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  1. Why I will never again use Nippon Professional Paint services again to paint my house. Their professional services stated on their brochure is a joke. They outsource their jobs to sub-contractors. For my 3-room HDB flat, there was only 1 person sent to paint my place. Didn't protect my furniture properly, cover properly or do a neat job. Just looking at the photos again makes me angry...
  2. Hi Ben, Sorry, just saw your post which was almost a year ago!. WMF is good for even heat distribution, etc etc , but it is a KILLER to clean. even after soaking very hard to clean. So unless you are prepared to spend quite a bit of time to maintain them or have a helper to "suffer" on your behalf, go for non-stick pans. Doesn't have to be TEFAL. Just any non-stick pans.
  3. Oh... And Don't buy stainless steel kitchenware like WMF unless you are prepared to scrub. I used WMF for one yr, then gave it all away and went back to tefal coated or ceramic pots and pans. Like Leen said, in an earlier post, no false ceiling, no down lights, no WM and fridge base for all the same reasons .
  4. I have lived in my renovated re-sale 3 roomflat for almost 4 years. Here's what I am glad I did what I wouldn't do again: I will: - buy Fanco Aroma ceiling fans. They are quiet, have strong wind and their remote control lasts really well despite being dropped on the floor countless times. I wish I had another one in the TV room instead of a desk fan. It's also easy to clean. Just use the extendable magic cleaner or stand on a stool and use wet wipes. Less than 5 mins to clean. - use laminate flooring or vinyl flooring again. No tiles for me. The laminates have withstood cat puke, furniture dragged across the floor and are really easy to maintain. Try to have only 1 color of flooring throughout the entire flat and bed rooms. It will make the house look bigger. - buy Bennington water heater. It's small and heats the water fast. - buy blinds. I bought my blinds from tanjong katong complex. The only ikea blinds I have is in the MBR and still works fine. Curtains, I find, are messier and collect more dust. I have a sinus problem, so blinds work better for me. - buy Mitsubishi electric split air con again. - didn't tile my kitchen walls. I don't cook that often so I never saw a reason to tile my kitchen walls. - didn't spend a lot of money on lighting. I think I spent less than $250 on lighting my entire house. I reused the previous owners lights in my toilet, storeroom and walk-in closet. Even though my ceiling fans have lights, it wasn't bright enough for the MBR and LVR. A majority of my lights came from Ikea and it's fine. - place my closed door walk-in wardrobe away from my toilet. No problems with maintainance. -have no door to my MBR toilet. I have a glass shower door, but no door to the loo.. I think because of good air circulation, I never had a problem with mould in my toilet. - move my wash basin out of the MBR toilet and sacrifice some space in the MBR. The MBR loo feels a lot more spacious in my 3 room flat now. - spent a bit more and got muji plastic drawers. They have not turned yellow yet. - place the sink in the common toilet under the shower hose and use a 2 way faucet; 1 way for shower, the other to wash hands and brush teeth. The gives me more space to have a bigger sink instead of the usual tiny one in the toilet. - keep my storeroom instead of knocking it down for an open concept kitchen.Storage is VERY useful. I will not - buy my toilet and kitchen hardware from Adamas ever. I think they are china ones even though the sales lady said they were not.rusty in just 1 year, kitchen sink faucet handle just popped out today.. Shower rod caps drop off after 6 mths, WC cover turn yellowish in less than 1 yr. The only think I don't regret buying is the extendable laundry hanging rack.great space saver and has not rusted yet. - have customized built-in furniture in the LVR. I am the type who likes to change the layout of my furniture every year or so. Even though it maximizes space,I can't change the layout of my LVR any more.. - box up the electric piping that goes for the LVR to Kitchen. It does make it look neater, but it makes the ceiling look lower. I could have disguised the piping in so many other ways instead of spending $$ boxing it up. - box up the MBR aircon panel. Again, it would have been cheaper to find other ways of disguising it. Eg, putting a small table in front of it. Hope this helps newbies.
  5. Nice.. For soap marks on glass shower screen, I clean it with a spray of undiluted white vinegar. What I find helpful is to give the screen a swipe with white vinegar BEFORE showering. You don't have to do it everytime before you shower, just maybe once in 2 weeks. Then you won't have any scum buildup. Am wondering where I can get a BIG bottle of white distilled vinegar tho.. can't find it in any of the giant super mkts.
  6. I had powerpoints on 3 corners of the room. But the TV cable was a bit of an issue. Had to get a longer one so that it can reach the other end of the room. The furniture sliders can be gotten from anywhere.. NTUC, neighbourhood shops, Home-fix. Looks like theseFurniture Sliders. Sliders cost less than $10.
  7. Yah.. the sofa bed, side table, armchair & lamp. H.S really does have nice stuff tho it disappears really fast.
  8. thought I'd also share with you this cute little pic I took of Moo looking out of the window
  9. Moving Furniture After staying in your place for a while, the original furniture placement will sort of change as you start actually LIVING and using the place.. you'd find that "oh, I need a chair here", "I need a side table there." I had that with my TV room/BDRM2. The original furniture placement had the sofa bed under the windows with the TV console at right-angle with the sofa. This would allow people in the LVR to watch TV as well...But the placement gave me a horrible crick in the neck after a while.. So I moved the furniture around (by myself.. Thank God for furniture sliders!). I shifted the sofabed to where the TV console originally was and the TV console directly opp the sofabed, in front of the sliding dr. To hide the TV cables, I placed my ottoman under the windows. This was actually perfect, however the ottoman that I moved from the LVR into the TV rm made the LVR really bare and left me with no place to sit to wear my shoes or place my handbag.I tried using the dining chairs as my "shoe chair", but it didn't quite work. So after a month, I moved the ottoman back and placed an armchair under the window instead. I'm still trying this placement out. The armchair is really comfortable ,but seems a little too big for the space. But getting an itty-bitty armchair just would't be functional, just pretty.. which is not what I want at all. What do you guys think?
  10. Yes, it's water resistant. No need to go Art-Friend. just those shops at Level 1 that makes banners & signs. I think there's one shop that's called A1 tha sells it.
  11. Hmm.. an easier way maybe be to go to bras basah and go buy a role of those PU sticky paper and stick on the table? It would be easier to maintain too.
  12. 4 tyres+ bigger glass top = dining table?
  13. Agree. Wet & wood don't go together. But that's a nice basin. Hmm.. would you consider a sliding dr shower screen instead of a swing dr? You would have to clean the bottom track regularly of course, but that may give you a wet/dry toilet and still leave u space to have a basin inside.
  14. Agree with Gimz, if you don't move out your basin, then the MBR toilet will be very squished. Glass panel without the swing dr won't prevent water from the shower area from wetting the entire toilet. You would need to fully enclose the shower area. Quite a no. of RT forummers had issues with PD dr, you may want to think about it again (esp with guests who dunno how to use it and then spoil it).