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  1. Hi, For me, I would paint the whole built up dark grey instead of the two colours to do the strip to match the wall since cant get the exact tile color. The whole built up as a single colour would not show it up too 'outstanding' from the background and personally I think its more classy. Just my opinion.
  2. Hello Hippobb, No problem. Think its a common issue for our layout. We also have a king size bed, but the frame etc are already there during reno (cause we didnt shift them out of the house during the reno). Hope your bedframe can go through. Nope, not me.. its wonder-bee family doing the housewarming on Sat. Hee..
  3. Morning Hippobb, Nice progress with your reno. I like the round corner at the living wall. Hee.. By the way, I noticed that you put up a 'wall' at the living (right-side of the living room pic). You might want to be careful with your furniture purchase because the space from the front entrance through the recess area to the main area might not be sufficient for the mover to shift / turn those big bulky furniture (e.g. sofa, bed) in. Wonder-bee (my direct neighbour) also face this issue during his furniture delivery (though he didnt have that wall). Just for you to take note.
  4. Hi Curryqueen, Those look like pole system to me. I think you can easily find them from those companies doing pole/ wardrobe system, e.g. alumix, ximula, osph, closet design. But personally I don't like the design of that pic cause not very useful to keep stuff and easily collect dust.
  5. Good Morning hippobb, Wow.. so our local singer stayed here last time. Im surprised that you got it at 3xxk. Do you mean your valuation was 330K and they sold you at 300K ? We bought ours at 280K (valuation 270K, cov 10K). Infact, few weeks after we sign the agreement to purchase, HDB had a walk-in-selection and there's a identical unit just next block (facing the field/ running track), going at only 260K. We thought we bought this unit expensive. Hee.. By the way, were you discussing your reno stuff with your contractor at the 'chess corner' yesterday evening? Saw a couple there, wondering if its you. Hee..
  6. Hi Hippobb, We shared the same staircase. Yah, wonderbeezz is staying just opposite my unit (same level), same stretch as yours. I managed to spot your windows grill from downstair last evening. Thanks for your invite, will love to pop in when you're done. Always excited to see new layout with the same floor plan. Wonderbeezz's layout totally different from mine. Hee.. we are here for 3 years already. The amenities are good, but would be great if they had more buses for the 315 bus stop. Hee.. now looking forward to the lift completion and NEX opening in Nov. By the way, just curious, how much did you bought your flat at?
  7. Yah, I also noticed this. You might want to try opening the fridge to try out. The fridge usually need some gap at the sides to 'fully open the door', especially if your fridge had 'flap-up' or drawer within. I think we left around 2.5 inches gap between the wall and the door.
  8. Good Morning hippobb, Wow.. so coincidence. The neighbour directly opposite us also in this forum. They also just renovated their place. Which stretch are you at? Along the main lift stretch too? ------ I just went to browse your pics. I think you're same staircase as us cause you got no 'door' at the balcony. Hee..
  9. I think we're staying quite close to each other. My block is also doing the lift upgrading now. We finished our reno last year. Hee.. my t-blog is down there somewhere.
  10. Hi Hippobb, Just saw your t-blog, I think we got the same floorplan. Hee.. Looking at your layout, I guess the mbr will be crampy after building the wiw. By the way, we also went through the same thing about the upstair leakage. I wonder if we had the same MP, ours Mrs Lim.
  11. Actually the grind isn't 'eating' alot into the tiles. If you're worried, maybe ask your contractor to grind a sample to show you first. I think its neater this way cause the pvc strip is actually 'round' corner and it kinda 'pop' out at the right angle. Have your contractor show you the pvc for the floor? If Im not wrong, those pvc strip have limited colour. It will be quite ugly (in my opinion) if the pvc colour isn't close to your floor tiles. Kind of like 'highlighting' that strip on the floor. By the way, your bedroom floor tiles look like my old kitchen floor tiles. Hee..
  12. Wow.. my blog so hidden, you still can find them out. 1st pic, they use pvc trim. 2nd & 3rd pic, they grind it smooth. If for wall, usually they use pvc for the edge. For floor ones are usually grind. I think it will look weird if they use pvc for the floor ones and might be slippery.
  13. Hi sgnick, For our washing machine base and based for toilet pipes, we did round corners (meaning the tiler will use the tiles to create the round corner). Personally I think its neater than to use those pvc tile trims, cause the colour of those pvc tile cant match the tiles exactly.
  14. Hi Angteko, Great progress with your reno! Hee.. Just noticed that the hanging bar for your wardrobe is pretty long. How long is that bar? Is there any support in the centre area? Im thinking that the clothes weight might cause the bar to go 'down' at the middle portion. You might want to get the carpenter to do additional support if there isn't any.
  15. Oh and just to share about the lift upgrading, its voted by the residents, not decided by the hdb. I remember previously when the lift upgrading plan was brought up by hdb, there's alot of meeting with the residents to discuss the most ideal plan to do the lift for those unit not along the stretch of the existing lift (due to the unique structure of the block). Finally they came up with this solution, ie to open the new entrance @ the balcony as if the lift is done @ the stairs flight, the resident still need to climb to reach the lift (like what you mentioned earlier). After they finalise on this plan, then the voting is conducted. During the voting, there's alot of hdb staff around to explain the lift construction and plans to the residents. We did get to vote that time. Hee.. I suppose for those who didnt get to vote, most probably the voting phase had been over already when you purchase the flat.