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  1. Also, i chose the ring-wifi doorbell coz: 1) Very easy to set up 2) The most highly rated and reviewed item (no. 1 in US and hot seller in amazon) 3) Very practical ( act as a security camera as well) 4) Cheaper to buy from amazon than in SG. Saw one company selling for almost $500.
  2. Yes it does. For the ring-wifi doorbell, you can check out at youtube on how it works. All u need is a home dedicated wifi broadband connection. Easy to set up. For the touch switch, its the same as a normal wall switches. The only diff is that it has another component layer which is the outer touch screen. Its very sleek and very responsive.
  3. Next up, ELECTRICAL, L BOX and FLOORING. Will update them soon!
  4. Other miscellanous items bought; Ring-Wifi Doorbell: Bought the one in silver from AMAZON. Paid SGD299 and delivered to doorstep in less than 10 days! Livolo Touch Switch: Bought only for Living Room. Bought 2 sets of 3 Gang switch and 1 set of 1 Gang switch. Sold by a seller in carousell which happens to stay nearby. Comes with remote control as well.
  5. TAMPOI PURCHASES; Went over to JB on a Saturday morning with Dad. Objective: 1) 6 Ceiling fans (Living, Dining, 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen) 2) 12 Downlights (Living & Dining) 3) 5 Ceiling lights (Toilets, Household Shelter, Service Yard) Decided to go there to buy these items as cost in Singapore is way too high and would burst our tight budget. So, we decided to go there, get the items and back to Singapore. Only one single mission! haha Items bought- Ceiling Fans; For living room- KDK 56" For Dining area- Alpha Excel 42' For Rooms- Fanco. With light kit (2 exchangeble LED bulbs each 10Wx2). Bought 3 sets Vento Fino 1: Wanted to get Fino 2 but was told by David that the height would be too long coz we wanted to place this fan on top of our HS. Told by David that the maximum downward length that we can get is 50cm. Fino 1 is 45cm while Fino 2 is 65cm. Therefore, purchased Fino 1 instead. Along with the fans, we bought all the required lightings 12x 18watt tri colour 6" Square LED downlight, 4x 12Watt LED ceiling light, 1x 36Watt LED ceiling light. Total Damage: RM3480! Do feel free to ask me if you have any enquiries to buy from there.
  6. TAOBAO purchases: First of all, im totally a noob in taobao and it doesnt help that I neither do i speak chinese or read chinese. Googled and found SGshop. Decided to use them instead as other websites such as peeka or Oops was not as easy to use as SGshop. As advised by David, its better for us to get the vanity cabinet separately as it would be cheaper. But after looking and surveying around, a 90cm stainless steel cabinet (we want it to fit as much in the common room toilet wall) would cost around 1k per set!. A 90cm stainless steel mirror cabinet would also cost us $400 and above per set! As we have a budget to meet, I decided to get from taobao as recommended by fellow bloggers. So, here are the things that we bought from taobao; Stainless Steel Vanity Cabinet: This Set comes all-in with the ceramic basin and tempered glass black top. Bought 90cm and 70cm length. Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet: Same as the vanity cabinet, bought 2 sets; 90cm and 70cm. Faucet: Had to get a high faucet as the vanity cabinet comes with a counter top basin. Bought 2 sets. Total damage(Cost+shipping+GST+delivery): $870! Told my wife that even if in few years to come and should these items fail us, there shouldnt be any issues in changing them. Not having any high expectations as we are paying peanuts for these items. Minor defects wouldnt be an issue and we are well prepared for this.
  7. Up next, Toilet; We got most of our items from Renodeals at Bukit Timah. Its an all in one shop which sell lightings, bathroom and kitchen accesories at a very good price! Look for Christopher- ask for discount from him and he'll be willing to do so. Rainshower set: Bought 2 sets if this for $188! Unbelievable! Usual price was $244 for one. Also, got a critzo shower mixer 2 sets for $100+. Storage heater: Champs 30L storage heater. Got it for $200+. Got a discounted price from Christopher. Also, we got a stainless steel 2-level caddy from there. Overall experience: Very satisfied!
  8. Next, Living/Dining Room; For furnitures, we chanced upon this place called SPACE@Tampines. Its a new building opposite Ikea. There are many furniture shops down there side by side. Among the many furniture shops down there are: 1) Cellini 2) Star Living 3) Absolute Bedding 4) Living Solution and many more which we cant remember. So here are the furnitures which we bought from there- Sofa: Bought this sofa from Absolute Bedding at SPACE@Tampines. We chose a 3 seater sofa same as the first picture but picked a brown colour, same as the second pic. We wanted to get an L shaped Sofa like the brown one but the dimension was way too big. Our criteria for sofa is simple; fabric and high back support. Loved at first sight upon seeing this. Sat on it and loved it! Dining Table: Initially we wanted to get a marble top dining table but totally changed our mind when we saw this at Living Solution. Its a few doors away from Star living but opposite Cellini. We simply love the clean cut design. Did not get any chairs as none was to our liking. Total damage just for the table: $1529! Original price was way higher. Thanks to the very understanding auntie that served us- Wenley!. Dining Chair: Went back to SPACE@Tampines a few week later to confirm the bedframe colour for my parents at Absolute Bedding and saw this dining chair! It matches perfectly with the Sofa Colour as well as the dining table. Feels very comfortable and solid! Got it at a bargain. Bought 6 pieces.
  9. Hi! Been a week since i logged in, too busy with work. So, here's a little detailed updates of our purchases: KITCHEN; HOB+HOOD+OVEN: We bought this from Hoe Kee as they were having a promotion. We opted for a stainless steel hob instead as wife and mum do heavy cooking. Mum used to have a tempered glass hob but it cracked after few years of usage!! We went around to ask for opinions and soon find out that tempered glass hob will crack if used for heavy cooking. Sink: Got this from a shop in bukit timah called Renodeals. Original price was $488 but was offered 40% discount. So paid $288 instead. ID did told me to get a minimum of at least 0.8mm thickness but this is 1.2mm thick!. Mixer: Got this from renodeals as well. Ixiss brand from Germany. Original price was $200+ but got it for $90+. Washing machine: Got this Samsung 10kg Digital Inverter top loader from courts for $799. Wife and mum have been using top loader their entire life! Thus, this decision. Fridge: Bought this huge Samsung top and bottom door fridge. Its the biggest for this range @ 579L. Cant get any bigger i.e 2 doors side-by-side fridge coz our kitchen simply wont have the space to fit in one! Got this on offer during an expo sale for $1199. Original price was $1499.
  10. I do have a car. When at customs, u just have to show the receipt. They will just take a look at the items in the car to ensure it tallies with the receipt. After that, you will be told to park inside the red zone, together with the receipt, proceed to the payment counter and pay up. That's all. Hope that helps.
  11. Buying ceiling fans at JB is definately a bargain! I bought 6 Ceiling fans from tampoi! Kena GST $71 at custom. Still way cheaper after tax compared to price in SG.
  12. Next up.......PURCHASES! Will post pics and details of all these soon as I am too busy with work this week. Here are among the few things that we have bought and done so far as of today: 1) Kitchen sink & mixer 2) Dining table & chairs 3) Sofa 4) Rain shower set 5) Hob, Hood & Oven 6) Ceiling fans 7) Lights (downlights and ceiling) 8) Toiletries holder 9) Toilet vanity cabinet (comes with basin) 10) Toilet mirror cabinet 11) Toilet basin faucet 12) Storage heater 13) Touch switch for living room 14) Fridge 15) Bedroom and toilet doors 16) Window grilles 15) Washing machine 16) Ring-wifi doorbell *Looking back at the list itself makes it so tiring. The countless trips and survey, it is simply tiring. This is no easy journey. But at the same time, its fun and fulfilling. Also, some other things which we have either yet to buy or decide: 1) TV console 2) King size bedframe and mattress 3) Curtains/blinds 4) TV for living room 5) Carpets/Rugs 6) Storage racks for store room 7) Glass door (kitchen entrance) 8) Microwave Oven Any advice or recommendations from anyone of you here would be of a real help. Thanks!
  13. Hi @xhomesweethomex & @OceanEleven, Thank u so much for your advices. We do initially wanted to do a full brick but changed our mind instead. Was convinced by our ID that it would turned out good. Let's hope it would turn out good as it would be something different at the same time.
  14. CEMENT SCREEDING! David also told us to futher save cost and since we are using vinyl for whole house, it is still do-able to appeal to HDB for a free cement screeding for the living/dining and rooms. I did my own research and find out that free cement screed from HDB contractor is no longer applicable and have stopped doing so since 2015. However, David told us to proceed with the appeal. HDB will most likely reject if you are doing screeding only for rooms. But they will still do it if you intend to do whole house. i.e living room and bedrooms. We proceed with the appeal. I went over to the HDB office for my area (Tampines). They gave me a form to fill up and the contact no. of the HDB officer handling for my area. Submitted the form to her through email and within 2 weeks, its approved!!! A few days later, screeding was done! All free! that saved us 2k on cement screeding alone! Phew!
  15. Flooring selection: Living/Dining room: Rooms: Laminate selection: Shoe cabinet: Kitchen: