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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Just wanting to check base on all your experience an i getting a Fair deal. Basically i am removing this build in table and drawer (they are one pic altogether stuck to my wall) And then I am going to redo only the drawer part making it into a sliding door. The whole length of the Drawer is 9.5Ft I am Q $950 for this. For both removal and redo of the drawer, he say that he already did not charge me the removal fee already don't know how true that is. What do you all think?
  2. Hi, I'm very new here. Seeking advice from experienced people here whether are we able to dismantle our existing cabinets our self in order to save cost? Or anyone ever dismantle theirs before by themselves maybe you could share with me some tips. TIA!
  3. I need help for second opinion on my quotation. Don't know to go ahead with this because is slightly of my budget but my gut feeling tells me this ID is able to execute what I want base on the past project they did. Quotation for 4-room (92sqm) 1. Erect 2" H Kitchen Cabinet Base with cement plaster on top surface and tiles at the sides (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $600 2. Erect 2" H shower kerb at 2 baths (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $320 3. Purchase prepacked materials :$850 4. Upload materials and debris removal :$730 5. Supply and lay 60 x 60 cm homogenous tiles ($3/sqf) to living and 3 bedrooms flooring come with skirting: $8400 6. Install bronze alumni clear glass sliding window at yard without top hung (3tracks-3panels) :$700 7. Install 10mm thick clear tempered 1 fixed and 1 swing shower screen at master bath with hinges mounted to wall (wall to wall) :$560 8. Install 10mm thick s/blasted glass swing door at master bath entrance (s/blasted facing outside) standard size: $660 9. Install P/coat alumin acrylic panel PD door at common bath entrance (Selected pattern, standard size): $360 10. Construct Designer kitchen cabinet (Laminate with ABS edging inclusive soft closed hinges and draws with full extension tracks), Top and bottom 2.8m, include 2 tier stainless steel rack and frosted glass panel and cutlery tray. Installation of hood and hob: $3080 11. Fabricate kitchen island without cement base in laminate finish: 1.8m (w) x 0.8m (d) x 0.9m (h): $2000 12. Fabricate quartz worktop for kitchen cabinet and island: $2080 13. Fabricate sliding panel wardrobe at master room in laminate finish. (Come with internal fitting storage system) 2.2m: $2480 14. Fabricate queen size bed frame in laminate finish (1.5m (w) x 0.3m (h)) with storage on one side: $1800 15. Painting Nippon vinilex 5000 matt finish to internal wall and martex white to ceiling. Choice of 5 max colours and multiple trips: $1700 16. Chemical wash (if applicable) and general cleaning: $350 17. Laying protection sheets for affected areas: $300 18. Supply and install 3 veneer (Semi-core) door with round knob: $870 (Top up $40 each door for solid wood) 19. Plumbing (Labour charge only) a. Sink/basin and tap x3 sets : $360 b. Bath accessories x 2 sets : $120 c. Spray gun and mini valve x 2 sets: $120 d. Extension of piping for sink :$60 e. Run exposed pipe after city gas: $360 f. Rainshower at master: $120 20. Electrical work: $1500 base cost (Any additional work will incur top up) 21. Design and space planning fees (Consultation, colour & material proposal, site supervision & coordination, perspective drawing for carpentry works, submission to HDB/BCA) :$1300 Total cost: $31660 (NETT) Confirmation fee: $2000 (Can be deducted out from final amount) + 7%GST Do help me and feel free to comment and advice how do I ask ID to lower the quote. Thank you so much
  4. Hello Renotalkers, Like to seek advice from seasoned forumers as I'm re-doing my home current. I noticed the market rate for Kitchen Cabinets is around $120 pfr which was what my ID quoted for me. However, when we are doing the detailing, he is charging me extra for things such as these... Saucer Rack: + $220 Drawers: +$600 for 4 drawers using Blum track (Apparently $120 pfr only gets cupboard door...not Drawers) Bi-Fold Door for Corner L-shape: + $150 Extra 4ft of counter Top w open-concept Internal PVC for Washing Machine: +$550 Dish hanging rack w glass cover: +$250 Just like to check if this is normal? in my previous renovation where I had 2 Saucer Racks and Dish-Hanging rack, there was no VO....has there been a change in market standards? Thank you very much renotalk.
  5. After thinking for sometime, i decided to write on the renovation for my house. From buying to waiting, to check for defects, sourcing for ID or contractors, buying furniture to cleaning up, moving and packing is a long process. Finally I have just moved in to my new house and have the time to go through this process. I like many homeowners wanted the best deal and the best place that we could call our home. In order to search for the best id or contractor, we went through a a number of contractors and ID quote. We repeated the same idea and concept for the house to every of them. The reactions of them are several 1) Cannot really be bothered Just take down what you want and send you to the door. In the end , there was no quote given. 2) Quoted a real high price although we have given them a range of our budget within $20K to $30K but quotation was $40K+ without any breakdown 3) Give a quote within your range but leave out a few items so that the quotation is below the range (Note: there may be the add ons after that) Contractor's pricing is definitely lower than an ID provided you know exactly what you need but in my case i am not too sure of what i wanted. I only knew i need a bigger kitchen and good space planning ideas as i do not have a storeroom. Only at One of the meetup with one ID, John, he was able to give me ideas, he drew a rough concept on how it would look and advise against having the cupboards full fledged across the living room as it is costly and it would make my living room to look very squeezed out. As my unit is a 2 bedroom SOHO, so with the height at 3.35m, i wanted my living area to be spacious. I thought his idea was perfect. He listens to our ideas but keep his options and suggestions open. A very patient and creative person. At the first meeting only, he could somehow make us convinced to sign up with him but we didnt as we wanted to keep our options open first and not commit so soon. He showed us photos of his previous works as well. A very down to earth guy i would say. So we waited for his quote and he gave us in a week time and offered to bring us to his in progress clients' place to see how his carpenter workmanship. But in the end we did not go but we went to the office to see the samples of the laminate , quartz. Till this date i am happy about the whole selection that i go with John as he has made it simple for us to understand and give suggestions easily. So after discussion we went signing up with him and has not regretted ever since. I wanted to upload some images but not sure how to do it so that i could show the raw photo and the 3D Drawing as well as the actual after renovation photo but not sure how to do it. Probably can advise?
  6. I read in a magazine article that homeowners should budget about S$100 per square foot (psf) for renovation costs for HDB resale flats. For a 3-room flat of about 688 sq ft, this would mean a total of S$68,800! Now, I'm aware that magazines tend to jack up the price a little, as a lot of items used are designer items, but this differs a lot from what I've been reading in various forums online. I tend to hear quotes of as low as S$30,000, and S$50,000 would be considered very expensive by most. So, let me hear some advice from you, as a homeowner who is currently selecting Interior Designers - what's a real fair cost for a full HDB 3-room resale renovation, assuming we want our current (very) outdated house to be revamped totally, with no major changes to the existing floorplan? Thanks. PS, if you have any pics of how you did your 3 room bathroom, that would be great too.
  7. Hi Everyone. Would like your guys advise on this quote. SERVICE YARD To supply labour & material to construct cement base for Washing Machine. To supply & install 3 Panel powder coated sliding window at service yard.KITCHEN To supply labour & material to construct cement base for Kitchen Cabinet. To fabricate & install Top & Bottom Kitchen cabinet in laminate finish at Wall A – approx. 7ft. To fabricate & install Bottom Kitchen cabinet with Tall Cabinet for Built-In Oven and Microwave at Wall B – approx. 11ft. To fabricate & install quartz surface kitchen worktop with backsplash finish. To extend piping for kitchen sinks and washing machine. To supply labour to install Kitchen Sink, Hob & Hood, Built-In Oven and Microwave.TOILETS To supply labour & materials to install tempered glass shower screen at 2 toilets. To supply labour & materials to install Vanity cabinet for Master Bedroom Toilet. To supply labour & material to install bidet at 2 toilets.MASTER BEDROOM To supply labour & materials to install L-Box with supply of 4 LED Downlights. To fabricate & install built-in sliding wardrobe with 1 side Full height mirror – approx. 6ft. To supply labour & materials to install False Ceiling at MBR Entrance with supply of 1 LED DownlightLIVING/DINING ROOM To supply labour & materials to install L-Box @ living room and Dining Room with supply of 12 LED Downlights. To supply labour & materials to install False Ceiling at Passageway with supply of 3 LED Downlights. To fabricate & install TV feature wall in laminate finish - approx.6ft To fabricate & install suspended TV console with flip-up tinted panel & drawer in laminate finish - approx. 6ft To supply labour & material to install full mirror panel @ living room wall up to ceiling heights – approx. 9ft. To supply labour & material to install shoe rack shelving below Main Switch Board Cupboard.OTHERS/MISCELLENEOUS To supply labour & material to install LED Ceiling Lights at 2 Bedrooms, 2 Toilets, Household Shelter, Service Balcony, Kitchen - Total 7 LED Lights. To supply labour to install toilets accessories, 2 Ceiling Fans and Dining Room Chandelier. To supply labour and relocate power points at Kitchen To supply labour & materials to install Powder Coated Window Grille @ living room and 3 Bedrooms. General Washing and Cleaning of Whole PremisesTotal Renovation Cost: $ 22,800
  8. Hey everybody! After reading many of the forums here on Renotalk, I'm extremely pleased to say that it is finally my turn to do my renovation. My flat: Buangkok Vale @ Buangkok Green Size: 4 room A short story on my flat: Actually keys to the flat were given out in March 2013, but I had just then filed for a divorce with my ex-husband. Finally obtaining my legal documents from the Courts in June, I made an appeal to HDB to retain the flat with my name and my son's name, and after 1 year of struggling with non-responses from HDB, i have just only collected my keys to the flat in early August. After doing the necessary rites and etc, here are some pics of my flat! (1 year worth of dust on the floor has already been swept and mopped!) The main hall (ignore unused trash bag) The view from the window: Collage of the rooms and corridor: And one last one of my cheeky happy boy... More to come on my ID choice next post!