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  1. Alan26, may i compare with you re Pergo quote. I was quoted $2700 for 540 sq ft area (all inclusive of trimming of 1 door, shifting up of kitchen sliding door and shifting up grill gate, and skirting hacking and replacing. is this reasonable? And what do others in this forum think of this quote? It is the family range of Pergo ie the cheapest range, Made in malaysia (which I don;t have problem with). Alan26, another question: I thought there is only ONE company carrying Pergo, namely, Good**** (not sure if I can put the exact name down here so I marked with asteriks). Is that where you got yours from? May I enquire how much you did yours for? Jaskel, let me check out their website. Many thanks. I haven;'t heard of this particular brand before so a bit wary. Finally, one thing that I sorta mind about Pergo is that their "images" of the wood have a lot of board-tones - looks like many irregular-sized planks joining together sort of like parquet look, which I don't really like. I prefer the type as if it is one long plank. Hope you all get what I mean. I know Kronotex has what I described but their price is $3400.
  2. Hello88, although my contractor did say my apt actually has a high grade of marble flooring, I concur with Alan26. Not sure if others experience this but the marble has been making my feet very cold and lately I have developed numbness / joint pain of my ankles and legs. And I just don't like wearing slippers. Chinese doctor said the marble is too cold for me. Plus I also noticed my kids' legs to be cold everyday, which can't be good for them. Jaskel, I don't quite understand - your flooring is real timber?
  3. mister molly, yes, the same guy, Najib, serves me. he appears nice. Jaskel, did they charge you for changing the flooring? If not, then I think waiting 3 weeks is worth it ler. And what brand are you going for with your new house reno, may I ask? Actually I did also call up Supreme and Vohringer. Supreme salesguy was really pushy, like he cannot wait for me to sign on even before explaining his flooring to me. And the vohringer salesguy, I was not impressed with the way he gave me a quote then later said oh by the way this doesn't include hacking of skirting, GST, sawing of doors and shifting up my grill gate. But surely these shd be part and parcel of the whole package right. You mean some people actually lay the floors without hacking off (marble) skirting??
  4. CraB, Nice and very classy Pergo flooring! I am also int he process of deciding which Pergo colour to go for for my living and dining rooms. May I ask the following: (1) What colour is your flooring? (2) What range is it? the most expensive one (expressions) or Practic or Family (made in Malaysia)? (3) Which dealer did you go to? I went to Euro Floor Gallery for a quote - they quoted me $2654 for overlaying area of 540sqft - but the Malaysia-made cheapest range. Is this ok? THANKS!
  5. Hi there, I wish to overlay my marble flooring to laminated flooring, in the living and dining rooms and hallway. I have also decided on the brand - Pergo - mainly cos they have the high skirting that I require. However, I will be choosing the Malaysian-made "family" range. May I ask especially those with Pergo flooring themselves: (1) would you totally recommend Pergo to other brands? (2) What colour name is your Pergo flooring? I am more inclined on the darkwood eg Wenge or Wooden Chocolate - but I worry it will be too dark for my condo. (3) Anyone using Sumatra Teak? This is the one recommended by the Salesguy. Thank you so much for your help!
  6. Hi Alan, May I know what colour name is your Pergo flooring? i am also considering Pergo, the lowest range Malaysia-made ones. Would you recommend this flooring now that you have used your floor for some time eg no kok-kok sound and easy to clean? Thanks!
  7. lawry, thx i will check your blog now.... Back to Ikea - I like their designs really but some things aren'just aren't long lasting. I also had rust problem but with their 365+ frypan and knife. Bought them only 1 month ago and already the coating of the pan has started to peel off. Yes the peeling is minor but only after 1 month of usage? The sharp point of the knife is also already rusty. I could have dried it more diligently but I thought stainless steel doesn't get rusty? Anyway I threw both items away without getting refund cos too draining to argue with the Ikea people.
  8. flyersummer, may I know the name and brand of your kitchen cabinet doors and wardrobe? Thanks.
  9. I am currently choosing kitchen laminate for cabinet doors. I noticed many of you went for black or white laminate but I am worried of scratch-visibility (I cook a lot) and I also prefer the woodgrain series of laminate. In particular, I love the classy graining of the LamiTAK series. One catches my eye very much, called Cafe Spectro, which has streaks of multi-colour woodgrains. Although I find this laminate very unique, I am worried the graining is too much for the eye after some time. What do people think of having woodgrain laminate all over the kitchen? Shd I go for the woodgrain for bottom cabinets and matt white laminate for wall cabinets? Would this look weird? THANKS for any advice or input!
  10. I am currently renovating kitchen. Any "words of wisdom" or "regrets"?
  11. I also have same woes about Ikea!! I bought two pillow cushions (the bluish colour ones with japanese round motifs - they are STILL selling them) and they are not cheap but after just ONE handwash, the colours run. My sister also bought same cushions and the colours run too. So we took taxi all the way there to return and imagine our frustration when the guy said "you are FIRST one to complain". Even said my laundry detergent is too strong (what I onyl use standard Persil). Then he said must be my helper's fault. But is it coincidence both my sister and I had colour run with two different laundry detergents and two different helpers to wash? They refunded us in the end but already we were blowing steam from our ears. My Amasco fans are fine ler - very good in fact. But lesson I learnt - always try to buy direct. I buy from Amasco factory direct cos installation process is very important - they are trained to install ONLY Amasco fans. Very expert - balancing done so well even if the fans are at top speed, no noise or shaking at all.
  12. BTW someone told me that if one does not buy the ventilating models (ie duct brings fume outside) then it is pointless getting a hood to being with. further, even ones with the highest suction power (eg TEKA offers 1300m3/hr suction which I am also eyeing now) - if it is just circulating not ventilating, then no pt to get it. How true is this?
  13. My daughter has severe allergies so in recent years I have had the need to bake our own cakes / cookies for her. I have a good Siemens Oven but too few functions (no fan; only top+bottom heating and bottom heat). So would like to replace with another built-in oven but this time with fan and more functions (so I don;t need to make cookies tray by tray). I am overwhelmed and confused by the FAN functions offered. Would now like to call on all baking experts on advice with the following: (1) Which is the better function to have: (a) top+bottom elements + fan; or (b) fan heat only (ie heat element wrapping around fan at rear of oven); or © need both functions (2) for grilling, do I really need all grill, maxigrill and variable grill functions? (I will do minimal grilling) (3) How useful is the rapid pre-heating function? (4) Any brand that stands out? (5) What functions should my oven absolutely have? THANKS in advance for your help.
  14. Pinkpetter, yes, your second layout is right except L-shape turns right not left to make the 6ft. $163 per foot run - expensive oh......but this contractor was recommended by a friend who is very fussy, and he passed her expectations. He doesn't have a website nor does he have a showroom to show me his workmanship. Only friend's recommendation ler. enough or not? cabinet base is included in his 'package'. Hob and hood - haha, I want the Fujioh hood and Teka hob and oven lar - I don;t think he can freebi these. I wish! Actually both contractors already told me no more discount cos their original quote were higher. With laminate, I will choose the earthy 'woody' looking type. It feels slightly rough by touch. Contractors said better not choose the super rough type hard to clean. BTW the 19k contractor promised his wood will be solid gd-quality type. He said something like the plywood or veneer will be solid(?) and it wouldn;t be two thin pieces of veneer glued together onto the plywood which many other contractors do to cut cost. Well, I didn't understand what he means though. Oh yes he also said he let me choose from the scratch-resistant range of Lamitak. LG solid top is 38 ft = $3000 (contractor A) or $3600 (contractor B). OK? Noted on floor tiles and handles! You mean I shd ask him for his current projects and ask to go visit these places??? I would love to but surely these owners wouldn't appreciate a stranger going into their homes to look-see?
  15. aha with tile pricing! ok, for floor tiles, I remember I chose the 1 foot square piece and these are $3 per piece then. for wall tiles, i did choose the biggest they have and it is a rectangular one prob 600 x 900mm (not very certain) - this is an expensive one? Hmm, I do plan to go back to Hafary (so crowded lah) and slowly browse through. maybe i choose a cheaper one.