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  1. Finally, the big reveal......the close to finished dry-kitchen! Wah words really cannot express how long we have waited for this kitchen to be finished. Must say we are really pleased with the results! We chose to clad the kitchen cabinetry with stainless steel for easy maintenance and a clean modern look. The live-edge wood slab counter-top was paired with a white quartz counter-top for an elegant clean look, and we thought it was a nice contrast between the steel and the natural wood slab. Also, we love the island hood! Huge but good looking piece of machine. We also chose to install a roller shutter in a section of the cabinetry to store those appliances which we use on a daily basis. There's a power point inside, so we don't have to take the appliances out if we choose to - less clutter on the work space! Good for storing your fruit juicer, coffee machine, toaster, rice cooker, etc:)
  2. A shot of our twin bucida trees and the outdoor deck. For those interested, decking was made with yellow balau Our door sign!
  3. Last few steps to go before moving in! Exciting times:) our cabinetry under the staircase is nearing completion and our ceiling fan at the living room is installed! Our tv wall is finally up...but no tv yet sigh Pebbles around the pool also in! With some fallen frangipani flowers for that Bali feel hahaha Another shot of the completed slide hehe Update on our small but cosy master toilet
  4. Also a WIP picture of our main gate with the fake grass partially installed! We also decided to paint our boundary walls in grey rather than white in the hopes that any dirt/soil marks on the wall will look less obvious.
  5. The motorized blinds for the curtain wall has also been installed! For the motor, we went with some German brand called elero cos it's supposedly quieter and has better customer service than somfy. Anyways, here's how it looks from the inside and out.
  6. Thanks! Can't wait to see it all fully furnished myself Just to share what we are considering to use for a feature tv console wall in the attic - coconut husk! Quite excited by the possibilities. They also have rings made out of bamboo!
  7. Work has also finally started on our cement floor and we like how it has turned out so far. While we still have 2 more coats to go, we think the black cement is looking pretty good so far!
  8. It's been 2 months since we've obtained our TOP/CSC but sad to say we've yet to move in cos the contractor made quite a number of big mistakes with the finishings and have to redo a fair bit of the house. But it finally seems like we can move in by end Sep! Fingers crossed! On a happier note, our long awaited mini zen garden has finally been installed! And we're really happy to be able to share our joy here!
  9. Ahh...we have finally progressed to installation of cabinetry! And here's a picture of our long awaited master wardrobe, so excited! We had the aircon hidden behind some grills made out of hard nyatoh wood and painted grey to match our laminate. Think it turned out quite well!
  10. Minor updates on the interior of the rooms. Laminate on TV wall for bedroom 1 up! See if you can spot the toilet door haha The intercom system: Finally some work starting on my toy display room: glass accordian doors in master bedroom up! Love how clean they look The open up to a small reflection pool with a planter box: suar wood blocks for toilet installed! On hindsight we should have opted for a black toilet bowl (if there was one!) our tap for the bath! The future outdoor shower area: