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  1. Hi, There used to be a bed shop selling a Malaysia brand mattresses and bed frames directly opposite Serta. When I went there again a few days ago, it's gone. Does anyone remember the name of the shop or mattress?
  2. I got my 5-blade crestar fan 9 years ago and it has worked well so far. There are 3 speeds and the 3rd or fastest speed is really very fast. Perhaps it's the model?
  3. Hi Makanology, I chanced upon your blog as I was searching for another contractor. I just want to let you know that I understand what you went through. My first contractor was also very irresponsible and didn't take any pride in his work at all. We were also getting married then and often fought over the ccontractor. To be frank, the reno experience changed our relationship in a negative way. My contractor's quality of work was also appalling: 1. He showed me the workmanship of a Malaysian tiler but gave me a China tiler. 2. The tiler didn't cover the flooring and my grout lines are permanently dirtied. 3. The tiling was done badly. It's so obvious that any first-time visitor can tell me the workmanship is lousy ie. large and uneven grout lines, uneven tiles ... If you push a laundry basket across the floor, you would meet with many hurdles bcos of the unevenness. 4. The tiler even wanted to place a broken tile in my storeroom. He said no one can see anyway! 5. The false ceiling was done wrongly and he said can't be helped liao. 6. The aircon pipes were done after the false ceiling so nothing can be hidden. 7. I asked him to erect a wall so that I could hang a door at the doorway. He erected a wall using partitioned board and told me I could not have a door done. 8. After I insisted on a hollow brick wall for another wall, he said "if the line at the joint cracks, I don't know huh." My father had to teach him to use a device to line the joint so that the crack wouldn't show. 9. He used wood planks with multiple holes for my platform. In short, nothing that he did for me was right. So I totally understand your frustration. I almost confirmed with Alan for my bathroom job last year. He seemed nice and sincere, and cheap of course, but bad reviews started surfacing and I skipped him. I don't want another round of expensive heartache. I do believe the good reviews are genuine as their reno cost were probably much higher. And if I am a contractor, surely condo projects will come first bcos the big money is there. If one condo customer recommends me to her other condo friends, ai seh! I work little and earn big! I hope you have moved on.
  4. Thanks! I'll try what you said next time. Thanks for clarifying. I spoke to her today and insisted that she tiled them up. She explained that she assumed that I wouldn't need the covered parts tiled, but I have always assumed that when you do tiling, you tile every single part of the wall first even if you know you are going to build a cabinet at one side of the wall. It was a little unpleasant at first, but in the end she agreed to tile up the parts that would be covered without extra charges.
  5. Had tried to paste the pics here but to no avail after trying for an hour. Hope that the forum can be made more user-friendly for technophobics like me. I have engaged Dorothy from In-Lookz Home. The quote comes up to close to $12k without the mirrors and vanity cabinets. I will be getting my carpentry separately as Dorothy's is $400 more expensive with less items. http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_2790_9_61478.jpg The look of my masterbedroom bathroom in the hacking process. There is something that troubles me: Today is the tiling day, but Dorothy says that she would not be tiling the parts covered by the boxed up pipes as she would be doing double-tiling. Can someone enlighten me if this is true? I wonder how my bathroom would look if one day, I have to remove the box-ups.
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  12. I understand that most bathrooms are tiled with 30 x 30 floor tiles due to the size of the bathrooms. Is there anyone who uses 30 x 60 floor tiles for hdb bathrooms? My contractor says she's charging me $50 extra for each bathroom to use bigger tiles. Is that reasonable?
  13. Then it's really ironical that Ken from Edgespace didn't even bother doing up a quotation after meeting me to discuss a reno. In fact, he said he would email me the quotation when he didn't even bother getting my email address from me!
  14. Is that right? Can I know who you checked with? Alan never did mention this to me when he was discussing my shower areas with me.