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  1. Hi yokechye, nice home you've got! Plenty of carpentry, gonna cost a bomb I guess. Would you mind sharing your total cost of renovation, esp the cost of the platform storage in your room? Would love to do something similar too. Mind sharing your ID or contractor contact? Thanks!
  2. andotang, really glad that you are still around since 2015 to help future 2 roomers ? I am planning to do a similar platform like yours but maybe with storage. Also planning to use 2 x super singles from IKEA to form a king size bed. Where do you keep your mattress when you need to free up space to use the platform. I've been thinking of ways to hide them. Murphybed will be too expensive together with a platform.
  3. Thanks mmoh for the reply. Exactly same tots on point 1 to 3. I won't be cooking much so I wont need so much counter top space. Amenities wise, these 2 estates are just on opposite street. Woods will be nearer to MRT n coffeeshop (2mins extra for Cove) and Cove will be nearer to sea (no more seaview unit tho). Cove is left with low levels (2, 3 and 4) while Woods still have high floors (8 to 10).
  4. Hi I have the choice of 2 different layout for my 2 room Type 2 BTO at Punggol. One is at Cove which is more rectangular The other is at Woods which is more squarish Which will you guys choose, and why? Need more views on the selection. Thank you.
  5. Wait till you see the workmanship before recommending bah
  6. Just watch this video to see how to live without renovation. If you have opt for OCS, then flooring should be all done up. Basically just need to buy a fridge, washing machine, cookware and a bed and you can start living in your BTO. This can be done within 3K? Be realistic and just live with the minimal first. You can always do up other renovation later.
  7. Thanks for sharing this post. Have read many good reviews of J&E and thought of engaging them. But thank God I chance upon your sharing and is reconsidering that now. Especially with justiceleague registering a new account just to "educate" you, I highly suspect the true identity of this person. Why would another customer want to educate another customer? Thanks dietgalvon that you may have saved me from a renovation horror story.
  8. Please show photos of completed home and provide ID contact. Thanks
  9. Yes min. 3 quotes is a must. And usually I prefer breakdown rates per unit. This will remove any unscrupulous mark ups. Comparing rates psf n pfr and you will know whether it is reasonable anot. Everything also lump sum is something I will usually avoid
  10. I have been planning for platform bed as well. Maybe we can start a topic on the quote you guys get and recommend the good workmanship carpentry to do the platform?
  11. Hi Elise, Nice home! Would you kindly share the cost of renovation? Please show more photos of the platform bed of your kid's room. Planning to do a platform bed and wish to get more ideas and know the cost as well. Thanks!
  12. Look at the details of those who give positive reviews for Sky Creation. Purposely create a new account to comment and last visit after posting. Obviously these are fake accounts and I hope admin can at least do a clean up, otherwise just close this thread. FAKE REVIEWS! SCAM!