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  1. Yes agree, i told Kelvin fast is good, but must do nice nice for me also.
  2. Hey hey! yes reno is almost completed this week, think handover will be this week. Kelvin is just doing the touching up for all the minor issues and fixing up the last bits. Hey ANDilalala, yes renovations almost all done, Kelvin (ID) is doing the finishing works. oh dear... but the skirtings is done by the HDB people? yes am opening my eyes big big to make sure all the stuff is done well before ID handsover to us.
  3. Kitchen is done! my worktop has been placed on, and i am absolutely loving the look. Thanks to Kelvin for recommending the EF hood and hob, i love how sleek it is with the cabinets. Glass door for the kitchen as well as the divider have been put up, but i forgot to snap some photos. However, realised there were some slight problems, one of the kitchen tiles were chipped and some paint was on the furniture. Highlighted to Kelvin and they will be rectifying the necessary. Update soon!
  4. Cabinets have been installed! Here is my shoe cabinet (divider), the glass screen on the top will be coming in next week. (Yes, glass screen divider is a rather old design, but due to fengshui and mother's decision... no choice. shall find a way to hip it up) Kitchen cabinets are also done up, worktop will be coming in next week. Really love the wood grain laminate! It's textured and has a very raw feel to it which I LOVE! FYI my worktop is white, if you guys can imagine. Right side: Left side with the dish rack: Finally, my MBR wardrobe... LOVE how simple it is, and goes nicely with my skirting... The configuration inside and my pull-out mirror... Had some issues with my toilet door... the door was making alot of noise on opening and closing, and realised there were some scratches on the white surface. Had asked Kelvin and he said he will ask the person to rectify. Next week, my glass door (kitchen) and glass shower screen will be coming in, as well as my worktop for my kitchen and my final coats of paint... seems like the reno journey is ending soon... been such a smooth one (thanks alot to my ID), and can't wait to see everything all done up!
  5. Thanks Simple! Its really a very simple renovation, no theme or anything, but i'm very pleased with the progress, and of course it's my first home and that's why i'm so excited. haha.
  6. More updates on the renovation.. Went up to meet Kelvin (ID) on Tuesday and was pleased to see that the grills for all the windows as well as the service yard windows have been installed. Also the contractors were up there doing up the lights. Went back at night to see the lights all done up, and am SO IN LOVE with the living room lights! The black webbed light will be my dining room light. Track lights for my passageway... Kelvin also updated that the cabinets (kitchen, divider and MBR) will be installed tomorrow (Friday). Can't wait to see them all up.
  7. Haha yes, heard kelvin said this friday the cabinets will be up. *cant wait!*
  8. Your new house is looking good! love the vinyl flooring.
  9. Updates! First coats of paints went up, living room is one side mint green and the rest white, this pic can also see my false ceiling/ beam and the place the cove lights will be at... A second pic of the mint... Study room in the same mint as the living room: My masterbed room in pink! Hoping the pink will be more obvious after the next 2 coats of paint are done, for now it look a little light. Also went dining table shopping last weekend, finally found a dining table that i liked. With Kelvin's (ID) blessing, went ahead to buy the table below (without the bench) and 4x chairs at Star Living at Northstar. Total damage was $800+ (forgot to take pictures, both these pictures are from the internet) Debbie (11 November) came up to the house to do the measurements and confirmation of the fabric on Sunday as well. It's going to be a busy week at the new place this week, looking forward to having the grills and service yard windows up as well as the installation of the lights and toilet accessories.
  10. Am currently doing my reno with Kelvin from design profession, so far very happy with their service, kelvin has always been very prompt and efficient to answer any queries i have.also he manage to work around the budget i provide. For more info can check out my t blog.
  11. Had previously shortlisted them as a potential ID but when the final quotation came up, it was too high and over my budget.
  12. Pm replied! First coat of paints have gone up, am having Debbie (11 november for curtains) come up to do measurement tomorrow. (: update soon with paint job pics!
  13. More updates on my reno! Went up to the flat to pass Kelvin (ID) the cheques, which were finally received, and Kelvin showed us the tiling for the cement bases have all been done up. He also said the first coat of painting for the flat would be done up tomorrow, and that the grills and windows for the service yard would also be done up by this weekend. Here is a collage of my tiling works all done up And this one of my aircon boxup done... Put the before and after pics for reference.
  14. They are still having sales, you can go check them out! They have qutie a few TV consoles. I was actually eyeing one at IKEA but the price is about $600+, so i was quite happy to have found the one at Vhive. Yes things are moving along nicely, all thanks to my ID, he is really very efficient.