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  1. kooky

    K's Home

    Alfred, thanks for your appreciation and compliment :-) You've got mail!
  2. My kitchen tap is the pullout type but not Kraus. So far, no leakage and for the price and brand(no brand), I am happy with it.
  3. kooky

    Star Living

    We bought our dining set from there. It's over 2 years and the furniture is still in good condition. We spent over $1,400 in total and no delivery charge.
  4. We installed raindance rainshower in 2 bathrooms (MBR toilet and 2nd floor bathroom) and a bathtub in my MBR. We have installed a 56L water heater tank. No doubt the tank does look bulky but I will rather have a bulky tank than compromise on weak water pressure or else it defeat the purpose of having a rainshower.......
  5. Yes, we installed the Hansgrohe, the Raindance "AIR" type(some are Rainshower but not "AIR") in 2 of our bathrooms and in order that there is stable water pressure, we have installed one 56L water heater tank. We did not face similar problem.
  6. kooky

    K's Home

    ChinSer, please check your inbox :-)
  7. kooky

    K's Home

    Over the last week, we made some purchases. However, there are still lots of nitty-gritty stuff we need to acquire over the next couple of months ....whenever we have time and when we are in the shopping spree mood.....again. Dish Rack Cultlery set Trash Bin
  8. No problem, worrypot. Most people will go for Kraus if they can afford one :-) For the benefit of those who doesn't has the budget but do like a deep sink here is the specifications of the sink I had installed. It is an Elkay Monic SQM-830 (hand-made 1.2mm stainless steel sink) with 15mm round radius corners for easy cleaning. The mreasurement is 830mm(W) x 450mm (H) x 280mm (D)
  9. My taps (is not branded) are tall for my 3 salad bowl typed basins. Let me know if you need some pictures.
  10. The common toilet in my 1st floor is pretty small. We do away with vanity top and just installed simple mirror instead of mirror with shelving. I have a picture of it in my T-blog; that's if you want to use that as a reference. I believe you make a narrow/small toilet looks spacious by making righ choice on sanityware and accessories. Good luck to your reno.
  11. I have moved into my flat for 1.5 months no and have since then been using an Elkay sink made in China. It is a double-bowl with a dept of 11-inch. For the price and my lifestyle it is definitely no regret to us. I have some pictures of the sink in my T-blog. If you need a few close shots, let me know, I will try to upload them just for you to help you make your decision. I stand at 1.58m and my spouse is at leat 1.8m tall. I don't find my sink too tall for me. In fact, I find it very useful as water does not splash out, wetting the kitchen floor. Best of luck in your purchase :-)
  12. Mine is not from Rinnai or Fujioh. The brand of the hob I bought is in my post below. I can confirm that it is good (e.g. fast cooking and good flame).
  13. I second that Rubine is nice and affordable. My toilet taps are from Rubine.
  14. kooky

    K's Home

    Hi, good morning all. Hope today everyone is feeling better since it's the 2nd day where we can smell the air without getting choke! LOL Okay, it's 1.5 months after our move-in and finally the glass panel in the MBR's toilet and the mirrors for both MBR and common bathroom on the 2nd floors are up! Simplicity is our choice as we are simple people - so nothing great about our mirrors just that with them, it completes the toilets! :-) The mirrior in the MBR's toilet. We had decided to put in a simple shelf to store my 'barang barang'. Please ignore that woman in the picture....lmao Glass panel/shower screen. The bathtub is opposite the water closet. Mirrior in the 2nd bathroom on 2nd floor. Complete view of the 2nd bathroom.
  15. The longer the fire can stand (e.g. 2 hours), the cost of the fire-rated door will cost more. Averagely, a door that last an hour is good enough. In Singapore, the fire engine will arrive soon....unless you are living a super 'ulu' area which is not the case, right?