ur kitchen and living room very nice!!
  2. just extend the toilet out abit.. Below pic is my mbr toilet..
  3. He is ID, his pricing quite reasonable.. U can compare quotes from diff ID..
  4. Yes close all the way.. 1 fixed panel and 2 sliding.. Close all the way is like this..
  5. Hahaha.. U got approach roy ah.. He not bad lah.. Ur hse 82sqm, wah lao like a 4 rm flat lor.. 3rm toilet all cannot make it one.. hahaha.. mine i also "eat" into my bedroom coz i wanted a shower screen and hv a dry area.. I nvr regret doing it..
  6. welcome cateyes , wah.. ur living room very big!!
  7. wah... the kitchen tiles very nice !!!
  8. I went Tampines 1 last week and bought some.. Nice designs and easy to DIY.. Will buy somemore..
  9. Dat sun i went Tampines 1 shopping den saw one pushcart selling.. But $19 for 1 set.. Very ex hor..
  10. Rondy ! Just now i also go buy decals... hahaha.. Quite easy to do, nxt week i go buy somemore for my MBR frosted glass.. My butterfly decal.. Now my dining area dun look not so plain liao.. MBR
  11. Hi, ya the sensors can't detect.. We only open 1 panel when we wanna watch tv, if not the panels are close most of the time.. So it wun be so dusty inside..
  12. oh ic.. Nice hse.. any more pics to share ?? Bigger pics plz.. heehee.. btw when u close ur shower screen door got any funny noise ?? mine very noisy.. i think is the rubber rubbing the glass... hahahaha...
  13. wah sianz... if can hack the storeroom, ur hse sure very bright and spacious.. Ask roy come out some gd idea wat he can do lor.. hahaha...