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  1. Hi xhomesweethomex, Could you please do a review regarding the pull out condiments drawer ? as i plan to make something similar. My id told me that if we tie the door to the tray, it will not be as durable as making a casement door and manually pulling out the tray after opening the door. Thanks !
  2. List of TaoBao stuff to buy ! Utensils Rack: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-b.w4011-4901796544.163.LCxDJW&id=41848753692&rn=f4d3bbfe2ea1f5ac290c27882711d0e1&abbucket=18 Rain Shower: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.1998246701.2.daOm5t&scm=1007.10152.5716.0i2459651739&id=1352358635&pvid=3fb25cd9-664d-4542-a117-a07d83315c60 Floor Mat: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.UVHeBO&id=17136710247 Condiments jar: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.74.x8NtW1&id=23365844866&ns=1&abbucket=6#detail Mop Set: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.1.KctiPx&id=25214668642&skuId=34673875861&cat_id=50097110&rn=21c9a5147a5f4ec544cbe5e10d11c2fa&user_id=752091158&is_b=1 Shoe Cabinet: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.83.CGvlR6&id=39599513200&skuId=59413819843&cat_id=52624016&rn=ca75d4ddc6132b5839f2b2556eda599e&user_id=1741406624&is_b=1 Lights: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.11.x2VbHj&id=40607417908&skuId=80604768936&cat_id=2&rn=0bdbb708154ec6bc937356c21d7b9340&user_id=1678482465&is_b=1 Cushion for Bay Window Settee: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.46.jsbv8V&id=38762095985&cat_id=50096260&rn=ef04f54471fb6479c437c4bfebbbf5c4&user_id=735191133&is_b=1 Kitchen Faucet: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.116.cDeMph&id=43044013077&skuId=74264405974&cat_id=50031390&rn=19dbc30c276806cf2ca87bcbb0e51d9f&user_id=1953905725&is_b=1 Pull Out Condiments Tray: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.1.ElTfS6&id=39335826510&skuId=69493996563&cat_id=2&rn=2a544802b16610c79be1177982417985&user_id=1901076487&is_b=1 Please feel free to comment/review the products if you have purchased it before I'll continue to add more items in the list but TB has some problem which requires me to login to see the product
  3. We went to various IDs/Contractors and i'll try my best to relate my experiences to them. I'll also censor out part of the company's name and person attending to me. So here goes my review: Space A****** Pte Ltd This is the first ID firm that we approached after my wife surfed facebook and some renovation apps to view portfolios done by the firms. We went over to their office without making an appointment to have a look and Mr E was the only one who attended to us. He was very nice, friendly and also took time to explain and educate us on the various aspects of renovation as during this time we just started to surf the renotalk forums thus we are still very noobish. We took a look at their package and arranged for a time to view our unit. On the arranged date, he came with one of his colleague on time to take measurements and fixed up a quotation for us. In the end we did not choose them due to the price of the quotation which came up to 30k which was out of our budget. Free S**** ****** Pte Ltd After making a trip down to the above company, we decided to head over to this firm to take a look which we also did not make an appointment ( I tend to not make an appointment so that i can see how they work naturally) although my wife had spoken to one of their people over the renovation app. When we arrived, Mr R recalled talking to my wife and was surprised that we went over to their office. He had scheduled an appointment with one of his clients later on but made time for a quick consultation with us seeing that we are already there . This is the first and only firm that we came across that is a true interior design firm as the really focused on the designing aspects first before talking about materials and other stuff. They had also won various interior design awards as seen by the trophies and magazines displayed in their office He was really patient with us and went through with us projects that they had done before and also advising us after hearing what we wanted. In the end his recommended budget for us for a 5 room flat is about 40k which is out of our budget. However, if we had bigger budget next time, we will consider them as we were really impressed with the level of service and work they produced. Teck *** **** We met Mr S at the lift lobby of our unit when we were going to check for defects. He showed us his portfolio on his tablet and asked if we were looking for a renovator. We invited him to our unit and told him what we required. During the next meeting, he brought one of his colleague, Mr A, up and introduced him as his designer. They went through with us what they thought of our requirements regarding functionality and practicality and advised us to reconsider some of the aspects. They were very nice people with a very quick response rate as the revision of their quotation is normally in within a day or so and meting up with them could be done on the day of contact or within 1 day of notice. We learnt the most from them as we had the most contact as of now with them as compared to other IDs/contractors. After seeing their quotation, we revealed that it was above our budget and asked to negotiate the price as we were pleased with their service and sincerity. They are one of the 2 (other than the ID we signed with) that showed constant concern regarding the progress of our search for IDs. We felt that sincerity is even more important than pricing that's why we decided to negotiate with them on the pricing, letting them know our situation and why we are unable to afford the price they offered. They understood our situation and proceed to revise their quotation but in the end it still exceeds our budget. Although we did not engage them, Mr S still sent me a message stating that if there is anything that i needed advise regarding renovation, i could still look for him over a cup of coffee. Starry ********* Pte Ltd We scheduled a meeting with Mr N at our unit after my wife saw their company's portfolio on facebook so we decided to give them a try. Our first meeting was not very pleasant as we scheduled back to back meetings with various IDs during a day with only a 1 hour interval between each and the ID before Mr N had lots of knowledge and suggestion to share that it exceeded the time that we allocated for them. In the end we were ate up 1 whole hour of Mr N's time although he was the last ID for the day. After finishing up with the precious ID, we proceed to contact Mr N which ended up being switched off. We thought that he was angry with us (any normal person would) and decided to give him a miss instead. However, an hour later, he gave me a call to apologize that his hand phone was out of juice and asked if we could schedule another meeting with him. We decided to allocate half a day for him so that there would not be a similar incident happening as we were very apologetic that we made him wait so long for us. We met up another day and went through with the package that his company offered. We told him that we already bought some items that they offered as free gifts and asked if we were able to get a rebate for it. But he suggests that he will see what he is able to offer instead of rebates as the value for free gifts is greater than the rebates that they offered. He suggested various alternatives after listening to our demands as some of the items may not be as durable due to the design that we wanted. The quotation came in and it was over our budget as well thus we decided to leave him aside first. However, his constant concern regarding our progress (due to the new HDB regulation regarding the pre-packed cement screed after 1st June) touched us We negotiated with him on the price but he was still very nice and patient even though we have pushed him to the limit on the price he is able to offer. We decided to sign with him due to his sincerity and professionalism. I Decor * *********** LLP Mr A was introduced to us by my in-law's friend as he done up his 4 room BTO in sengkang as well. We invited him for a meeting over at our unit and he was a little late but it was still acceptable. We told him our requirements and he proceeded to send us a quotation 2 days later. His quotation was near 30k and after negotiation, was still over our budget. In the end we gave him a miss. Interior ****** This firm was greatly recommended on the forum and we decided to try them out due to the amount of positive feedbacks from the bros/sis here. The first meeting was not very pleasant as they were late for 45 minutes and was ready to tell them to forget it when they turned up. However, after knowing their situation (they had to take public transport and it doesn't reach my unit directly) i relented. Mr K came with one of his colleague and proceed to listen to our requirements. They promised to send the quotation 3 days later but on the 3rd day, told me it will be ready the next day. I was ok with it and after looking through their quotation, found it reasonable although abit higher than some. Therefore, we decided to keep them aside to look at other firms before deciding. Jason ****** * ***** Mr J was recommended to us by my parents as he had previously done my parents' house and they found his quotation and workmanship reasonable. We arranged a meeting with him and he quoted us on our requirements. After suggesting that we changed some materials for the doors and flooring due to durability reasons, he proceeded to send us a quote the next day. His quotation was reasonable but it was very vague without much description. I prefer a quotation to be as detailed as possible so that both parties are able to understand and prevent any conflicts. After rounds of negotiation with him, his quotation is still a little more expensive than the firm that we signed with, so we decided to drop him. Matrix ******* Another firm that was greatly recommended on the forum. I called Mr A to schedule a meeting but he took a day to reply, saying that he was busy with work. I guess the forum really gave him more opportunities. I decided to drop him because i prefer an ID to have a short response time in case anything happens and i need to clarify any doubts with them. Luxurious ***** Mr A was recommended by my in-law friend. We scheduled a meeting with him and after taking measurements, told me that he will send me the quotation. After more than a week, i still did not receive it. I called him and asked if the quotation is ready and he told me its ready and wanted to schedule a meeting at his office to show me the materials and explain the quotation. Decided to drop him as i did not feel comfortable with him. And so that wraps up my reviews of the IDs/Contractors that we approached.
  4. Budget The initial budget we had was $15k as we saw many facebook articles stating that those beautiful units showcased was done for less than $15k and boy are we naive. After relating what we wanted to various IDs/contractors, the quotes hovered around 25-30k which we found shocking. One thing to note was that we did not opt for the HDB's Optional Component Scheme as we were told that the quality of the materials used were inferior. However, after we have been to a few units that opted in for the scheme, it looks fine to us although complaints of defects were still apparent. In the end the solid doors and tiles for the entire unit costs us around $8000 as compared to HDB's $5000+ which we could have saved around $2000 to use for other areas. In the end, we decided to be more realistic with our budget and up it to $25000. However, due to some Geomancy advise, we had to shift certain things around and that added to the renovation costs. Our quotation did not include electrical works as we decided to engage an external electrician as my friend knew an electrician and hopefully will give us a cheaper quote. All in all, our simple renovation works excluding electrical works comes up to $27+k and some parts of the proposed plan had to make way for the budget.
  5. Hi Everyone ! I've been looking around the forums for the last 1+ month since collecting my keys to my BTO unit in March. Unlike what some house owners do, me and my wife did not do any research on IDs, carpentry, flooring works etc until we received our house because we didn't expect it to come so early (almost 1.5 year earlier). After receiving the keys to our unit, we went on a frantic search for IDs/contractors. Thanks to the plethora of knowledge and experiences shared by all the bros/sis in the forum, we've gained new insights on renovation and selection of furniture and appliances too. Contents: Budget IDs/Contractors Review TaoBao Items
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  7. Hi, Can you share contractor Boon's contact details please. Thank you!