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  1. For 拜Guan Ying as 干妈 used to be very popular in olden days, they does that either because their child is very naughty, disobedient, sickly. So that they hope guan ying can help look after their child. Procedure wise if my memory din fail me. Bring the child to Guan Ying Temple with offering, knee before guan ying, pray and ask if guan ying willing to accept yout child as godson or god-daughter, throw the nut shape thing(pua buay) on the ground if sheng bei (one up one down) = accept , other than that= reject. Can only have 3 tries. I dun think staring in the sky and acknowledge it yourself is counted leh. See what other brother and sister here can advise you lor.
  2. I assuming the sales person is talking abt the MCB(Main Circuit Breaker) in your Home DB. for common practice usually our home would have 1 or 2 20A MCB and the rest of the MCB are 16A, 13A etc. Normally the electrician would cater more than enough MCB rating to the household 20A MCB -1 Built in oven that is 16A 32A MCB?? -1 Induction Hob that is 30A (are you sure your hob so high power consumption?) 16A MCB -1 External Big Electric Heater for showering 20A MCB - 2 System3 Air-Con Compressors 13A MCB -1 Washer cum Dryer 16A MCB -1 Fridge Lighting wise should be using 5A MCB
  3. Care to share the painting contact?
  4. hi fella, ever thought of the wishing elephant, also white in color.
  5. Hi SQ7797,

    It does works well for me. So far I never heard any complain from my clients, I assume that OraMD works well for them too. If you are looking for products to maintain your dental health, you can give OraMD normal a try.

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  6. Hello !

    Just came across your post about Neighbourhood Dental Care OMG !!

    I understand that you are using Oramd - The mouth doctor since 2008.

    May I ask if it good ! As I am also desperate looking for products good for gum & tooth.

    Please advise.


  7. I already state that I'm just a beginner. share my thought. I'm not Shifu..
  8. My Understanding for placing "guan yin" at home is a bit different. I just share my view. The position to place "guan yin" statue criteria 1) Best is to overlooking the whole living room. ie. Facing door, window, overview anyone entering the house. 2) Against solid wall aka good mountain location.
  9. mae29, Thanks for your compliment. Ultimately i hope our thread starter simontsh benefit from our discussion. All the best!!
  10. Thanks for sharing but too Chim for me. I Lost in the jungle liao.
  11. Ya i mean center(7). The square in the center of the 9 box.
  12. I only know the Basic feng shui theory like 5 element and some simple one, we can learn together and share our view. Firstly I agree with you that MRT ,highway & road are forms of water in feng shui. But i dunno about the noise created by the road and MRT? I doubt that the noise created consider as water. My View is (9)South - Direction Element: Fire (Road Element: Water, Water Element Clashes with Fire Element) (4)South West - Direction Element: Earth (Road Element: Water, Earth Element Clashes with Water Element) (2)West - Direction Element: Metal (Road Element: Water, No connection) I'm not so well versed in timely star if i understand wrong please enlighten me. I only know that the timely star for 2011 is 8 , 9 , 1. Timely Auspicious Star is at 8 Sheng Qi is at 9 , 1, But the part that confusing is at (9)South. Cos it happens to be at "三煞" area, "声煞". At the same time "Sheng Qi" Timely Star. What's your view? Maybe it would be good for us to learn if you are willing to pour some of your knowledge and advice.
  13. i agree with mae29 and thanks for reminding the annual influence date. Whether South, Southwest, West of your house is it affected by "声煞", i can't confirm. try answering the following question. 1. Is it very noisy when the MRT comes by everyday? 2. Does it affect your daily life or mood? 3. Is the road outside your window noisy also? 4. Does it affect your daily life or mood? 5. If yes for question 2 or 4, then that 3 direction of your house is somewhat affect by "声煞" 风水学上化解声煞的方法是在向着噪声之处安防一个葫芦或挂两串麒麟风铃 You also need to take note of your North, East and Center of your home. More importantly is your Center. Due to your prosperity Star is infiltrated by the Burglary Star so have to be careful when dealing with it. As common remedy that people use for this situation is placing an ornament like Elephant or Rhino to 化解. Just my 2 cent worth of view.