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Found 17 results

  1. Our home came much quicker than expected, cus I was 30 out of the units available and signed in April 2013, but we just got the HLE letter and saw that the fences have already been torn down. Apparently ours is the first block and it's only been a little more than two years (Nov 2012 BTO, though!). Anyhow, we chose a 3R because (1) We balloted for PLENTY of 4Rs and just didn't have the "luck" for it, so we thought maybe that's just not God's plan for now; (2) I was just starting a business then and we didn't want to carry debt. We are super young (23yo) and debt-free, and this house is quite low maintenance for us so we are quite happy with it! No plans for children but even if we have one it can take it. Haha! So I am quite excited to get the house going but we have a great place to live right now so we're not in a hurry to move. Having lived in an area that's surrounded by renovations / construction, I know how "vomit blood" it can be to clean it everyday. And I've heard stories from other RenoTalkers. But somehow, the people in my estate don't believe how hard it is to clean! Haha! We went down to see our block since it was unfenced (but stairs still sealed up, only got to go up to the carpark) and generally was happy with what I saw. Love the colors and placement of things, and love the way everything was built. Should be a happy 5 years (or more)! Starting with our floor plan: We are meeting 3 contractors next week, and probably a 1 - 2 more in the next few weeks. Met with an ID but I have such a clear vision of how I want everything to look in my head (I am a designer, albeit not interior designer, by trade) and the IDs really disappointed me and bombed us with ridiculous amounts like $44k even though I didn't need that much. London is my second home and holds a super important place in my heart. I've collected various London trinkets from our honeymoon and our longish trip this year, so I hope to bring a piece of it here. So many IDs keep interpreting it as "victorian" which isn't what I want, so hopefully the contractors can help me out! And this is also why our home will be "Little London" -- like Little India or Chinatown. Haha! Will update as time passes and link everything to a content post in the next post! Hope I can help fellow 3Roomers as we're SO hard to find but I personally love 3 Room transformations!
  2. SENGKANG HDB 4-ROOM MODEL 4A UNIT FOR SALE! * No agent fees Very well maintained and clean unit Marble and parquet flooring Convenient and accessible location - 1 min to LRT station, 7 mins to Sengkang MRT station Plenty of amenities around including Sports Complex, supermarkets, shopping malls, eateries, ATM and movie theater Within 1km from Nan Chiau Primary/ High School All races and Permanent Residents (PR) are eligible Please drop me a private message or call me at 8170 7241 for a discussion.
  3. Final Product my lovely wife and i bought a house back 2011, now i just can't wait for the day we will be getting the key. Our flat is near its completion and so i decided to start researching on renovation, heres our floor plan HDB floor plan HDB suggested layout My own layout Color code: red - cabinet blue - table yellow - sofa green - wardrobe orange - bed pink - fridge i designed this layout based on the following reasons: 1. we will be living with my parents so we only need 2 bed rooms 2. Suggested study room beside living room will not be constructed as we prefer bigger living space 3. we will make a suite by joining bedroom 2 & MBR, bedroom 2 will be walkin wardrobe + study room. 4. kitchen service yard will be hacked to make kitchen more spacious, windows will be installed at the service yard my bro-in-law is an ID so he will help us draw an autocad version of our dream layout and give us some advice for the arrangement of furnitures, material to use, design etc The design we're looking for is simplicity and ease of maintenance, something like Scandinavian
  4. Hello everyone, Like many young couples, my SO and I are really excited to get the keys for our future home. Since then I have been lurking around renotalk, absorbing experience and ideas shared by so many passionate homeowners. As I will be starting my renovation soon, I feel that I should share my experience here, to contribute a little back to this awesome community. My home is a 4-room BTO flat, located at the northeastern area of Singapore. As this is a premium project, it comes with HDB flooring and I opted for HDB door. Below is the floor plan and pictures of the living room. Typical 4 room BTO floor plan. Realised many of my new neighbours hack away the wall between kitchen and dining area. Decided against an open concept kitchen as both of us are too lazy/busy to keep our kitchen neat and tidy all the time. Recess wall in the living room. HDB should just fill up the recess area to make life easier for us. TV console will be placed here. Still thinking of ideas for dining area feature wall. Dislike the wooden skirting around the living area and will be asking my ID to hack and replace them with matching tiles. We have collected our keys in early March but the last month was spent rectifying the defects with HDB and sourcing for contractor/ID. Both tasks are long and daunting, and I am glad both of them have been sorted out. During the meetings with different contractors/IDs, I have these criteria in mind: 1. Must incorporate our fengshui beliefs into the design 2. Pet friendly as we have a dog 3. Scandinavian theme (love the clean and simple look) with splashes of blue 4. Keep within our budget 5. The contractor/id must be able to commit and take care of our project personally, as we both work late Finally found our chosen one and signed the contract over the weekend, journey should start next week. Next, shopping time for air condition, hod, hood, sink and fridge....
  5. Key collection for our BTO 5 Room on coming Monday. It has been a long and frustrating journey as I have been waiting for a chance to qualify for HDB - funny how a Singaporean citizen cannot buy HDB BTO if he marries a foreign wife and has to wait some time for PR status. I almost bought a resale HDB in the same area (and was introduced to the world of property agent rip-off culture) until I hit the jackpot with Sale of Balance Flats Nov 2013, for Anchorvale Isles. And now the renovation journey begins....... Due to frequent travel for work and much time to care for our baby princess, I did not shop around for too many IDs. All the research was done on renotalk based on what everyone says here. Actually I have never seen so much bull on a quotation till I got mine from the ID firm. But knowing the nature of the renovation business and the fees to expect, I was lazy to go into the details line by line and simply demanded they match my budget with a big "goodwill" discount. And hope i can squeeze for more freebies along the way (wishful thinking though)? Unfortunately the pricing for this ID is significantly higher so now I have to save on some big ticket things not on the quotation: 1) Electrical works 2) Plumber works 3) System 4 Aircon and installation 4) Fridge 5) Hob and Oven 6) Washing Machine As I am low on cash, I think it may be hard to take advantage of the aircon deals suggested here though. perhaps the greatest advantage of going to those Best Denki, Courts or Audio House is the ability to do credit card interest free instalments?? More updates next week.
  6. Just received our keys this month to our 4rm BTO Standard flat @ Fernvale... YAY! After being a silent reader here for the past 4 months, I am so happy to be able to start my own t-blog. Hehehe. We talked to a few contractors and IDs before finalising on a guy who really impressed us with his responsiveness, his professionalism, and of course, the good reviews from RT! Hope he lives up to it! Although our budget for renovation is only $13K, we do hope to create our dream home according to our fave theme - Scandinavian! Here is our floor plan, will share more ideas in next post!
  7. Finally my turn to share the renovation journey after 4 years of our BTO application! Please bear with my bad english and my inability to make this as interesting. So, my parents (or rather, my mother) has been feeling really envious of my friends who are all getting their keys to their new flat and started asking me if we can still apply for a new flat. So, did my research and asked lots of questions. And yes we can! So started throwing $10/month starting late 2010, and finally gotten a not too good number after a year plus (the fate for second timers..). Since the project we get to apply for is a huge project, it is taking a longer time than the other project which was launched in the same month. So! Like many others, lets start with my floor plan! Pictures of the bare unit will follow soon!
  8. After years of waiting, Finally collected my keys in July 15. Have been browsing for renovation ideas on internet and decided not to engage Interior Designers. ID are too expensive. With some knowledge on renovation, I will be the designer/coordinator for my own house.
  9. Hello All! Thanks to all fellow T-blogger in renotalk, we have learnt much and finally get to start our very own T-Blog! Here is our floor plan for 4room BTO at Fernvale Rivergrove. We've opt-in for HDB tiles and doors. And heres our self drawn concept on what we plan to do. We spent around 1 month plus meeting 6 different ID and finally found our right one! The next post will share more about our ID meeting process and we'll collecting keys next week! So excited ~
  10. Finally starting a T-Blog here with my free time! This post is over-due because I collected my keys 6 months ago, our first house at Anchorvale (5 Room) after getting married in May last year. The bare, clean and white area that we spammed lots of pictures before the commencement of all the renovation works. My fav part was the huge living room which made up for the tiny rooms.
  11. Brief Intro: We applied for the BTO in 2011, and we were informed that the keys were ready for collection in May 2015. As we were both overseas, we managed to delay to end Jun to collect the keys. During that period between being informed and the actual key collection, my husband did some shortlisting and arrangements to meet the IDs upon our return to Singapore. When we get the floor plan back in 2011, we had our common ideas - to hack the kitchen wall next to the household shelter and patch the original entrance (as we did not want to see the kitchen first thing when we open our main door) and that to have a foyer area using dark flooring for us to put shoes and perhaps, bicycles.
  12. Hello! I've been loitering in the forum for about 2 years now and its time for me to share my renovation process and document my first home renovation journey. Firstly, this is a Premium BTO named Compassvale Ancilla launch in March 2011. Fast forward exactly 3 years later and we've collected the keys to our first home on 5th March 2014. It was a long but fruitful wait. The main contractor's workmanship is commendable. We had only several minor defects and it was all rectified to our satisfaction. As usual, I shall start off with the original floor plan and some photos of the flat. Pls ignore the masking tapes and some uneven colors on the walls, some of the photos were snapped during defect rectification, lol. The living room view from the entrance The living room view from the window
  13. Hi all, although I have not received news of when my keys can be collected, however i am already excited about its completion! for one, they are already starting to install the watertank for my block, but there are other blocks which are only around 50% done stacking.. how long more you think it will take to complete? Nevertheless, the optimistic me hopes it will be by end-2014, but ideally 1st quarter of 2015.. hopefully it won't go past mid-2015! I decided to start this and hopefully upkeep this. we are just at the very infancy stage of designing our house. in fact you could say even our "infant" is not born! I am now trying to read up on jargons, deciding on ID/contractor, and of cos shortlisting them. it's really been an eye-opener. everything is new to me, i don't even know if i know where to start. hence i decided to start early. get myself into the world of renovation so that at least i know what i am talking when i meet with the IDs. that's all for now. any feedback is appreciated
  14. admin can help to delete this thread. Thanks!
  15. Hello! After three solid years of lurking, I finally signed up. For easy reference, I'm Pepper and my partner is Tony; nice to meet you. Here's the raw floor plan for Casa Stark: It's a 4-room BTO unit in Sengkang West. You may have heard of the estate in the news at the beginning of the year... I've begun assembling contacts for the job, as well as some really great advice, but any and all recommendations and suggestions are totally welcome. Like another semi-Stark, I know (next to) nothing. I also have a separate blog that I'll be using to document the process and subsequent living, but I noticed that this forum is where people come for the extreme details (e.g. how much each tile costs) so I'll do my best to put that stuff in. All the better to help others! And also get info on whether I'm overspending for certain things. Will update with more images and unnecessary pop culture references as we go along. In the meantime I have several Pinterest boards worth of references and inspiration, please feel free to browse. Cheers, y'all.
  16. Hello! Have been lurking around for the past 2-3 years and finally, my flat is here. Okay, the Mister and I like cats (& dogs) AND we are also on a super tight budget that's why I've named our house the "Meow Residence" cause we're neow ("cheapskate" in hokkien) - Mister is so going to kill me if he knows what I named our house. Ha! Anyway, here is also where the sun rises as this is the location where we can be found and our home gets very good, strong morning sunlight everyday from 7am to 12noon. Let's cut straight to the point, this is how small our flat is (THE FLOOR PLAN):-
  17. Anchorvale Harvest Residents,Lets get together and chat anything under the sun with neighbours of the future! Anyone has the latest picture update of Harvests Here is the latest update photo I have taken! So excited is going to complete soon. Are you feeling excited too?