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  1. Just like doing reno.. if u have the all the time and efforts to spare, then by all means DIY and make all the arrangements yourself. However do not forget that shold anything go wrong, u may be on the losing end. Good luck to all bros/ sis in chasing their "dreams"!
  2. what's good aint cheap and what's cheap aint good.. just be careful lor sista. Good luck to ur "dream"!!
  3. It is literally a Million $$$ question bro.. Haha Let's face it. Be it sell or rent, the market is not in your favor. Hence the best person to answer this question is u..
  4. Bro Tango, if u have an agent serving u, ask ur agent. It is their duty to assist u. Good luck and hope you real ur "Dream" soonest!
  5. I also agree that engaging 2 agents or more for your current property sales will erode the value of ur property; but only to a certain extent from my point of view. Y? Cos u r ultimately the owner and have the final say. From what price to advertise and what is ur final price etc. U shld be in control. Can u say BM is "cheap" bcos they have many sales person selling the same car? For me, my personal experience from my previous condo sales, was that I used a few agents to widen my "net". Told them absolutely what is my price and what price to advertise etc. Remember, u r the boss and u shld have absolute control over EVERYTHING! 1st question, NO! No agent can represent both sides in a transaction (buyer/seller or landlord/tenant). If u have proof, pls feel free to report it to CEA n they will take action accordingly. Yes u can DIY by all means cos nobody say u must use agent when buying or selling. Assuming u r buying a 500K HDB, 1% commission is 5K. If u think u wanna save that 5K for other things, u r entitled to. Or if u think that a 3mths job is worth 5K, and have someone to assist u along the way, use an agent. Just like nobody say u must go workshop to service the car. If u know how to do it, then by all means go ahead. If not go to a workshop and have someone doing the "dirty" job for u.. Hehe End of the day, not all agents r good, but also not all r bad. Just like, not all BM r bad, but also not all r good All the best and hope u can achieve your "Dream" soon!
  6. The ones that are really rich is the bank.. cos they r rich enuf to loan us.. But "zeng hu" is the richest of them all la.. just chop chop n then $$ come come.. Ar bo how to have surplus of few Bs??
  7. I have one if u r keen.... http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58841&pid=790715&st=0entry790715
  8. Some pictures after reno... LIVING: MBR: KITCHEN: COMMON ROOMS:
  9. I have no such experience but guess u gotta ask urself this. If u r seller, would u? I guessed not rite.. so just pay n get it done lor.. BTW congrats on ur new home
  10. bro nisey, U will be shocked by the Nippon's momento price... for the same wall, I did it in tiles and it cost me half the price of the paint.
  11. Seems like another self advertisement! Anyway, I personally do not really like wallpaper. Because of the fact that it will peel. Having young kids around makes it worse! Plus u need to pay a bomb for installation. End of the day, I opted for tiles that too achieve the wall paper effect for my living wall.. best part is that its cheaper compared to wallpaper, including installation..
  12. U will have to assemble urself, just like Ikea. Hence tat is why I hesitated n eventually gave it a miss. Can u imagine ur furniture shipped with 1 plank or part less? Brrrrr....