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  1. Hi Folks, As per title. Thinking of using them. Any one has negative / positive experience with this firm
  2. Hi All, Need your assistance on something. My BTO is ready for key collection in 2 months. However, due to some unforeseen situation, money meant for my reno is no longer available as spend on some family matters Now deciding if i should withdraw my flat (give up and lose half of my downpayment) or not. Key reasons are job not really stable and no renovation budget. I have seen many different bto packages which i know does not includes everything like lights and misc costs. What i would like to know is excluding furniture and appliances (which we can buy if we have money slowly next time), a realistic total budget which includes flooring, lights.(basically everything else) how much would that be? This is because I am not eligible for reno loans as i had overspend on my credit cards in the past. Appreciate advice for those who have done reno for 3 room bto.
  3. Hi ALl, I am new to this. Will be applying for my bto soon. Was informed that i can choose to do flooring or not. The way i look at it. The main pro of going for it is lesser cash outlay for future renovation since flooring paid for using cpf. But the main con is i am in a way stuck with the color and type. i will prefer to have laminated flooring in my bedrooms. Hence the questions i have are 1. If i go for the ocs flooring, can i get id to overlay laminated flooring in the bedrooms? As in will it sort of 'jut out' due to differences in height 2. Is this a good idea? As in i am paying twice. Once to HDB, then another to the ID in future. Hope some expereience forrummers can advise. Cheers