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  1. heya! will you be able to post a pic of your full bathroom? did you hack down the wall in between the WC and shower area and open it up from the master bed room? thanks your house looks great btw!
  2. hey all, I just purchased a 3 improved resale flat (aka very old flat) where the toilet is split between the shower area and the WC (see sample floor plan below). I need ideas from fellow 3I people on how you have renovated your bathroom. this is really my biggest headache at the moment. did you 1) hack down the middle wall and make it one big bathroom with two entrances, one at the master bedroom and the other through the kitchen, 2) put the sink outside and just the shower area and WC together, 3) expanded the toilet area, 4) squeezed in two WC, 5) some other awesome creative ideas. if you guys have pics on how you managed to 'creatively' manoeuvre around this old impractical layout, please send links and pics along this way. thanks man!
  3. hi guys, i'll be collecting my keys soon to my really old 3I resale hdb. i know a contractor who will help me do the hard work - i.e.: renovation. but he's obviously not the most design-savvy person. will IDs be able to give me ideas for the flat layout and design if i don't sign up with them? i.e.: i simply tap on their vast knowledge and expertise, but not get them to do the reno for me. do they usually charge for that? thanks!