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  1. ya, i also just found out about this! ya i heard its slightly more expensive than wooden cabinets, but at least worth it leh, can use very long!
  2. I saw there is this new thing: aluminium cabinet! Looks really feasible because not like wood will rot and termites. The finishing also very nice with glass finish. I'm thinking whether I should change my kitchen cabinet.. Any suggestions?
  3. YES! I got Sensa granite too! Really convinced with their demo!
  4. iquartz is from china leh.. my friend got iquartz and it stains easily. i got sensa granite. its easy to maintain and it will not stain! I saw the demo at stone amperor that convinced me to get sensa granite instead of normal granite!
  5. black colour will be easier to see the scratches.. white colour not so obvious.. but not easily scratched also..
  6. vinyl flooring is actually pretty good, but of course you have to be selective as there are some not so good quality in the market.. best to find a one-stop and reputable place that carries many brands of flooring to check first before making a decision.
  7. In terms of looks, laminate cannot win hardwood. Of course laminate has its pros for example it is liquid resistant. I had a friend who bought this table top made of a hardwood material called Suar Wood. This material is hardwood but has the qualities of laminates while still having the natural wooden look. I felt it looks really natural while keeping the functionality aspect of tables.
  8. iQuartz Flush Mount Sink or Aura Undermount Sink?
  9. Maybe you can use aluminium cabinets..