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  1. Hello, water pressure w instant heater is not very good but i can live with it tho. if u r someone who needs very good water pressure, go with storage heater. All my taps are from taobao.
  2. Hello, I dont have my quotation anymore since its has been close to 2 years since my renovation. U can contact Nick and team for quotation.
  3. Hello, i am using Vincent for my curtains and blinds. You can contact him via nine three eight four nine two two eight.
  4. Hello, thank you for the compliment! nowadays brickwall is pretty common in like very scandi theme house It's not as pricey as you thought to be if you purchase the tiles in JB directly from craftstone warehouse or via taobao
  5. welcome! So far, i dont see lizards in my house yet. *cross fingers. brickwall is pretty maintenance free tho, just some dusting now and then. u can get those lizard traps from daiso and hang it somewhere you think they might appear works pretty well (from the reviews in daiso fb group).
  6. hahah! 过奖过奖! there people who buy more stuffs than i do! just that i took the risk for the tiles. and i recommended my friends (who wanted to have a brick wall) to buy from the same seller and have no regrets. IF i have a chance again, i would even buy subway tiles to overlay my toilet or something. hahaha! Wood like tiles looks nice! if the grouting is not in white then most likely you will be fine! it wont look that out of place as a whole though.And more over wood like tiles have "grains" so it wont be very obvious if it's stained? I think as long as not white tiles with white grout will look okay! My post reno cost me 299$. generic contact tho.
  7. Thank you! yes, i am still loving my brickwall after staring at them for the past 1.5 years.
  8. Hello! U can get it from https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c-s.w5003-14934647132.1.0JUGDQ&id=524749643776&scene=taobao_shop The seller's shop: https://qsstone.jiyoujia.com/shop/view_shop.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.I2jT1L&user_number_id=834530006 My contractor you can contact them via https://www.facebook.com/renoguyz/?fref=ts Storage shelving: https://www.facebook.com/storation.sg/?fref=ts
  9. hahah! ya definitely not thunderstorm. hahah! Using rainshower w instant heater got a con tho. only one output can be connect to the heater. so mine was connected to the handheld. the rainshower is tapped to the HDB cold water pipe direct. so pressure is better than the handheld one. if i know this prior earlier, i would have chose storage heater
  10. Hello! because i am using instant heater so the water pressure was so so. haha i have a friend who bought the same rainshower with storage heater and did not hear her having any complains so i guess its all good.
  11. wow! i love your 3D design! I always love to look at pretty houses whenever i walk by any. will camp for the progress!
  12. hello! Nope, most of the items they install for me out of good will except the brick wall tiles and fans,heaters which has labour charges.
  13. Hello! i engaged renoguyz, you can contact them via https://www.facebook.com/renoguyz/?fref=ts Hello, Sure! Vincent # nine three eight four nine two two eight. had to spell it out because renotalk censor this number.