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  1. Hi I am in the process of looking for a resale flat (approx 5-6years old) and is scouting for a contractor, not designer as i already have something in mind (simple minimalistic). Basically it will be the new 3roomer(total 67sqm) and intend to do the following works : 1) hacking of fixtures and flooring in living room and 2 bedroom (including haulage costs etc) 2) Lay cement (or rescreed) the flooring for (1) - 3) Replacement of power points/light switch 4) Build 1 or 2 bay windows 5) Chemical washing of whole house interior including windows after renovation 6) installation & Supply of full length glass door to segregate living room and kitchen 7) Optional : Hack fixtures in kitchen and install kitchen cabinet 😎 Optional : Redo 1 toilet (2 if budget allow though even 1 is not cheap from what i heard) 9) Supply and lay flooring for living room and bedrooms (granite or quartz preferred but all depends on costs) - approx 500-600sqft excl kitchen and 2 toilets Would it be possible to do this for $30k? Thanks! Edit: contact me at maruku2002@gmail.com
  2. Hi Just want to check, is this is prerequisite before doing renovation on a resale? 1) What if the neighbour refused to let u enter their house to take pics of the ceilings? 2) If they allow, what should we be looking for? ALL ceilings(if we doing reno for the whole unit)? Thanks in advance!
  3. By the way, isit possible to request for payment terms like this ? Downpayment - 15% Milestones Completion of Hacking - 5% Start of tiling/flooring - 10% Completion of tiling/flooring - 20% Start of Carpentry - 5% Completion of Carpentry - 15% Completion of Electrical works - 10% Completion of Project (all above done + chemical cleaning + punch list (rectifications)) - 20%
  4. Ooooh wah, one toilet $5k so expensive hmmmm maybe i should only rework the master bedroom toilet, or maybe dun even rework any toilet, just clean it up.
  5. Hey Experts I planning (well in advance) for my renovation next year for a resale HDB 3room unit. Scope : 1. Hacking of floor/cabinets/false ceiling or walls (if any) - literally whole hse 2. Flooring material for 2 bedrooms + Living room (let's say 550sqft) - Granite 3. Carpentry - Kitchen cabinet with Quartz top (approx 2.1m run) 4. Carpentry - 3 x bay window (with cabinet - total run 9m approx with 60-80cm height) 4. Electrical : Recabling of electrical wires(whole hse), installation of instant water heater x 2 (OPTIONAL) 5. Hack/Relay/waterproof x 2 bathroom 6. Misc incl haulage, chemical clean, etc Attached is a floorplan i stole online LOL Is $30k Enuf? Exclude new sinks/wc/appliances/lights/fans/painting etc. Thanks a mil!
  6. unsightly? lol. Unless i get dark coloured porcelain tiles. Currently my hse is using parquet (whole hse except kitchen and bathroom -duh). The scratches n dents just built up unconsiously -_-. Basically my key concern is low maint/strong/durable. I asked also in HWZ, and i was budgeting abt $40 (all-incl) for granite and they say i can get pretty good quality granite for that price (of cos if can get $30 i be happier tho i wont plough the savings into reno anyway - maybe appliances/gadgets)
  7. Hi All Anyone did either of the above flooring? Would like to know the costs (all-in incl labour/sealing/etc), intending to do for my 3room resale next yr (yes i haven buy yet, but wan to do EARLY research LOL - MOP for my 2rm early next yr). Read online about granite and found differing info on different websites. Some say its not easily stained but some say its easily stained (like marble but not as easily). I am looking at the above 2 stone flooring cos i wan minimal grout lines on the floor. And of cos, easier/less/lower maint compared to wood/marble. Thanks alot in advance.
  8. Any guys tried the method online where u put a bit of water and cover with cloth before ironing over it ? Got some dents (light but multiples of it) and i dun wan to relay everything also
  9. My kitchen has a lot of marks on the floor - masking tape residues and dunno wat on the floor tiles. I tried using thinner and even scraper to clean them but not all, especially some tape marks, can be removed. I scrape n rub with cloth (doused with thinner) until my hand sore, some spots still persists.... Anyone know what other things i shld use or try? Or is there any co that helps to clear such marks for a fee? (small area though).
  10. Looking for an electrician to help me install instant heater for my new 2 room BTO (cant stand bathing with cold water in morning liao....) My prev electrician quoted me 90. but MIAed....
  11. Lookin for plumber to do the above. Pls sms/whatsapp (do not call) Nine Double O Doube Five 2 7 0 thanks
  12. Unless u doing drainage underneath, then got more things to install (drainage blocks below the grass), but usually for gardens. I bought mine for my walk-in area, i specifically ask the guy to cut into 2 sheets instead of one big sheet so easier to take out and wash/de-dust/etc. Still new for me, so dunno any other potential problems like food debris/etc.
  13. I need to : 1) connect the sink (already installed) to the drainage below it - the white plastic thingy (PVC pipe?) 2) connect the tap to the water pipe How much would this cost me? Can i DIY? Cut cost
  14. Intending to make a bay window for my home. Simple double T shape so below the bay window i can have some storage space. Around 3m long across (max 2 pc of wood) Anyone got any contacts/recommendations?? Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi anybody bought artificial grass rolls for your house before? What's the costs like? Getting a quote from some shops awaiting their reply. Just want to know the mkt prices for such. Only for a small area though.