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  1. Can anyone tell me if my kitchen carpentry soft-closing brand is not using the brand blum as agreed, approx how much $ should my ID credit note back to me? My wardrobe internal carcass is not color PVC as agreed, approx how much $ should be credit-ed back to me? My dressing table drawers is not using soft-closing as agreed, approx how much $ should be credit-ed back to me?
  2. Hi, sorry i dont remember the model. $699
  3. Will try to upload more photos soon. Although my house is very pretty now, there are many things that could be better (before they are left with no other choice). They are price-reasonable but not "normal" forgetful. If your project is not my type of tiny 3-room HDB, you might get to see more of their efforts. When I say "their", refers to the whole team, the company, tiler, carpenter, painter etc. When you dont think you can, say so. Sorry seems to be the hardest easiest word for people who didnt care.
  4. OMG, this is exactly what happened to me. But I didnt get my deposit back. I stick to the same company after talking to their GM, he suggested to change a different ID. Sigh~ BOTH are equally the same type of "heart-breakers".
  5. Not sure how much left. Haven received his final calculations (due to some credit note). I guess should be 2 or 3 thousand.
  6. Can I not pay my ID the last payment? He is supposed to complete my renovation before lunar 7mth. I have been disappointed way too much. I will just skipped all the unhappiness felt before and during the start of my renovation. Cos the house is quite pretty now. BUT the final touch up? Delay and giving all sorts of excuses on the day itself. Only to find out things are not done on the day itself. "forget date is the most common excuse", "cant make it due to another site", "my mistake, i'm sorry". WHY KEEP SAYING SORRY WHEN YOU CAN JUST PUT IN MORE EFFORT TO GET THINGS DONE. 13 August i asked last of the last last? yes. BUT when no one turns up. I call than I know the tiler stuck at another site. I SPENT MY PRECIOUS DAY WAITING FOR WHO? 18 august say the coming wednesday want everything settle for me. 21 thursday evening, tiler came. but when i called than I know carpenter and painter never come. 22nd august say 23rd saturday 3pm. pls pls pls pls pls last last last. ok saturday cannot, nvr mind. tell me the date. tuesday 26 august. phone not picked up, cos landed himself in hospital. (overwork by taking up too many projects right?) BY THIS WEEKEND? how many by tomorrow by this week by next week I have heard. I gotten my keys 7th of May, I signed my contract with them 9 of April. I am so PISSED. September 1st, not done, I will be back cursing.
  7. So it considered finally over. After many sorry-s & psps-es for delaying minor touch ups. My house is currently without a unit-number plate, with cracked floors and existing sharp edges pending for "touch-up" which I still dunno when ("tmr? next week? maybe?"). Anyway, I want to SAY that MY electrician is SUPER freaking good! LOVE him MAX. He did the fan, some added cove lightings and some of my Taobao wall decor on behalf of the ID's electrician (because the person never exist?). Its a RIGHT choice to find our own electrician. He will pop-by my place randomly to check on my renovation progress. I bump into him twice in my new place and he said he was nearby so he came up to see if there is anything he could do (no one ask him to). Even before we start our renovation, (those "empty" weeks waiting for the hacking approval from HDB) he went up few times to see if anything can be done instead of us having to call him up. Super nice and proactive guy (boss). Also, his answers to our requests is either "ok, can" or "nope, cannot", no complaints and no excuses which I appreciate loads. Thumbs UP!
  8. yar. told id. will do changes to it. we try to use only the right hob, since we are not heavy cooker.
  9. Slowly moving things into the house while waiting for the "amended" carpentry works. No more patience!!
  10. Veneer Door and $35 door lever Evorich Hazelnut Vinyl Flooring