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  1. I still decided whether who I should engage.. One is hubby ex colleague and the one is an id which some renov forum member intro. I ask both whether they would be alright to key the below content under the term and conditions in the quotation and both agreed. Can u see which quotation is more reasonable?
  2. Plumbering work by my papa. The bases for the house will be done by my hubby relative. Whole room will be using homogeneous tiles.
  3. I informed this contractor to regard to my requests and ideas for my new flat. But I am not sure whether this quotation is acceptable? Or is it detailed enough? It for my 4bto new flat, I hesitant when I can sign now because key collection will be after March. Pls advice
  4. When can we start to sign a package/quotation with Id/contractor? My collection key is next year 2nd quarter of 2018. Hesitant on when to sign the package? My sister asks me to sign soon as this year Is ending