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  1. Hi dietgalvon, can u share the quotation and contact for window blinds Vendor 1?
  2. If you buy from JB and there is any issue with the fan, u will have to dismantle the unit and bring back JB to claim warranty. I bought my Crestar fan in Singapore. I have already activated Crestar servicing 4x within 2 months. Maybe I am unlucky or the brand is of very poor quality.
  3. Should have seen this post earlier. I purchased Crestar fan as the brand is highly recommended by Chan Huat. Activated 4 servicing within 2 months, a total waste of time and money.
  4. Starry Homestead is very efficient. When my neighbour engaged them last time, they worked every weekends. Not sure if their contractors are part-timers though.
  5. I just had my kitchen cabinets installed by my carpenter. When I open the cabinet door, it will always open more than 90 degree. If I open the left most or right most door, it will bang into wall. If open two doors side by side, it will bang into each others. I was advised to put rubber stopper to protect the doors. Is this normal for kitchen cabinet or my carpenter used cheap materials for my cabinet?
  6. Hi all, my kitchen cabinet doors come with BLUM system. However, only one hinge for each door is installed with BLUM hinge. Anyone here using BLUM system for their cabinet? Can I check if it is supposed to be this way?
  7. The result look great! Do u mind to share the paint brand and series for bomb shelter door and door frame? Is it the glossy type?
  8. Nice lighting! Did u DIY? What are the length of T5 tubes installed? I hope to do the same for my new place
  9. Hi d3n, thanks for these info. Do u mind to share your height and your wife's height? My carpenter said that we are not tall so 86cm standard is good for us. Still considering whether to go with their "standard" cabinet height
  10. Hi d3n, For the kitchen cabinet, did u request to increase the height of table top? As per my carpenter, the standard height is 86cm
  11. Hi dietgalvon, may I know what is the DB box shelvings for? Can you share the quote for DB box and air-con box up? Thanks.
  12. Hi magdalenechoo, Can u share the quotation for your Reno? I'm looking for ID for my BTO
  13. Anyone engage Design4Space at MacPherson? Any feedback on ID and renovation works?
  14. I have a quotation from another ID. No haulage fee in quotation, but there are these miscellaneous items stated: 1. Clearing debris $350 2. Chemical washing for flooring $280 3. Floor protection $250 Are these items applicable for my case and reasonable pricing? Thanks for helping.