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  1. Due to overwhelming responses, Design Profession will be extending the showflat for another 2 days this weekend! New home owners who are interested, please RSVP with them.
  2. Hellooooooooooooo renotalkers! Our renovation ended few weeks back. We have been busying decorating our new place. It's really a pleasant experience to work with Kelvin. He really gave us the best he can offer. New home owners who are looking for design inspiration or contractors or IDs, please drop by this weekend, Kelvin and his men will be there. Approach them if you have any design enquiries, they are most willing to share with you. Please RSVP if you guys are interested.
  3. your sunny side up looks yummmmmyyy!!
  4. The bronze mirrors at our dining area were also up.. Curtains and blinds tooooooo! But the service is mehhhhhh~~~~~~ MEHHHHH until cannot. He did not inform us about a missing bracket, he drilled a wrong hole on my wall without informing us.
  5. Sorry for the lack of updates.. Our reno journey is coming to an end very soon. We don't have any BIG hiccups along the way, so its considered a rather pleasant journey. Kitchen glass backing was installed yesterday, I requested Kelvin to reshape the corners of the fridge kerb. The opposite side of kitchen cabinets.
  6. Price quoted by ID.. Is it expensive?
  8. Rectification done. No more ugly cappings. My ID bought extra tiles from HDB to do a small kerb at the entrance of kitchen and common toilet. He did it for us FOC. Much better right???? HEHHHHH~
  9. Hi Ken, I've PM you the address. Hello neighbour, thats the only place I can put my wardrobe in my MBR as i dont want so many angles (角) in the room. The only solution is to open up a hole for the aircon ledge window.
  10. Kitchen top and bottom cabinets. Both textured laminates were from the same family, just different colour. We wanted the bottom cabinets with black ABS trimmings to make it stand out abit. MBR 10ft wardrobe is up too. Picture of wardrobe without doors was taken on Fri 11pm. Doors were installed on Sat afternoon. The right side of the wardrobe was purposely designed this way so that we can still have access to the aircon ledge.
  11. Hold your breath.. Here's our stoney laminate settee. Like it so raw and stone. We told our ID that we love the idea of having a huge group of friends sitting around the table and eat steamboat. So he proposed a very long L-shaped settee which both of us like it alot! And this L settee is like a dream came true! The bronze mirror opposite the settee. Our son's wardrobe and suspended study. Close up of the wardrobe door laminate. A tinge of many colours. We didn't want a kiddish laminate for him because we want this wardrobe to last at least 10 yrs. I guess a 13 year old wouldn't want a wardrobe with many stars or cartoons all around. #practicalparents
  12. Our doors are up too!