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  1. The inspiration for the colours (at least for the living room) is based on this picture. so the current state of my living room (not quite the same, but the feeling is ok) I bought a clock to experiment fitting it into the ventilation hole.
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  3. Brief summary to fast forward to current state: Appealed for cement screeding and completedBSC rectified all of the defects we had listed with the exception of a scratched window glass and scratched sink drainerID had completed the kitchen cabinet base, washing machine base, bathroom kerbs, shower panel, first round of painting, painting of the door frames, measured the doors, carpentry, installed the false ceiling, lightings and ceiling fan.Evorich had completed the flooring and platform.During the period from empty house to now, our hand wash was taken away by (I suspect) the cement screeders, and our new paint scrapper had also went missing (no idea who took it). The ID didn't visit the house as often as we thought to supervise the workers, in fact, I met the workers more often than the ID in my house, but at least he instructed the workers and corrected the issues (such as lights installed in the wrong direction, and the painting miss out one area not painted).
  4. The ideas evolved with the meetings with different IDs, as they suggested and criticized our ideas. coll Rough summary of IDs we met: (think this is even more brief than my initial draft which disappeared with a single press of wrong key) ID 1) didn't take on as this was based on first ideas and he didn't leave much impression for us to continue to update him. ID 2) didn't take on as he seems to force his ideas on me, so our personalities clashes. It is not that we refuse to listen to criticism but he on the other hand... refused to listen to my concern and keep harping on his idea. ID 3) didn't take on as based on first ideas and he didn't even try to follow up, very quiet guy. ID 4) didn't take on even though we paid for the designs, as the quotation that followed is out of budget. They did asked us on the budget at the start, just didn't design with that budget in mind. Other than that, they provided really good services and are enthusiastic and motivated as well. ID 5) didn't take on as didn't instill confidence when he was the only ID who said the remaining wall may crack or collapse when we hacked our intended wall (made us have doubts about his workers' workmanship, even though he said small possibility) ID 6) didn't take on as he was not on good terms with Evorich and we paid a deposit with Evorich, other than that, he was quite an enthusiastic designer who gave suggestions and alternatives rather than "force-sell" the ideas on us. We are just worried the co-ordination with Evorich may be difficult. ID 7) didn't take on even though she is another very enthusiastic and motivated designer, but the quote is similar to ID 4, and my husband heard she is moving to another company and wants to focus solely on design than co-ordinate. She provided us with interesting perspective though, that other IDs didn't mention. ID 8) didn't take as the chemistry was not that strong, he wasn't that quiet, but still came across as more relaxed/passive sort. ID 9) the last on my hubby's list - which I was quite tired by then, since is like keep repeating ideas and changing ideas etc. We signed with him because his quote was reasonable, experienced, seem to be able to co-ordinate with Evorich, enthusiastic and motivated with design, and giving constructive criticism as well. By the time we reached the last ID, we no longer want to do any hacking of walls, nor change the mbr sink, nor put a kitchen door. All that cuts down the costs and we reached a more manageable budget.
  5. Brief Intro: We applied for the BTO in 2011, and we were informed that the keys were ready for collection in May 2015. As we were both overseas, we managed to delay to end Jun to collect the keys. During that period between being informed and the actual key collection, my husband did some shortlisting and arrangements to meet the IDs upon our return to Singapore. When we get the floor plan back in 2011, we had our common ideas - to hack the kitchen wall next to the household shelter and patch the original entrance (as we did not want to see the kitchen first thing when we open our main door) and that to have a foyer area using dark flooring for us to put shoes and perhaps, bicycles.