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  1. Hi Redember, you mentioned "I have installed special ceiling to floor accoustic absorbent curtains that costs over $600 per window, but it only cuts noise by about 10% and blocks 100% of sunlight" how do you tell it's 10% reduction only? estimation? isit $600 per bedroom? i also keen on acoustic absorbent curtains because i have to keep my windows open at night during sleeping. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. Hi, Does anyone has recommendations for reliable and genuine soundproof (sound reducing) curtains vendor? Not opting for soundproof windows because we usually leave it open during bedtime. (sensitive to aircon)
  3. Hi Bro, for a old type 5room HDB (~120sqm), what do you recommend for the followings: 1. Bedroom & living room downlight on false ceiling - how many watt? 2. toilets ceiling - how many watt? 3. kitchen ceiling - how many watt?
  4. Anyone has furniture shops in JB to recommend?
  5. Hi Igor, Whats the address of Jubin BMS?
  6. Hi, I'm keen to buy a induction hob for my HDB flat. Any recommendations? (Brand, no. of zones, no. of power levels, amp required?)
  7. Hi, Anyone keen to share where can I buy a wooden dining table suitable for 4 room HDB BTO flat? Thanks
  8. Remember to ask the shop sales/owner what to do if the items are faulty. Can you do one to one exchange or etc....
  9. Hi, Bought a few remote control ceiling fans from JB and had them installed at my HDB flat by local contractor. However, the fan speed is different for all fans. I.e. all fans turned on with "3" speed but the rotational speed between them is different, 2 are much slower. Any advise? Could it be the ceiling fan problem or installation problem?
  10. Hi, Looking for a shutter padlock for my HDB main gate. Any recommendations of shops? Thanks.
  11. What type and country of origin of curtain material should i opt for? E.g. Cotton/Nylon, etc.... China, Taiwan, etc...
  12. Anyone uses Mr Chew services recently? Any feedback or comments?
  13. Hi, Any reliable recommendations for curtains contractor? Thanks.