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  1. Hi Would like gather some feedback on this model. We like the physical appearance, esp the handle bars which feel matte rather than the typical icy cold metallic touch. But we are wondering about the quality - can it keep food cold enough? How does it compare to European brands like Electrolux? Hope users of RT59QBSL can provide some insight. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Any fellow forummer engaged ID firm Area Concept before? Appreciate any feedback you can give. Million thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Coincidentally I am also quoted the same too for my upcoming new BTO flat. Not sure what is the correct procedure. Appreciate any advice.
  4. Hi We are looking into a custom-made altar for worshipping Buddha and Earth God in our new flat. But we are not sure which is the ideal location. Attached are the pics of the various options: Option 1: Build the altar against the wall right beside the main door entrance. This would mean we will have to seal up the existing kitchen entrance and re-create the kitchen entrance at the other side. But with this, it will seem that the stove will be in line with the new kitchen entrance and if I'm not wrong, this is not a good stove location right? Option 2: Build the altar against the RC wall and we are also looking into using the excess space beside the altar as counter top looking into the kitchen (only the bold line representing the RC wall cannot be hacked, but the remaining wall can be hacked). But the altar at this position seems to be facing the wall at the other end of the living room coz there is a small wall separating the windows. Is that still ok? Anyone can advise which is better or any other alternatives if the above 2 options are not good? Option 1 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Option 2 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Hi My hubby and I just went to Ideal House to request for a quotation for our (coming) new 5-rm HDB flat. We received the quotation in about 3 days, but I was really surprised that on my quotation, it was stated that carpentry works only carry 1 year warranty, compared to masonry and tiling works which carry 5 years warranty. Is this typical of Ideal House? So far all the ID companies we went to gave either 2 years or 5 years warranty for ALL works. Past clients of Ideal House who have done reno with them a few years back, how is their workmanship of their carpentry now? Am just concerned with the 1 year warranty given on carpentry. Otherwise I personally feel ok and comfortable with them. Appreciate your advice. Thanks!
  6. Hi I gathered from my ID that it is actually illegal to install the ventilation fan inside the bathroom as it is not HDB-approved. Reason being there is a risk of having short-circuit in the damp bathroom environment. Anyone can advise if this is true?
  7. Can someone foward me Kenneth's contact? My email: kovankt@gmail.com. Million Thanks!
  8. Hi Anyone worked with Ken Tan from HomeSuccess before? Need some feedback and comments on his work/project management/workmanship?
  9. Anyone engaged Atelier Concept before? Saw this ID at Expo. Any feedback on their workmanship and reliability?
  10. Anyone engaged Ron from Inside Living? Any feedback about his work?
  11. Well, I mean to say that I do not wish to block out totally the glass view by placing the altar against the glass panel wall. Coz we want to be able to see who is coming thru the front door but yet we don't want pple outside the corridor to see right thru' our house (coz we are used to leaving the main door open for more ventilation). This is what I worry about the obstructed view...from the inside of the house, which we do not want. Otherwise we wouldn't have intended to build a glass partition instead of whole wall.
  12. Yeah, I also thought about this location as an alternative to the other choice facing the dinner table, but not sure if it is ok ooz the altar will then be against the wall from which behind is just the corridor and possibly shoes may be placed (?). Of course we can try to keep shoes inside the house (in shoe cabinet) but in the event when there are guests, they usually leave their shoes outside the main door. Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't know praying altar shouldn't be placed in front of dining table. Many thanks for the reminder and tip. Whole house layout generally is North-South facing.
  13. It will be a full height cabinet, with a cut-out to place the Buddha slightly above eye level. But I m not sure where to install this full height cabinet.
  14. Hi Attached is my 5-rm floor plan. Am looking to build a small full height cabinet to place a Buddha statue. Would prefer the altar to face the living room windows. But where is the ideal location? I intend to place a glass partition slightly after the main door but I do not want to block the view thru' the glass panel, hence I don't think I would want the altar to be placed against the glass partition facing the living room window. Am thinking if I can ask the contractor to build the cabinet along the wall between the dining and kitchen, but my hubby is concerned about ashes etc if the incense is burning while we are having dinner. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/145/floorplan.jpg/