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  1. rickylkc, have shared the id's contact to you. adesmond2, sure go ahead scloud, sure, do meetup more ids and get more quotation/ideas to compare.
  2. Zzzmonster,wirriam,newhomeowner9,Nitha81,kenwwk , graphicj,halfpriced,Ashlin,colourainbow,SkyAng,Mintqube - have shared the id #3 contact which i have engaged, if you really need more id/contractors to compare, probably could get the quotes from other forummers who are sharing the id/contractors contacts. diyreno - have dropped you a pm in the quotation thread. alvinnoob, share the contact, what sort of review? PSA: Please exercise caution when buying your furninshing as there seem to be a thread of consumers paying upfront or full payment but have not commit on delivery date, this will save you from future anguish or headache.
  3. have shared with the contact of id 3 which i have engaged, for the rest of the contact, you could get from those guys i have shared earlier. Hope to gain your understanding on this. You could try going to other threads to source for id to compare. gzm, done. check your pm. ParisRis, i believe since you have not paid a single cent, i think it is much easier to back out and not continue with them since you have nothing to lose as well. There should also be a cooldown period right since you have not paid at all, it makes things much simpler.
  4. Have dropped my id contact to the following. kimcheng --> hope i am not too late to reply to you and you use this id quote as one of the reference point hellopanda,pandajoyous,mui --> Check your PM. PricillaChua --> No problem, check your PM. Scullymulder--> have sent you a PM. For the quote, you could refer to this thread i started [http://www.renotalk.com/forum/forum/106-renovation-packages-renovation-quote-and-renovation-budget-discussions/] Aiur --> have send you the pm in the thread in Renovation Packages started by me, nixiak--> Have send you a pm, you could refer to http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/65029-reasonable-quote-any-missing-details/ To those who requested for my id's contact before November which i did not reply, apologies for the delay and hope u guys have already found a good 'id/contactor' to renovate your flat. But if you really need another id quote for comparison, please post in this thread or drop me a PM. To potential homeowner, please exercise vigilant when shopping for furnishing, be wary of containers tactics or full payment logics. Please do not end up as a victim and let irresponsible retailers 'sap' up your time. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/68162-bez-gallery-marina-square-empty-promises-lame-excuses-dodgy-avoid-at-all-cost/ In the end, After looking around and compariing prices for my storeroom rack, in the end i settled and bought a white colored L-shaped bolted storeroom rack from Yee Sin at $220 (Comes with free delivery and installation) Normal color(brown or grey) $180 + $20 (white color option) + $20 (For PVC board) = $220
  5. MelanieTan, Sorry was pretty busy and also chasing after my bedroom furnishing with one of the retailer(http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/68162-bez-gallery-marina-square-empty-promises-lame-excuses-dodgy-avoid-at-all-cost/#entry880537) for months(this is unfortunately the only show-stopper in my entire renovation project) =( . Hope all is fine for you and you are able to resolve this dispute? Look likes other then lemon law, that needs to be another law to 'prevent/curb' errant business owner. Do you still need require any id contact for comparison?
  6. It's being a long time(around 1.5mths) since i logged on renotalk. I have shared the id's 3 contact to those who request for it in the month of nov.(Annie Ng,am1pm,joe1982,Aiur,Gabby,Lala Looloo). Those who want to view the completed reno, can still refer to my t-blog link, although i no longer updated it as the reno have completed. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/65382-a-poor-mans-budget-home/ I would say my renovation, electronics, furniture shopping has being relatively smooth except for my bedroom furnishing. To those who are shopping for their furnishing, Please google and try all sorts of combination of the shop, research online before commiting to the purchases especially when FULL payment is required. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/68162-bez-gallery-marina-square-empty-promises-lame-excuses-dodgy-avoid-at-all-cost/#entry880537
  7. From my own reno experience, i think the quote seem to have a few double-charge or ambigious item,I think maybe the quoted jobs is too little and the renovator think the margin is not worth it thus they do a "dbl-charge" ? Maybe you need to seek clarity from your id/contractors? Your renovation dun seem to be doing alot of things but seem to be abit more than what i paid. The above is just my personal opinion, perhaps you could look for more id/contractor for better pricing. Just curious, is this a bto or resale flat renovation you are doing.
  8. check your pm, i have post my quotation minus the additonal stuff in another thread. check your pm, you need to refer to the other thread started by me where consist of the 3 competitive quotes i manage to get. sure. Have dropped you a pm. The last i heard from him (2mths back) about his coy website is that it is in progress. Not sure of your exact scope, could it be the materials used or you never give the id/contractor a budget to work with or you quote the id a big budget therefore he decided to quote you higher ? Please do remember to negotiate the price before you signed up any renovation package or quote 'competitive" quote from other ids to get the better deal.
  9. Do a meet-ups with various id at your flat and ask them to propose a plan. After the meetup, take note of what they say and voila you will have the input and knowledge from the various ids.
  10. Some sharing on how to get the best electronics deal.(TV,washing machine, fridge and etc Excluding aircon). 1) Walk around a few store like Mega Discount store, gain city, harvey norman, courts and visit the expo when there is special sale. This is to search for the ideal model if you dun't have one in mind and have a feel of the general pricing of all the major retailer. (You will be surprise that the same model can varies from at 49-3xx and some retailers have additional charges for delivery and installation which is not shown on the item. Do not be in a rush to buy during those electronics fair thinking that you clinch a good deal as the price of all these goods is almost fixed, so if you go asking around another retailer you will get the same or even cheaper than those in the fair. Therefore, doing the ground work would prevent from being chopped in those fair. take note of the freebies in each retailers and before you commit, do ask the sales person as sometimes the freebies is from the distro and either the sales person is trying to 'eat' your freebies or they are not aware. If you are lazy to go down to all the retailers, take note of the model you fancy and give each retailer a call to request for a quote. Getting the best deal, go to the retailer of your choice and if the price of the model you are looking at is more expensive then retailer M which you have source around , ask the sales personnel to match the price , if he/she doesn't, call up the other shops to do a price match. Note: By doing this, you will observe that usually 2 retailers will have the same lowest price and the rest of the retailers's prices are pretty jacked up alot. Please note for big retailer like Harvey Norman,Courts and Best Denki please note that not all the outlets offer competitive pricing. Eg. Yishun outlet might not buldge even a dollar off but however at milenia walk, you can shave off few dollars off the mark.
  11. PM sent, please check, does it include the wood plank or metal base ? what is the load per level ? Somehow your $140 seems abit steep from what i have gather if it does not include free delivery and installation. What color ? done done there is no false ceiling in my flat, so not much led downlight, however i bought my LED spotllight from ikea. done.
  12. Have replied the PM starting from hellomello963 to johnlowcw. I hope my pm contains all the necessary information you would like to find out. Apolgies for the late reply. i have send you ID 3 quotes only since i would probably need to dig out the other id and renovation contractor contacts, i think would be better for you to source from other threads to do a comparison. If you really want it, i think it is better for you to get it from the forum members i have given to. I cannot imagine if i post 20++ id/contractors quotes and ppl start asking for all the different quotes.
  13. Contact shared. Right now i am thinking if i should also embark on DIY for storeroom rack. The price quote for a standard boltless L-shared range from $260 - > $400.(Different materials), Most rack contractors seam to have carry either 1 type of rack , thus limiting the level of customization one can have. Still considering if DIY for this will cost much cheaper like the film.
  14. Sharing some of my DIY tasks, as it seemed for the past weeks i have been sharing ID contacts. Previously or few months back, i was looking around and searching for various windows film contractors to give a quote for my flat. In the end, i was quoted about average of $300++ for the 3 rooms. But since i have too much free time on my hands, i decide to diy myself. My first attempt, there are alot of imperfections in my first attempt. From the applying , pasting and cutting processes, end up with wastage of some loose pieces of window films which are odd size or too small to be use again. the imperfection could be seen by enlarging the picture, i would probably redo this again when i am bought. My 2nd attempt and subsequent attempt was much better, as i fine-tune and improvise with some diy "tools", resulting in a much smoother cut and application of the film in the process. The whole diy window film for my flat, cost about $70. (Windows film cost about $50, the rest of the costs are for the materials for cleaning the windows, but in the end i realize, it is actually not required after some fine-tune in my process.)The tools are just good to have, so it would probably cost less than $50 to diy windows film on your own which i believe should be the cost price of windows film contractors. To those who attempt to DIY, 1)please dun fix your windows grilles first, apply the first film before you get contractors to install grilles, if not you will have a harder time installing and cutting it due to the frame of the grilles. 2)please clean your windows inner side thoroughly before you apply and ensure that you have patience and time for it. Pro of DIY film 1)More design,materials and pattern to choose from 2)Definitely much cheaper, cost about less than a fraction of what i was quoted. 3)Feel proud to see my own handiwork 4)Self-customization Cons 1)Time consuming 2)Need to clean your windows and own mess afterwards. :bangwall: After completing the of my film, One fine day, when i was at AMK Central, i notice that the shops there are selling windows film at about $2 per box. , which is much cheaper. Although i am not sure about the quality and design.