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  1. Hello, I wanted to have some feedback if anyone recently engage their services recentl . I used them before and was very please with their service they provide but that was 2 year ago. I am not so sure now.
  2. Hi , Does anyone know where to get this marble flooring. I need to replace some part of my floor which were crack. Anyone know the name of this type of marble? I been sourcing around and was told that this is no longer available. Thanks
  3. Hi, Did anyone bought any furniture from them recently? I need some feedback as I intend to purchase some items from them Thanks
  4. Hi, Anyone know market rate for 4 room HDB and 5 room HDB? I need to polish for my unit and my parent unit. Thanks
  5. Hi Nick,

    I am going to do up my 5rm flat and can i quote you as an reference for the electrician?


  6. Thanks for your comment. It really depend on individual whether u like open or multi storey carpark. Previously in my old estate, there were no open carpark and i have to walk to 200m and most of the time take the stair to L4 to take my car. In my present flat, i just have to park at open carpark beside my block. It is cheaper in term of season parking, no bird **** as only small tree planted and most impt is that it is more secured. You are right that it is weather dependent.
  7. Hi, I am just wandering is it worth buying a old HDB (30 years old) or should i wait buy a HDB that is 5 year old? I personally like older HDB based on a few reasons. i am a little bit confused when someone told me that no value if to buy old HDB as you only left with 60 year more before enbloc. not too sure whether is that something that i need to consider? PRO 1) open carpark. More convenient rather than multi storey carpark 2) bigger and nice layout flats 3) can throw rubbish inside the house rather than going to the share rubbish chute outside the corridor 4) can pick a more convenient location nearer to town centre and easier transport system. CON 1) older. may need to renovate more. wear and tear Can you give me more comments? Thank You.
  8. Hi, I would like to overhaul my existing flooring but i would like to have some opinion. May i know the estimated price different between those few flooring below. I would very much like granite flooring but it seem to have only dark color and it is very expensive. Is it true? # Heavy duty ceramic # Homogenous 800 x 600 # Marble flooring # Granite flooring # Parquet # Timber
  9. hi, Did anyone been applying bank loan through housingloansg agent? Not too sure are they really effective to get the cheapest rate for you? brgds
  10. yes. In fact i am seeing a few block in AMK and Bishan area. 1 of the seller is asking $90k and the other one is asking $65k. Both condition will need heavy reno and also it is in the LUP. I am not so sure how much is reasonable and i am definitely not going to pay $60k for COV for any of these 2 blocks even if they in the centre as valuation should already factor in the layout, condition, location, high floor etc.
  11. Hi, I would like to find out whether do you know of anyone who is able to get HDB loan when the combine income ceiling pass by $100 more ie $10100. I would not like to get bank loan as much as possible. Thanks You.
  12. Hello RT members, I saw a a PT block quite near to AMK centre, my question is what is the kind of COV that is reasonable and realistic that i should pay if the condition is as below. How do you guys negotiate your COV if the owner ask for a high COV? Build: 1979 floor: 21 to 25 unblock view renovation: need to redo 60% at least. location: quite near to AMK MRT Your advice please.