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  1. HI there, would like to return the community ( have been a silent non registered reader) after reading and reviewing intensively on ID or contractor. We decided we will be doing the design and space planning ourselves and will engage contractors to get the job done. shortlisted three of them and got three quotes Quotation difference from contractors are quite significant, we end up choosing the one which is slightly more expensive whose contact was passed on by one of our friends whom have just renovated her unit 3 months before mine. Our Unit Layout - Most of the job needed for our unit will be carpentry , Electrical and furniture Total cost of renovation cost us around 16k including furnitures, and other big ticket electrical item (ie - Fan , TV ,excluding fridge and washing machine) Package include 1) foyer cabinet ( our storage space ) 2) Platform for living room approx 80 qf 3) Wooden pillar x 4 pcs for living room 4) recess TV console for master room 5) Our very last minute TV console , with electrical wiring and boxing up 6) open concept partition for mastered room 7) display cabinet for my handbags 8)2 side table. with electrical wiring and USB charger 9) toilet cabinet ( x 2) 10)Electrical hacking (quite a lot) 12) Touch sensor switches for entire house with remote 13) Electrical rerouting 14) 18 pcs of recess light , 14 - 16 tubes of LED light (Cove light) , Hue lights (x 6) and track lights 15) modification of passage way false ceiling, cover up panel for curtain for all room 16) Painting for entire unit with 3 rooms