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  1. Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I logged on. I even took down the pictures for privacy reasons (met some weirdo from other forum which changed my mind totally about how I should engage strangers on the internet), and yet still have people asking me for my contractor Room For Ideas (RFI) contacts, incredible. But I am sorry if i never reply any of you for months, i am not salesman for RFI lah, just a satisfied customer. Just an update. Has been 1 years since i moved in. Everything is still in good condition (as expected, only 1 year what). OK, just one thing that happened this 2 weeks, a kitchen cabinet glass door, the metal frame broke loose, so I thought, die lah, >1 year liao, wonder if Vincent will still entertain me. So i smsed him, and his immediate reply "Will chk 4 u and get back 2 u". I didn't contact him since, but the following week, Vincent contacted me and ask me when can his guys come to my place. So his guys came and fix for me FOC, now good as new. This is something I really appreciate about Vincent and Room For Ideas, exceptional aftersales service even after so long. Only one word to describe, Priceless. But still I dont think I will continue to log in to this forum to reply with Vincent or Willie's contact numbers. So I guess the next best thing I can do is to link you to other Renotalkers who has engaged RFI, hopefully they can pass you the contacts. So all the best to those who engage RFI for their reno. I certainly have no regrets. Links of other renotalkers who uses Room For Ideas, pls try to get contacts from them: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Bye Bye Renotalk!
  2. That's great ambooose Did u get a good quote? Hope to see your T-blog and your pics.
  3. I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me for my contractor contacts. For those who manage to get good quote from RFI and engaged them, wish u a happy and successful reno. But i will also like to take this opportunity to say that do understand the difference between a contractor and a ID. The contractor coordinates the renovation, but they won't be there 8 hrs a day to supervise the workers every step of the way. On most days, they will pass some instructions in the morning, then be off to another site. Next day they will come take a look at the work done, pass instructions, then off again. So to have a happy reno, do spend as much time as you can afford to monitor the progress of the work, feedback quickly to the workers on site or to the contractors if anything is not done according to the plans or design. The more hardworking u r, the happier will be the end result. Miscommunication and misunderstanding is also minimized.
  4. Yes, they do 3D drawings. Is that considered design?
  5. Each pc is 150mmX600mm, each pc cost $3.40, from Hup Kiong
  6. Hi, how is the progress? Do update us with more pics. Thanks.
  7. Good and unbiased review of Willie with both good and bad points, I will use some of your points when I recommend willie to others. Everyone should have the chance to know what to expect before they engage certain contractors, and engage only if can accept the cons, but overall most important must be good experience.