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  1. I guess you could request to some contractor and ask ba, they would actually know how to settle for you
  2. Is this a in-house service or we need to bring our aircon over to your shop ?
  3. but recently ezbuy is like very shaky sia, a lot of news like stuff not delivered. Anybody have their most recent purchase in anywhere?
  4. Never heard Equartz before ..hmm
  5. It is actually not very impossible to find. What ppl normally do is to go over to their parents house to stay. or you can go to 99.co to find house to rent
  6. How about those that are from taobao ? I heard that we are not able to purchase taobao item from ezbuy anymore lol
  7. Well I was in RenoTalk for quite abit , but I never know that they did this. They actually have a promotion page for the Interior Designers. Waa really help a lot lor, I no need go ask around forum then can find already. https://renotalk.com/promos Don't know if they change the plan frequently. Anybody use their promo before?
  8. I think it depends on who you find ba, those big and established ID firm mostly quite stable. Won't run away with your money. But as if for contractor might be a little more risky, as they are always those one man show kind. So if they run away, you also cannot find the person. From my own view, I think maybe you can consult My Designer guy, their pricing are quite reasonable.
  9. Actually you can already shortlist your ID and plan to sign on with them. You can sign with them around Jan should be okayyy....Just make sure to book or let them when you will like to have your renovation. So that you "book" them on the date. Who are you engaging ?
  10. I guess the pricing will be almost the same, just need to see if your house got kids or not. So if kids run around won't be that dangerous.
  11. Have you tried to called Benz Design ? From the picture I think they did a pretty good job .