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  1. i been eyeing this at homefix for quite long, i feel that you cant tell the noise very well as the open space is big.....the sound is different when u put at home cos of small space. if the noise at homefix and at home is the same than is great. Another note does it really help in circulating the room? I bought the Mistral similar version for $99 and it doesnt seem to help much as my MBR still hot.... then again its the replica version so cant expect much.
  2. bro this fan is it noisy at speed 1? at speed 3 noisy also? I thinking of getting the 660 or 753 series
  3. bro can share with me where u get this table? I also thinking of putting a table. how much is it and the dimensions?
  4. bro can share which led model u used? 5050 or 3528? 600 led or 300 led? and which driver you bought also? Thanks in advance
  5. wa the samsung digital lock so cheap! hahaha i also wanna get 1 man...thanks for the lobang....only problem is installation liao......let us know how your installation of lock go bro.
  6. got kdk sale now http://www.sgappliances.com/kdk-fans
  7. bro u have spare paint for this to sell me......i only need a little of the 2 colors for my study.
  8. 2.6 is standard hdb high leh......can install la....so many pple install fan in hdb unless your model is those super low type