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Found 7 results

  1. My turn, my turn to post finally! same here, has been browsing this forum since i got my unit till i got my keys. This is a hybrid flat. What hybrid? becoz its a mix btw a new house and old, having new and old features, best of all worlds..haha. 1) the unit is 123sqm (only older generation 5Rm flats have this size i guess.) --old 2) i have neighbours on the same level that is corridor unit (new BTO flats are all corner flats now) --old 3) i have a service yard! -- new 4) my rubbish chute is outside the house! (go away cockroaches!)-- new There you go, a Hybrid! haha...i named it myself....please don't go to HDB and say you wanna buy a Hybrid flat!!! no such thing...i made this up! ok, here goes. floor plan. http://
  2. Hi there, Just a little post where we finally settled down to write about our experience on the renovation works to our kitchen. Our place had undergone HDB’s HIP in August2016. Thereafter, we met up with a few IDs and we finally settled on Renoguyz. I had been following some renovation blogs and had chanced upon Renoguyz and having seen some reviews, decided to message them for a meet up. They are social media efficient as mentioned in their Facebook page. This ensures faster overall progress compared to other contractors, as we have noticed. Our kitchen project ended up with their staff, Brayden and Alan. The whole works were mainly handled by Alan with Brayden overseeing it. I was at first a bit apprehensive as Alan had just joined Renoguyz and I wasn’t sure about his credentials. Over the course of 2-1/2 months, Alan however proved his overall professionalism. Despite the several ongoing changes that we made, he was always patient, ready to listen, giving valuable input. He was also ever ready to learn new ideas that we had brought up. A humble personality that is always cheerful and smilley. Of course in every renovation project, hiccups are bound to happen. Alan was quick to address and rectify the mistakes made, regardless of whose mistake it was. All applied corrections were adequate and satisfying. We were very happy to even receive a wonderful gift from Alan to enhance the joy of cooking in a brand new kitchen. Overall, we are happy with the final results of the whole kitchen project, and we can definitely recommend Alan Leong from Renoguyz to turn your renovation plans into reality. Alan is reachable at 8511-1444. Below are pics of our kitchen before and after the renovation.
  3. Hello! Decided to start a T Blog here after reading so many interesting blogs from you guys! Have been a silent reader since late last year and now my reno is almost ready hence would like to share my buys and progress. My crib is located in the north-east area, we got our keys in mid jan. Renovation did not start until mid march as i want to avoid the CNY period. First up, my tiny 4 room floor plan : Floor Plan Theme As per the title, i am going for the super overuse wood,white & black color board in my new crib because i love the ambiance of those cafes which are sprouting over in Singapore over the past 1 year or so. Hence i decide to create the same ambiance which consist of a little of scandi, loft style so that i will not spend so much money on cafe-hopping. A few must haves : Woodgrain laminates White laminate Brick wall Black electrical conduits Contractor/ID We have decided from start to engage a contractor instead of ID mainly because i have the design more or less in my mind. I have read through so many blogs here and the first one i approach was Nicholas from Renoguyz. He is the first and the only contractor we met up. We decided to engage him as our contractor after 2 meetups. He has a reputation of being sloppy,straight forward but that is what my husband like about him. Both of us are comfortable with him throughout the 2 meetups with him and we get along quite well with him hence we decided to take the plunge and go with him. His ideas are more to the practical side and if he thinks it is not nice or will not fit, he will voice it out instead of accepting whatever i have suggested. Budget We did not take up any renovation loan hence our budget is quite limited and we allocated under 20K for renovation. Nick gave me a very satisfied quotation 1 day after our meetup and its well below our 20K! p.s : we opt in for tiles and doors from HDB. Things we did : Taobao I have been an avid fan of TB since 5 years ago and It is in my natural instinct to get stuffs from TB since i am quite well verse with it. . I have engaged AMCON for all my sea shipments till date. Their prices are slightly cheaper than other forwarders and they are fast! My 3rd shipment only took 5days! It is true that they say cheap will not be good, good will not be cheap because their customer service is like non-existence. Shall not rant on that part however i will still use them because of their speed! Did not receive any damage on any of my items so far and i have to give credit to the AMCON warehouse staff and delivery uncle and of cos to TB sellers who wrapped it so well and sturdy! I will write a separate post on my purchases on TB. Progress I do not have the before and after photos because i am not always around when they are doing the works. I only do checks on weekends and most of the time it is nicely done! So i only have the almost-done photos. Every weekend checks are like opening presents during Christmas because our crib is changing every single week i went up and check! Next post will be the almost-done pictures! ************************************************************************************************************************************* Decided to do up table of contents for easy viewing: 1. Taobao purchase 2. Taobao Unboxing 3. Taobao Unboxing part 2 3. My completed Taobao brickwall 4. Progress #1 5. Progress #2 6. Progress #3 7. Taobao Unboxing part #3 8. Installation of Matt black bombshelter 9. Taobao unboxing part #4 10. Amazon purchase 11. Progress #4 12. Amazon unboxing 13. Taobao purchase #2 14, Progress #5 15. Amazon purchase #2 16. Electronic appliances purchases 17. Misc online purchases 18. Progress #6 19. Progress #7 20. Taobao unboxing #5 21. Post renovation cleaning 22. Blinds and curtains 23. Appliances delivery 24. Decoration #1 25. Decoration #2 26. Decoration #3 27. Decoration #4 28. Decoration #5 29. Decoration #6 30. Taobao purchases #3 31. Taobao unboxing #6 + reviews
  4. This is an update from my previous blog. I dunno why I can’t find my initial blog. here are the recent photos of my house renovation done by Renoguyz, the famous Nicholas. The toilet tiles are all done up. I used blinking white Mosaic tiles as my feature wall for master bedroom toilet. The common toilet at level 2 I use grey tiles as the whole house will be grey, Black & white theme. Black frame with transparent glass brightens up the house allowing natural light from the external environment to pass thru the house. I also hacked down the full wall of one of the bedroom at level 2. This will be a full glass bedroom with black coated frame. It will be meant for our working / entertainment usage. A seater was also constructed at the balcony area. (Yet to complete) this is meant for cosy corner & place for housemate / visitors to smoke here. Electrical wiring, aircon trunking has been done up. Next week will be the installation of false ceiling. Really looking forward....✌️✌️✌️ Water storage heater tank has been installed as well. I find the circular shape tank to be bulky so I opted for the squarish one. Construction false ceiling in progress Boxing up of staircase railing done First coat of painting done A view from the top Flooring done✌️✌️✌️ Flooring of living room & bedroom (at lower floor) done. Balcony will be another colour. Polishing of rooms & staircase done After polishing then mark the beginning of the extensive carpentry work which lasted 2 weeks for installation. Study table @ study /entertainment room Tv feature wall + Console @ living room Toilet cabinet under construction Wardrobe at master bedroom Completed full glass panel study cum entertainment room at upper level Shoe Rack at entrance (70% complete) Kitchen cabinet done pending for table top wardrobe at one of the bedroom Completed wardrobe with black tinted glass Glass Display Shelves + shoe rack Thanks to Renoguyz for their Creative ideas Master bedroom bed frame.
  5. This is an update from my previous blog. I dunno why I can’t find my initial blog. here are the recent photos
  6. 3 years ago, we managed to get a BTO flat in a mature estate. After a long wait, our flat is finally ready and we collected the keys recently. To start off, here's our 4-room flat floor plan. After receiving our house keys, we excitedly went to our flat the next day to check it out. We did a flat inspection and thankfully the built quality was acceptable apart from a couple of small defects. Here's some photos of our small place, pardon the poor quality taken by my phone. Main entrance (with the pineapple rolling in) Living room: Passageway: Kitchen: Master Bedroom:Forgot to take photo Master Bedroom Toilet: Bedroom 2: Bedroom 3: Common Toilet: