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  1. I think budget friendly stones are the way to go for kitchen leh I read about the different types of materials for kitchen, wanna try something new https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/budget-friendly-quartz-countertops/ Anyone got other recommendations besides from Stone Amperor? Their's like pretty good but I want real comparison.
  2. eh got new brand lapitec! https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/lapitec-prestigious-italian-style/ just went to the showroom that day. Feels better than iQuartz leh!!!
  3. got pictures? dunno how it looks like.
  4. Theres an interior design space for all designers to meet and work at in Singapore. http://coworking.renotalk.com/ Here's the link for you to check it out yourself! Theres pics of the space and more Here's how the founders look like!
  5. Hi.. Im bought a resale flat recently and ID applied for us maybank,CIMB & RHB but maybank very fast reject. After weeks CIMB no call, letter come got rejected too. RHB no news for now. I heard from 1 of a banker that too many enquiry but most are our self enquiry and supposedly bank shouldn't take that in a count right.? Need an advise. 

  6. hey anyone realize goodrich has this new product called "SP" where the price is similar to using paint for your house? It basically came out with this product to replace painting. It's so cheap and comes with 5 years warranty i think. Check this out: https://www.renotalk.com/brands/category/shop/goodrich-global
  7. Quite good oh. check out their fb https://www.facebook.com/exploreLivin8/ good price to quality ratio is what my friend told me. think their reno pic is on their fb page. but whole office reno price vs just the front only hard to see budget. can try ask first eh.
  8. a group called Explore Living I can recommend. these guys oh are the ones who helped my friend do a recent reno. think they still have pics on their facebook page eh. https://www.facebook.com/exploreLivin8/ you can try ask them quote first then compare. see if they can match 35k expectation. Dunno why its spelled Livin8 on their fb page lol
  9. @Gingerman stoneamperor ok. they supply but they also do reno sometimes eh. heard from my friend that they reno quite good but only for big projects.
  10. Yes, you can try use forwarding company like Vpost, but shipping may get quite expensive
  11. interesting, someone can advise on this!
  12. If office then i see before this situation, but if it is housing, i don't think so . From what I know, if you have done ur flooring first only wiring then it is like this.