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  1. Yes . I am interested. Pls Let me know more how to contact u & such.
  2. 17 years warranty... Very ambitious of him...
  3. I did mine with these company called Zaff Design. Very detailed installer. If u want their contact, pm me.
  4. Get someone else to arrange for meeting with him to discuss on some interest for curtains. Den u go & surprise him. Wack him & wrap the curtains Ard him! Irresponsible seller!
  5. Hdb confirmed won't approve. Basically... Just do it ...
  6. Which shop in jb u got ur lights from. Planning to go there to get lights & fans too . kindly advice. Tanks.
  7. Will try to continue the story on the ID... Now gotta finish off work & pack up... Stay tuned...
  8. TV console & Coffee table... will be black with victorian fabric design & black marble top... One of my favourite... TV Console & Coffee Table Our Bed... Our King Size Bed
  9. 2 & 3 Seater sofa Set... Will be in black & gold fabric... 3 Seater Sofa 2 Seater Sofa Set
  11. Breakfast Counter Sink Kraus 15 inch Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink KRAUS Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser Chrome
  12. These are some of our purchases till date... Main Kitchen Sink Kraus 36-Inch Farmhouse Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser Kraus 36-Inch Farmhouse Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
  13. My final floor plan! Will be hacking the kitchen wall to make an open concept kitchen... Abit of the MBR & opposite room to make an entrance to change the position of the rooms doors. The initial floor plan was having the doors in the living area. Didn’t like that idea. Store won’t be there also. I will be making a built in store in the study room. Just sliding door & racks inside it. Simple & hidden too.... So feel free to pass my your comments... Any better idea would be good... Without Furniture New Floor Plan Plain With Furniture New Floor Plan With Furniture Layout
  14. So I left for overseas… Still trying to coordinate thru Skype or watsapp. So ard 10 days after signing, I fell in love with the legrand malia switches & sockets series… In the initial quote, they were giving the MK series. Plain white ones…. So I told him that I wanted to change a few, not all. He got back to me saying that I have to buy it myself & they will fix it, but no deduction in the pricing. so I told him, basically its deducting the number of sockets or switches but no change in amount. How is that even possible… So now I ask him, what if I add sockets & switches, are you going to stick to the same price or add to it! lol… So I got abit pissed & just ask him simply, are you interested in doing my house reno… To my surprised! The Grand ANSWER WAS “I HAVE THOUGHT TWICE; I AM NOT INTERESTED IN DOING YOUR HOUSE”! Wow… I was taken aback here. So I told him, send me an official email & get your manager to call me. So came the manager, another Kuku, “I will look into the quote & get back to you” . The next day the manager sent me a watsapp msg saying that he was sick & won’t be calling me. So I voice out my concerns that he needs to take this seriously & I want to settle this whole issue ASAP. He called me saying that he will take up the whole project. I said NO! How do you want me to trust you & your company after all that happened? I am rather lucky that we havent started the reno & I was waiting for the cheques from the banks & the initial depo was only $100! So a few days later my ID called my apologising, I told him tat now the decision is in my wife, as there was plans to meet up to choose tiles & such… My wife was pretty upset… I told him to send me the official cancelation letter. So after 3 days, no letter or msg.. When I msg him, he said his admin is preparing it. I took the chance & called the admin, she know nothing about the letter. L So she said she will get her manager will call me back. Now, Account Manager called me, asking me on why I am cancelling the project with the company… I said to her is this the 1st time she’s hearing this, she said YES! I had to go 1 whole big round & explained everything to her. So she came saying, contractual wise, if you were to break the contract, the penalty will be 10% of the whole amount quoted. So I told her, its your ID who cancelled, not me. & now you are telling me to take a senior ID. Can I trust you guys? & where were you since the day your ID called off the project? So she agreed after getting approval from the director to cancel off the project at no charges… My deposit will be returned too. The story continues...