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  1. HI NICK,

    i am researching for a ID. appreciate your id contacts and any other contacts you have worked with like electrician and stuff.

    what special way for the electrician?

    1 set is by what everyone knows which is per powerpoint, per switch. The other will be one special way which is cheaper imho.

  2. 15amp socket is your aircon point whereby only aircon and HDB common areas like carpark n corridor using .. you wont find it in any household equipments ... on my quotation, my electrician state data point (Cat6) and pricing depends on the length you need I guess... As for your quote from your electrician, all I can say is not a bad deal according to market rate (Im not a pro)
  3. I don't think got include cat6 point as if have will state data point .. and your telephone price wrong .. 2x$55 = $110 .. not $200
  4. I'm sorry bro.. I havnt got it installed yet ... but my electrician says he might be able to help me get it install .. If he is able to install for me .. then I intro to you ... should be after CNY as im not going to install after CNY ...
  5. set a budget and stay within your budget.. lightings is a killer .. Geylang area got quite a few lighting shops which you might be keen to check it out too .. For me, I got my lightings from overseas and only down lights I buy in sg.. each 9w 5" square LED cost me $58 and its made in korea Got good after sales service too when I called them to tell them that 1 of my led flicker.. No question asked for 1 on 1 exchange
  6. anyway the whole folder is here My lighting pictures
  7. I know its late but better than never LOL here comes the pictures Common Bathroom Common Bathroom T5 tube
  8. Appointments fixed for installation of lightings!!! At last
  9. Downlights arrived ~~~ waiting for all other lightings ~~ :sport-smiley-004:
  10. Hi Nick,

    I am going to do up my 5rm flat and can i quote you as an reference for the electrician?


  11. lightings not up yet ... so thinking everything up then take
  12. Some members asked me some questions on the quotation from my electrician or such. I have created another new topic on this issue under another section in renotalk as that sub forum is for electrical. My Electrical wiring quote <-- Click here
  13. My link is to the other topic I created. Not a file