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  1. Hi lancified, I will be starting renovation for my flat and would love to have the contacts you accumulated over the course of your renovation. Do you mind PM-ing me the contacts you have? Thank you.

  2. Hi lancified, do u mind pm me yr contractor's contact? Thanks in advanced (:

  3. Hi , may i have the contacts for your kitchen sink and all other toilet accessories? Thanks! ^^

  4. hi, I dont see any pressure relief valve installed for your storage tank, normally they will connect it to the 3rd pipe (indicated by the black sticker), so that in case that the tank pressure monitoring fails, the additional water can be expelled through the pressure relief valve. You might want to get the installer to check again, safety always come first.
  5. Hi, good research! I went thru the same process u did, thou my appointed ID was not in your list. My reno has completed about 3 weeks ago, and Im really happy. Everything is about 95% of what I wanted, with the price that I was comfortable with. I always believed that when we work with the arts (ID is an art, especially when u want "ideas"), the designer is just as important as the credentials of his company. How is the designer like? Does he talk flashy, or come out with ideas that spell $$$? Does he hardsell, or will he change his ideas based on your requirement? If your ID drives a expensive car, wear luxury watches decked in branded clothes from top to bottom, I believe he will not give u ideas that are value for money. Instead, he will be recommending you best of the best stuff at a ultra premium price, whether the idea fits your design or not. If you are on a budget (I cannot understand how 31k to 120k just for renovation is considered budget, but Im assuming your home should be a terrace or semi-D, FYI I spent 18k on reno, 2k for electrical works, about 10k for fittings, home electricals, beds, lightings and consumables such as cooking spices and daily necessities to fill the fridge up for my 4-room bto), do make sure that your ID is someone who can see the importance of money and a budget. The meeting place to hold a meeting, the type of food he orders, the drinks he orders, conversations that he hold over a phone call, accessories for himself, accessories he uses for his car: all these little things will tell u alot about that person. You should be looking for a person who is honest, careful with money, thinks with logic and arts - not just ideas without the care for cost, and most importantly, humble and listens well. The right ID for a friend might not be a right ID for you. Hope you choose your ID wisely and enjoy your reno!
  6. Erm, workmanship definitely not the best, but not shabby either. For me, whatever can be seen, must be good. Whatever cannot be seen or is hidden, does not have to be that good. I would grade their work as 7/10. Some things which wasnt very good, they will rectify. But sometimes after rectify still not so good, so I will repair them myself as long as they give me the raw materials. They are really busy now so I rather I fix them then to wait for them to fix it. I dont have a digital copy, but basically i paid 18k for reno works without elec works. big ticket items include FH 5FT shoerack, living room 7FT TV console w/ top and bottom storage, kitchen masonry works, kitchen cabinets 22FT, granite top, kitchen corner storage system, False ceiling for Living room and walking corridor, L-box w/cove lighting at tv console area, MBR TV console, MBR 7FT 2dr wardrobe, 2 x suspended bedside table w/drawer, MBR toilet vanity counter w/ SS top, top and bottom storage, full wall mirror, glass shower screen and other standard items such as painting, plumbing works etc etc. Good luck!
  7. Hi, I paid SGD$70+ after shipping but I bought it around november 2011 when there was a 30% off. Even at US$70, it is still very cheap when u compare to the prices in SG.
  8. Nope, the water pressure is so weak even for normal shower. and I hate storage heaters, so definitely no rain shower for me
  9. The frame was made to order by my bi-fold door supplier, I mounted the fan that I bought on the frame, sealed the edges with silicon and connected the fan to my LED lights. So after a shower or toilet cleaning, I would leave the LED lights on for 5 mins so that the fan can dry everything So much easier than mopping and mopping.
  10. Final DIY for my home before all the house warming and xmas/new yr celebrations! Exhaust fan for the MBR toilet!
  11. Aiyo, read t-blog, read from start to end la... the contacts are all posted out liao Post #168
  12. Hi, hard to check, But usually it will state that it is suitable for low pressure or high rise building. U can use a low pressure suitable shower for a high pressure place, just don't turn the tap to the Max Else it might be too painful.
  13. Did you buy the type for low pressure? Many people also bought rain shower without making sure it could work with low pressure. In the end became rain drizzle...
  14. 1. Ya box up provided by HDB. 2. There is a electrical point inside the box up, just need to tap from there and extend out. The 2 gang is not supplied. Else, you can tap to your toilet light power too. 3. LED strips do not come with any power. You need to purchase it separately depending on your needs, either adapter or direct power supply. Most LED suppliers will have stocks for those too.
  15. oh! then u can buy the plastic cover separately and install it. its universal so all 2 gang switches will fit. think it only cost a few dollars.