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  1. Hi, can pm me the contact of your contractor? Thank you. Thinking of renovation my existing 5 RM flat...can share experience of how it was like living in it while they reno? Did they do any hacking etc?
  2. I got a standalone hob/oven which i want to replace with just a hob . So i need a carpenter to help build me the cabinet so I can join up my existing cabinet Anyone got carpenter to recommend?
  3. Got a archway in my HDB i want to make it the corners squarish instead of the current arch Any one know any contractor that wil do such small jobs ?
  4. Any recommendation? Most likely would like him to do up the balcony abit after removal and replace of grille and doors
  5. Hi I am using a Ellane Cooker Hood: EH-2988 now I would like to change it to the Fujioh SLM-900 . Would the existing slot I have fit? How much clearance do I need between the top of the Fujioh SLM-900 and the top of the shelf? Whats the difference between a V and a R? Thanks
  6. Just curious, how long after you stayed at a place will you think of redoing the reno again? I know in my parents days the number is like 20-30 years when things really break down but nowdays the things that we have dont seem to last like my parents days So how long before people usually redo their reno?
  7. Has anyone had experience replacing their gas water heater with an electric one? I am on my 2nd Gas Heater after 2 years...1st spolt after like 3 years..2nd one after 2 years...is getting tempermental....performance is flakey..i might save on electricity but i seem to be wasting a lot of water waiting for it to heat up and the water doesnt stay hot..it goes cold then hot then cold...might be the water pressure cause I am on the 11th floor and i draw from the roof tanks...and my MBR toilet and common toilet is seperated by my balcony Thinking of replacing it with a electic heater but problem is my piping is run for the gas heater...can i jsut replace it iwht a water heater so the water heater can still serve both toilets or must have one heater for each toilet if i go electric Has any one had experience with this? Any recommendation of contractor or water heater I can consider
  8. How much does he charge? Any picture of the workmanship?
  9. How much did they charge per foot run? I am looking for carpenter to do up my study and my kids room
  10. Hi I am also looking for a carpenter to do some carpentry work . Would appreciate some recommendation. Thanks
  11. Hi Do you remember how much Ah Wei charge? I am looking for someone to do 2 wardrobe for me Thank you Regards Celest
  12. Here is steven's email steven2tay@yahoo.com.sg

  13. hi, can share me steven and max contacts?

    planning my first reno for my resale.


  14. Anyone know where can buy those Kopitiam round marble table? Looking for a 6 seater Whats the usual price range like? Thanks