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  1. Yup they are homogeneous tiles. No scratches or anything but dust and foot prints can be seen more often and visibly compared to light tone tiles. Decision for black dDepends on your willingness to clean and treshold for dirt I suppose haha...
  2. Both of us are not the fussy type upkeep is not difficult unless you can't stand the sight of water stains which are pretty obvious on black surfaces. No moulding issue yet. maybe you need to keep it dry? windows shld be opened most of the time?
  3. I have no idea bout the paint code... air con thrunking can paint but give it ample time to dry before you switch on air con. I had about a week...
  4. it doesnt include furnishing and furniture. his price is not cheap but not the most expensive I seen. rest of the IDs I went to came up with cookie cutter designs with price ranging from 40 to 70k!
  5. wasn't bright enuf at first when compared to the old style 1 big flourescent light in my old place. but we got use to it and added a wall light on the other wall (left of tv in the photo). good enuf for tv and some reading. wall lamp is used only on selected occassion. Your lights are positioned round the sides of the living rm right? are the "starry" lights enuf to brighten up the room?
  6. Cost is about 56k+. Loyd's not the cheapest around and we have a lot of carpentry... grrr... cleaned us out but we love the results. Anyone also engaging Loyd? would love to see ur t-blog!
  7. The curves are our ID's signature. We are really impressed with how it turns out! Were really skeptical about it especially since our ID's 3Ds sucks haha If you refer to the floorplan on page one you will have a better idea about the layout. That study/relax corner is part of the MBR. Door is right in front of the slant L-shaped lighting (ID's idea). step in turn right you see the sofa and study. turn right you see the glass shelf and bed. Ha the ID got a really Pro guy to do the shoot. Heard its really expensive.
  8. Hi, finally we're back to update our tblog! A big wave to Mickey if he's still reading our blog. Well, have been REALLY busy this past half a year with our wedding, housewarming, reno and also honeymoon. Everything is nicely settled and peaceful now. We are really very pleased with how our house had turned out to be. Will like to thank Loyd for making all of these possible. He is really a wonderful and great designer. On to the pictures!!!
  9. Our carpentry is up! The house is gonna be done soon. The wait was well worth it. And me and wifey cant wait to see the whole finished product with all the furniture. This is our cupboard just outside the kitchen. We decided to have this cabinet since our storeroom was removed to make way for a more spacious MBR. Laminates are in sleek glossy black, with slight gold specks. And the curved corners are the signature works of Loyd, matching our curved ceiling and flooring works. Really quite pleased with how it turned out. The wardrobe in one of the rooms, similar design too. Opted for glossy cream laminates... it turned out to be Other carpentry works are still in progress.... will update again =)
  10. New pics! MBR toilet.... still in progress. Can't wait for the house to be ready.
  11. Yeah I really like the tiles too. Somemore Its not the usual shade of wood that we commonly see. the 'driftwood' design really came out well. Lucky that we followed Loyd's suggestions. But a few older folks thought that the floor tiles came 'dirtied' or are old ones... ha..
  12. Not going to do it cos of budget...
  13. And this is the interior of the cupboards. I think some of the racks are already in place. The kitchen tap is not yet installed. Guess what this is???? Quality is good. That's all folks!
  14. Hi guys.... I have new photos to share!!! Very happy, just came back from Taiwan and the house has undergone a very pleasant transformation. We went there for a short holiday and Loyd helped us to coordinate the delivery of the furniture and appliances and got quite a bit of the carpentry work done. Ok, this is the 3D drawing of our kitchen. We opted for a more ununsual colour combination of bright yellow matched with wooden cabinets cos we wanted a contrast against the slightly more moody feel of the other parts of our house. And the white breakfast table top is an idea gleaned from one of the houses in renotalk! And here is the actual finished picture. The breakfast table isnt completely done up, but much of the cupboards are. The yellow turned up to be really cheery. Our hob and hood.... 2 smaller ones on the left and 1 bigger one on the right.
  15. Some of you may be wondering why do we have such a strange false ceiling for the room... The false ceiling of the MBR is rather low to accomodate a certain design idea by our designer and to hide a cross beam which will spoil the look. I was worried that a conventional false ceiling will mean that I will have 3 "sharp angles" on top of me whenever I sleep some more the false ceiling is so low and big... so I shaved off the angles... turned out quite nicely