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  1. Hi, hope u can share the contact.? please pm me or email at koala_bear81@yahoo.com thank u
  2. Hi, @supreme90, can PM me your contractor’s contact? Ur kitchen looks good. And it seemed that u did concrete support for ur sink area. Please share. Thank u.
  3. Any latest updates? My hubby wants to engage Ah soon.
  4. Hi, hope u are still around. Can share Mr B contact? If pm doesnt work, can email me at koala_bear81@yahoo.com thank u
  5. Hello Hanna! Just came across ur blog. Wonderful sharing. Will u be able to share the contractor’s contact? Will be getting keys to out resale 5 room soon. koala_bear81@yahoo.com Thank u?
  6. Hi, great idea about the acrylic cover for the bathrooms. able to share the acrylic cover address? Either through pm or email me koala_bear81@yahoo.com Many thanks.
  7. Looks good! I am interested in the shelter reack & main door holder. Can share the contact with me? Thanks.
  8. Thanks2. have contacted him. Hope the deal will go through.
  9. Nice kitchen u have there. Can pm me Mr J and Mr E contact? Thanks in advance.
  10. Received contact with thanks. Will get hubby to get in touch with him real soon this week. Btw, what countertop are u using for mum's place? looks pretty good.
  11. Hi, can share david's contact? Via pm? Im thinking of doing my kitchen this mth and on a budget similar as urs. Can u share your quote too? Thanks. Love ur post. Gives me hope that budget kitchen is achievable without compromising on looks and function.
  12. Sorry Acklane,But im yet to received the quote. Maybe lost in cyberworld. Maybe can resend but this time through this email: koala_bear81@yahoo.com Btw, u really make my choice to make concrete stand for sink 'more concrete'. Thanks alot.
  13. Hi, nicely done kitchen, i must say. Few enquiries hoping u'll be able to help: 1) how do 1 know if eubiq is having warehouse sale? Where can i sign up for its mailing list? The price stated in the phamplet is quite affordable. 2) do u relocate the sink piping?( as in swapped placement with the stove?) 3) how do you make purchase for the excel hardwares? Do you buy the hardwares beforehand and give them to the carpentry installer? Where do we buy them? 4) can you share your contractor's contact? If possible, the kitchen quote too? majeedhi@myfirstskool.com.sg Many thanks for your time and help.
  14. Cam u share with me ur kitchen installer? 1.9k inclusive of granite countertop sounds like a gd deal