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  1. Hi koxxic,


    i am keen on Mr Foo contacts. reading on your praises on Mr Foo and also being a first timer i don't have prior experience on reno stuffs Mr Foo seems like an ideal person who have the knowledge and with an budget we hope it can be workable. 

    Thank You.

  2. I will be following up shortly (in the next few days) with photos so do keep a look out for it.
  3. 1. Responsiveness 9/10 From start of engagement to the end of project, the percentage of him not answering my call is a mere 1% and it happened because he was in the middle of work when he couldn’t answer. Even when I was with him, he would promptly answer all calls by contractor and his other customers as well. Base on my observation, he truly deserved rating of 9. 2. Ideas & Design 9/10 When I first shared my ideas with him, he was really open and receptive but he would always caveat with “Let’s see how on site” or “we can see how the earlier design worked out before deciding”. During the course of my reno, I finally realized why he said that. Some areas and designs need to be conceptualized and fulfilled after another part is completed. One good example was my request to go with grey walls (and the tone of the grey). We didn’t know if it will work out until my kitchen was hacked proper; he took the decision to delay the painting first and only went with it later on. When the 1st piece of wall was up, the decision to add on further to the hallway was thought to bring more feel to my theme; which again proved to be right. I also love how he space planned my whole living area. Initial idea of having a shoe cabinet right at my entrance was changed to a full wall that encompassed a 3ft display with storage shelves cum TV feature. The end result was mesmerizing – not only I have ample storage; the design did not “clutter” my entrance and make my place look small. The way he plan the flow of movement and doors is also something you can be assured of. He also has an eye for matching and choosing the right laminate; which in my case, went perfectly coordinated from living to kitchen. On top of all the above, you will also be hearten to learn that Mr Foo is a very hands on person too and is quite the handy man. There were quite massive DIY works involved towards the end, and he took it like a breeze; handling everything from drilling, to installation (with his folks) and design too. Some of the piping works he did for me was exquisite and one of a kind. Friend and relatives who visited so far have nothing but praises for his work and design. I even have Singtel and StarHub on site engineer who “refused” to leave after coming to fix my broadband and TV services. Spend an hour extra to ask me about his work and complimenting how different my place is compared to others whom they had seen. 3. Budget Planning 9/10 My budget wasn’t something any ID will like; in fact many ID would not give it a 2nd look. I have a neither here nor there of $30K to spend but plenty of things I want to do. He looked at it, worked on it and he met my budget. No guesses why he got a 9 here too. 4. Coordination 8.5/10 He fared slightly worse off in this area simply because he is overwhelmed hence can be slower when coordinating contractors to come in. But rather than looking at it this way, I like to see it such he is being cautious. Why? Just so he can ensure work before the next contractor who comes in is done proper and cleared before anything else. In my case, it was actually one of the contractors who screw things up by delaying rather than him but all in all, this is just a small part of the whole process. 5. Contractors 9.5/10 Electrician, plumber, carpenter, cleaner etc – all I can say is Mr Foo has a dedicated team of contractors who deliver 101% for him. I have to say his team delivered what I expected and more, in fact I couldn’t be more pleased with the workmanship rendered throughout. If not them, it will be Mr Foo himself and his parents. And from our conversation, I can tell Mr Foo is very proud of his team too because they all delivered for him. I am one who is really “in chim” and if I can accept means it’s of certain standard. Moreover, I am very assured Mr Foo will not leave me in the lurch even now that everything is done up and handed over.
  4. Renotalkers, I’m back. Do allow me to apologise for missing this long. Time just wasn’t enough to juggle between work, kids and renovation; it didn’t help that my project took longer than usual to complete too. But I am here now with an open post to all members who is looking to reno their house (now, near future or future) to just contact Mr Foo. Now, as you would have read my earlier post on searching for that elusive ID; a few was short listed but only 1 or 2 stood out. How I eventually selected my ID was also based on a few criteria, namely: 1) How he can work around my budget? 2) How knowledgeable he is? 3) Ideas & design 4) Chemistry One of the usual thing I would do when choosing a vendor (or ID in this case – not that I reno a lot) is to test their responsiveness. Out of the short listed, only 2 came back promptly; Mr Foo stood out in this case because he responded and also took time to meet us (as shared in my earlier post). The rest is history. I would start by rating Mr Foo services: 1. Responsiveness 9/10 2. Ideas & Design 8/10 3. Budget Planning 9/10 4. Coordination 7/10 5. Contractors 9.5/10 *Disclaimer: in the event you do not get any response from him after 1st meeting, please don't take it that he is not keen. I think when it comes to renovation and matching an ID - chemistry play an important part. If there is no chemistry, don't force it because plenty of unhappiness will surface.
  5. Price is what you will pay when you drive to Malaysia and bring back yourself and still have to pay GST. This is local purchase at almost Msia pricing for 10 carton - good for 2.85m (W) x 2.7m (H) wall.
  6. Selling 10 carton of the hottest and most popular bricks from CraftStone for your bricks wall. Good for industrial or scandi style design. Purchased locally and still not delivered; selling due to change of style in design. Price: $500 nett Delivery inclusive up to void deck only - by CraftStone. Beep me at 93366686 to deal.
  7. Tampoi isn't it? It was indicated. @sinalifmim85 what is HS? Notice you mentioned you placing the Fino 2 above HS
  8. Updated - Selected my "ID", deposit paid (all that's waiting is my new place to come).
  9. those boxes on the wall from TB? Possible to share the link?
  10. thanks mate.. came back from Philips TPY and they don't have the HUE in yet but strangely, they were pushing it at their Carnival last weekend.
  11. @dxhan so long I get the HUE from amazon UK, it should work here? Do i need to get anything extra or add anything to make it work?