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  1. PM me the quotation you have received and I can check with my costs to let you know if I think it is overpriced.
  2. 50K including the below items: 1. Aircon 2. Windows + grilles 3. Painting 4. WC, Basins, taps, heaters? 5. Hood, hob, sink?
  3. Dun need to terminate the water and electricity. Just go to SP Services online and do a change of account ownership for the address. You still need water and electricity for your reno works rite?
  4. Tiles underneath the hacked walls confirmed gone case. Two remedies as far as I know: 1. Get back same floor tiles to replace if you are not hacking the floor. 2. Cement screed over the hacked area before laying laminates above it. I chose the 2nd option as hacked away total 3 walls but dun have time and budget to lay new floor tiles. As such, I have to cement screed the hacked area before laying laminates above it. Do remember to get your contractor to include the costs of cement screeding the hacked area if you chose option 2. Dun be like me having to fork out extra on top of what I was quoted coz my contractor told me hacking costs does not include making good. Cheers and all the best to your reno.
  5. K is good but his price laagi better. If you can afford his pricing, go for him. So far from what I see in the forums, his projects are all completed at a short time with minimal fuss and utmost satisfaction from his clients. Cheers...
  6. Lights can be cheap from TB but plus give yourself one month buffer time to ship by sea or else it will costs you a bomb. I just paid almost $200 for 4 lamp shades, 2 pendant light bulb holders and 10pcs of lightbulbs coz I chose to ship by DHL with takes 2 days to reach Singapore. By the way, most of the lights you see in Lush Lush or Balestier can be found at TB. Happy shopping.
  7. It's ok Nic. You have your story and I have mine. What really pissed me off is that: 1. I seems like the one monitoring the reno schedule instead of you even though it was your company's mistake in applying for the hacking permit. 2. Why tell me that the unevenness of the overlay wall tiles are due to the unevenness of the original wall? Dun treat me like an idiot. All you need to do is to inform me that your guys will rectify it and not tell me some cock and bull story. 3. Why is it so difficult for me to ask you to come to my place when I discover any defects and hope that it can be rectified ASAP? I literally have to beg you to come down when words or pictures cannot describe the defects accurately. 4. If you are not sure about the your costs, pls go and find out more before you quote to your customers. Once you have quoted to your customer, you must have valid reasons if there are any over runs. Anyway, there is no more need for you guys to come my house for anymore rectification works. I will sort it out myself unless my toilet floor starts to leak to my neighbour downstairs coz i am very sure that your guys did not do any overnight waterbomb test before they start laying the new floor tiles to my toilets. Dun forget that I was at my place almost everyday to monitor the reno progress as there was a delay in the hacking and we were running short of time so I know basically what was going on in my house. Cheers...
  8. 算了吧。for those who are reading this thread, just keep a lookout for these points if they are going to renovate their house in the near future. Cheers...
  9. Hi Jaykr, That 2 patches of cement on the toilet entrance was done only after I told my contractor reagrding it. He was not even aware of this defect or the uneveness of the wall tiles as he was hardly on site to monitor the reno progress or to rectify any shortcomings. Maybe this is his working style to leave the renovation completely to his workers but It is definitely not the sytle I preferred. Anyway, my painter will come in next month to do the touching up so I think they cement patches can be covered up after the painting. Haha...
  10. Photos speak more than a thousand words. I let you all evaluate the quality of the worksmanship of the tiling and hacking works: Take note that I did not hack the kitchen floor and wall tiles. I only overlay the exposed areas. Backslash area of kitchen. Should have opted for coloured tempered glass instead of overlay. Someone actually told me the unevenness of the new tiles is due to the unevenness of the original wall tiles at the back. If I chosed to hack the wall tiles, this will not happen. What kind of bull**** is this? Common toilet entrance. Is this kind of patch up accepatble to you? It is like just one patch of cement to cover up the holes without bothering to smoothen the surface. Aftermath to the ceiling after hacking away the kitchen walls. Someone told me hack means hack only. If make good the ceiling have to pay extra. I actually assumed that the contractors will take the initiative or proactively offer to make good all hacked walls but I am wrong. Sigh...
  11. This is your questions: "On the side, how do you find the overall service and workmanship of Nicholas' team? We are considering to ask him for a quote as we may have a tight timeline now, maybe 5 weeks for our 3 roomer. And furthermore, the feedback we heard from the other forumers is that his quote is quite competitive..."
  12. If you want my frank opinion, then I will say that you made a right choice. Dun ask me for the details... haha