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  1. Hi guys im choosing between hyflux and espring can help which one is better or a recommended choices ? afterall both about same price
  2. Hi , may i know where you buy your tile ? how much is the tile ? By per piece or by sqft ? about how many piece did you used to cover your whole toilet with the tiles ?
  3. Hi freb , hope you are still active here , can you pm me ? i have quite a number of question regarding the renovation to ask please do pm me
  4. Can such furniture be bought ? Will it last or will it spoilt faster than can imagine ? i found out that there 2 type to the design , mdf board and pinewood , of cus looking at pine wood contact the seller , and claim they do treat the wood , and it was powder baked over the furniture , or layman term is like piano coating can such furniture last ? in term of water damage , and will it leave obvious scratch mark or peeling of the coating , and after 1-2 years , will the table start turning yellowish ? the seller say could include the paste to color back scratch or color peel if i want and in case certain part is badly damaged , i could purchase the specific piece to replace on the whole table what do you guys think ? Any advice ?
  5. This may be the sofa i will buy if i cant get the sofa i want , color wise will change of cus , but cant find any design much similar than this
  6. Hi , first time posting in this forum as im about to take my key of 5rm resale soon , currently is looking at sofa am intending to look for L shape sofa , been to many places n bigbox , didnt find any sofa that im looking for, the sofa surface is either too rough or too small (think it designed for 4rm) attached 2 picture i got from taobao , is something that i trying to look for (wide regardless 3 or 4 seater) , and is trying to avoid taobao for big furniture to prevent hassle and can try before buying went bigbox and the sofa with price tag is the best and nearest to what i want , smooth surface wide , but like abit short , would be ideal if they can have 1 more seat to have the ideal length of sofa anyone have any recomendation where i can view the sofa im trying to find ? Becoz been searching high n low on internet and there no place that have such sofa